Drought in 11 provinces of Cambodia

According to the National Committee for Disaster Management, on August 16, 2012 in 11 of the 24 cities and provinces in Cambodia celebrated drought that affects tens of thousands of hectares of rice fields.

Usually, the rainy season begins in May and lasts until October. But this year the lack of rain in some parts of the country led to the destruction of 4,811 hectares and causing partial damage to 101,365 hectares of rice crops. Obviously, further drought will lead to even greater losses. Cambodian Prime Minister calls on the authorities to help save the paddy fields from further

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Volgograd complain explosions



27.03.12.Zhiteli some areas and Gorodishchenskoye Volgograd region Volgograd region in a month complaining about the explosions.

Explosions from occurring in homes is vibration, shaking the floor, swinging chandeliers.

According to the staff of the Southern Federal District, at the landfill site Prudboy from March 1, the federal program "On the organization of the destruction of ammunition with expired shelf life to ensure the safety of military facilities, the population living in the vicinity of arsenals, bases and ammunition depots," is the destruction of ammunition.

At the moment, destroyed 130 tons of ammunition total mass of 12,000 kg

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the U.S.

Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 occurred in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the U.S. state of Oregon, said on Wednesday the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Earthquakes have been recorded at 19.31 on Tuesday local time (07.31 MSK medium). The epicenter of earthquake was located at 256 kilometers west of the city of Coos Bay, the earthquake lies at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Information on the possible destruction and casualties were reported. Tsunami threat was not announced.

A similar earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred off the

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The destruction of chemical weapons in 6 years had no impact on the health kirovchan

Object "Maradykovsky" in the Kirov region, where for six years in the process of the destruction of chemical weapons, according to the results of medical examinations carried out, did not affect the health of residents in the area of protective actions of people, said at a press conference the head of consulting and diagnostic center Orichevsky CRH Natalia Chistyakov.

"Maradykovsky" — the third Russian technological complex, where in September 2006 began a full-scale process of the destruction of chemical weapons. In 1953 there were more than 40,000 bombs and warheads of missiles filled with mixtures of chemical agents blister with

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The death of 12 million bees in Florida. Photo


Photo from: majortrend.tv

5.10.11.Eksperty already ruled out disease, including the destruction of the Colonies Syndrome (CCD), as the cause of death of honey bees in Brevard County (Brevard County) Florida. Daily Mail reports that up to 12 million bees about 800 apiaries area all dropped dead at about the same time, September 26 — and local beekeepers believe that bees are killed by chemicals.

Mass extinctions associated with CCD often occur in many regions of the world, and engage in a gradual process of disappearance and possible collapse of the colony — and the dead bees usually nowhere

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Several residents felt the tremors of Astrakhan


29.11.12.Okolo 16.00 on 29 November in a single duty and dispatchers EMERCOM Russia's Astrakhan region addressed more than 10 people, to feel the tremors. This is the third burst of complaints over the past two weeks. According to rescuers, again became a source of unrest Ashuluk, which is scheduled expiration date of the destruction of lost weapons.

Employees EMERCOM already sent an appeal to the military prosecutor's office to look into the causes of the incident. The landfill continues to be under constant supervision of representatives of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. What exactly caused

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The German occupiers and Russian Jews

According to the views of management of the Third Reich, the country had become a racially nezapyatannoy. It was not supposed to be "sub-humans" — Jews, Slavs, "Gypsy", etc. Because the Jewish discrepancy was one of the principal directions of the penal institutions of the Reich. Initially, the Jews oppress the country, forcing them to emigrate. To do this, various restrictive laws were introduced: the Jews deprived of German citizenship, the rights of marriage to persons of German origin, voting rights, the rights of the service in state agencies (as well as other members of the racially alien peoples), their

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The reasons for the growth of man-made disasters

Glickman AG STF "GEOPHYSPROGNOS" January 2, 2010, St. Petersburg

Sudden failure of engineering structures always happens. One of the earliest references to this relates to the XV century, when during the construction of the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow collapsed its support. But the percentage of damage was not great, and every time could explain their shortcomings in construction or other reasons, usually uncertain, but seemingly reliable. First sharp increase in damage occurs during the development of the railways — in the middle of the XIX century, and is associated with arising in connection with this increase in construction. Percentage of

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That rattles in the center of Voronezh?


From unknown explosions shaking windows in the apartments, and the alarm is on cars. Photo: Vladimir Lavrov

6.04.11.Segodnya, April 6, about 11 hours of Voronezh were shocking strange explosions. Concerned readers called the office and asked to find out what was going on.

At intervals of 5 seconds, something rattles in the center of the city. The houses are shaking the glass, the car in the yard alarm is triggered. The sound of explosions heard in the village even Shilov.

As we found out reporters "E!" Today at the site "Pogonovo", which is located 30 kilometers from Voronezh,

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In New Zealand Earthquake

Tuesday, May 10, the New Zealand South Island earthquake with magnitude 5.3. There are reports of minor destruction, there were no injuries. According to the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences of the country, the epicenter of the quake was 20 kilometers west of the center of the second largest city of Christchurch — the administrative center of the district of Canterbury, and the focus lies at a depth of 15 kilometers.

This earthquake was the second power after quake in the area February 22, 2011, when the brunt of the disaster claimed

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