Detained activists Smalyavichy For Freedom to Freedom

The policemen left the newspaper in the area.Arthur Esbaev said "Freedom" that he was given a summons to the police on October 8. Explained to the policemen that they need to question him as a witness.Smolevichy: police detained nine young activists of "For Freedom", 5.10.2007

Comrade and Narodnaya Volya reread and released

The police told "Liberty" been explained that the newspaper was detained "for document checks" and was released after half an hour.The bus, which drove the circulation of newspapers from Smolensk, where they are printed, traffic police officers stopped not far from the Russian-Belarusian abroad.Deputy head editor of "Comrade" Dmitry Yanenka said:"They were taken to the police station Dubrovno. Lists the number of circulation. Correlated with costly looked that everything is fine, and released. Maybe there was such a centralized command to delay our newspapers. Maybe they want to see what was written in these papers, what was the topic. "•

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Managing arrested Grodno regional UCP

Case sovereign Istomin in the October district court considered Grodno referee Zinaida Bartsevich.Yury Istomin detained yesterday at the mini-market near the supermarket "Brest" and put in a detention center. He seized about four hundred copies of "Freedom of Belarus." But the court did not mention this fact.The Leninsky district court also accused of abuse neprelichnoy now punished Andrei Janushkevich but — penalty in the three basic units.Andrew — Deputy Manager UCP branch. He was detained on September 30 with the newspaper "Freedom of Belarus" and put behind bars.

Your newspaper Comrade detained

Machines owned by local activists — Lieutenant Colonel in supplies and Marat Balyankovu Victor Afanasyev. Sovereign Afanasyev police said, as if in the car of drug trafficking.Victor Balyankova, Marat Afanasyev and Valery Rybchenko Zhlobin taken to the police and was kept there for half an hour and later released. Activists had porazdavat police several issues of the newspaper "Comrade" in which there is an article about cancellation of privileges for police officers.• Militiamen detained activists with the newspaper "Comrade", 26.09.2007

The hearing will continue Tatiana Tsishkevich September 21

The trial of Tatyana Tsishkevich which has now begun in the Central district court of Minsk, must not only know the woman guilty of disobedience police, and to answer the question whether the use of citizen its right complain about the police?On September 7, Tatiana Tsishkevich Central police station came to Minsk to wait for the release of detainees Gelahava Denis and his friends. Metel’skii police officer, she said, drove her out of the room. Woman protested and asked for the book suggestions and comments. Whereupon, as readand Tatiana in court, she was detained "for disobedience." Ultimately punishment damsel may

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Tribunal began on Paul Sevyarynets

Tribunal over Paul began with Sevyarynets standard on confidence trial. Seviarynets Paul said he did not trust the court in principle because, in his opinion, the courts in Belarus — is punitive structure. At this hearing was interrupted.Total detainees now made two protocols — participation in an unsanctioned rally and small hooliganism.Pope 2-juvenile detainees — Ivan Shyla and Luba Filyutsich — were not allowed to meet with the children. Protocols were drawn up without their parental role. Both before This time — and 10 hours — remain in the sector. • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy

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From the police began releasing the audience Free Theatre

"All detainees are taken initially explanations later released. Started with those who have passports and minors. To all the actors had not yet reached," — said the director of "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin. Recall about 50 actors and spectators, including 5 foreigners were detained personal house in Minsk during a performance-independent "Free Theatre". It came about 9 o’clock in the evening. To This time people are kept indoors Russian police department. People complain about the heat and lack of water.

Brest details of the arrest participants with P. Sevyarynets

Half an hour from the beginning of the meeting. Paul did not have time to tell about books Seviarynets "Belarusian national idea" and "Letters from the forest" justinitially was given a light knock on the door, they were later to extort. With the click of "Here comes a gathering of thieves! Everybody hands behind your head! I’ll shoot!" In the room cabinet BPF, which is rented at a small cafe, a gang of men in civilian led by Lieutenant Colonel. Building cafe blocked about 20 police officers and riot police.Were detained and with hands behind head withdrawn into the yard

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Grodno temporarily detained were released

As said Eugene Skrabutan freedom, customs chose, for sure, that youth, "that a similar opposition." Almost always it really were men and girls that were on the "Basowiszcza" but perhaps caught and random people, said Eugene Skrabutan. • On the border detained youth who vorachivalas with "Basowiszcza" , 22.07.2007 • Victor Valko, "I just went to" Basowiszcza ", and I was detained", 22.07.2007 • Basowiszcza: 3rd day , 21.07.2007 • Basowiszcza. 2nd day (online report) , 20.07.2007 • Now — opening "Basowiszcza" , 19.07.2007

Young Front rally remained without cars

They require from the police, so they wrote the study — on what basis were seized datasheets. According to the brand new Administrative Code police should provide at least some reason for making protocol.Policemen shall be removed until argue their actions, but it is clear that they are consulted on all matters with its regional management.Despite the obstacles police evening rally participants got to public transport Soligorsk. Tomorrow they want to continue the action. Motorcade near Dzerzhinsk police. Detained at the free car park. Policemen sealed the cars.• Police detained cars vzdelnikav Young Front rally, 13.07.2007 • Congratulations to Dmitry

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