Red-legged partridge

Things you will need…

The red-legged partridge is a gamebird in the pheasant family, and is also known as the French partridge to distinguish from the English and Grey partridge species. It has a light brown back, grey breast and buff belly. It has a white face with a black gorget, rufous-streaked flanks and, of course, red legs. When disturbed it is more likely to run than fly, but will fly a short distance on its rounded wings if necessary. It is primarily a seed eating species, although the young take insects as an essential protein supply. Its call is

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Re-create the Orton effect

This classic photography effect named after Michael Orton can be re-created in Photoshop using adjustments and filters

Photo editing apps like Instagram and Photoshop Express are flooding the market, and their use is becoming ever more commonplace among mobile device owners. They provide one-touch results on a small screen that are comparable to those of high-end software like Adobe’s CC and Elements, and there are a multitude of effects resurfacing that, in some instances, have been overlooked for other, newer and more innovative techniques.

In this tutorial, we are looking at the Orton effect – aka the Orton slide sandwich.

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Little owls

The little owl is one of the most widely distributed species of owl, native to warmer parts of Europe, North Africa, and Asia east to Korea. It was introduced to Great Britain in the 19th century, and to southern New Zealand in the early 20th century. As the name would suggest, it’s not the largest bird, measuring from 230-275mm in length. It is recognisable by its white speckled brown plumage, large head, long legs, yellow eyes and its distinctive white eyebrows’ which give it a somewhat stern expression. The little owl is partly diurnal, so you don’t have to go

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Universal technology «LEVIKOR» -MIF OR REALITY

MV Eksler, a spokesman «Victocor Technology», Belgium

Technology «Levikor» successfully won the European car market, which is the legislator of fashion technology for the global automotive market, as well as for many other industries. Conducted tests to introduce zinc coating aircraft, which previously ruled cadmium coating. In addition, preparing the introduction of new kinds of anti-corrosion and-wear coatings based on other powder metals, but in application, well-established process of thermal diffusion saturation. This year, our company is committed to the development of all the features of the zinc coating. What does this mean in practice?

We are accustomed to the

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Dragon’s panther G, SD. Kfz. 171 (Late production)

Pieces and Parts:

— Dragon 6268 Panther G, SD.Kfz. 171 (Late Production), figure accessories

— Verlinden Cobblestone street, sidewalks, light post, GI Figures, engine parts

— Homet Heads — Aber PE tools, Panther fenders, buckles

— Plus models, buckets, boxes, rats, news papers and magazines

— Tamiya, Fuel Drums and Jerry cans

— GC Laser pallet and ammo crate

The Scene

On the surface, this build is just a Panther of the 11th Panzer Division located somewhere in Bavaria in the closing days of the war, which has been abandoned by the

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JBL OnBeat Rumble

£260 ★★★★★

The OnBeat Rumble isn’t short on features. It accepts Bluetooth streams, can dock a recent Apple portable on its Lightning connector, charges via USB and has a 3.5mm wired connection so you can play music from anything on the other end of an appropriate cable.

But the main focus of this JBL speaker is its fantastic sound quality. It’s just a big ball of energy that delivers any song you throw at it with pure enthusiasm.

We can’t remember the last time we had so much fun listening to a wireless dock.

Thunderous bass

Press the top panel

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In Detail

Bold and adventurous or painstakingly intricate, weaving a story into the fabric of an interior is a technique stretching back centuries. From metallic tiles to experiments with digital printing, Annie Reid investigates a number of recent projects in which the devil is in the detail.


Queensland-based design firm, COOP Creative, uses bold wallpaper selections in many of its designs. “Right now, wallpaper designs tend to be more graphic, with many wallpapers being more experimental with proportion and scale,” says senior interior designer, Katherina Sparti.

For the refit of a barrister’s office in the Brisbane legal precinct, COOP applied the

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Heritage Renovations

Details matter. In the world of home renovations, this may seem an obvious statement, but unfortunately, it is not always the case. Yet the attention to detail, the painstaking dedication to the craft and devotion to quality, is what sets Heritage Renovations apart. Remodeling Oklahoma homes and businesses since 1985. Heritage Renovations is family owned by native Oklahomans who bring this attention to every detail to all facets of the business

For the homeowner who dreams of a new look, seeking a fresh perspective on living space. Heritage Renovations offers expertise and experience. When working to infuse new life into

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When you are offered ANYTHING Academy of Sciences of Belarus, you know, it’s true. That’s what prepare for the introduction and for sale LICENSES Physico-Technical Institute, Academy of Sciences BSSR.

STRIP IRON. THIS IS NOT PURELY-knotted plastic material — a great advertising plasticity.

Obtained hydrodynamic extrusion ductile cast iron with low heat — «this to nine degrees. You even more surprised that the size of the profile is possible to be within a few hundredths of a millimeter. Cast iron behaves in this fashion better composite materials — it is durable.

After hydrodynamic procedure increases the wear resistance of

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The possibility of using multi-atomized cutting fluid for machining elevators.

Safety requirements and safety of the lifting equipment has always stood and will stand in the first place. Of particular importance, they acquire in the design, manufacture and operation of lifts and elevators.

Nikolai Yefimovich Kurnosov — doctor of technical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences named after AM Prokhorov, Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia. Head of the department «Transport-technological machines and equipment» of the Faculty of mechanical engineering, transport and energy Penza State University. Director of Innovation and Technology Center «Vortex processes and technologies» Penza State University.

Andrey Nikolotov — Senior Lecturer,

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