WaveJamr works, as long as you don’t expect too much.


Teach an old dock new tricks

When Apple introduced the Lightning connector to late-model iOS devices, it left a lot of orphans. For years, accessory makers have been building speaker docks using the 30-pin Dock Connector. With WaveJamr, you can convert your old dock to Bluetooth, and get some more life out of your gadgets.

WaveJamr is incredibly simple. Plug it in to your speaker dock, and the Bluetooth receiver automatically goes into pairing mode. Enter «0000» to pair with WaveJamr and you’re ready to rock. There’s

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite’s 6in touchscreen has 62% more pixels than its predecessor, giving it pin-sharp text, but all you’ll care about is the built-in backlight. It’s a godsend for night-time reading, and even in sunshine the always-on light makes text sharper and ‘pages’ whiter than ever. With a solid build, grippy rubber finish and plenty of fonts, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Plus Amazon’s ecosystem still rules supreme. Feeling skint? The non-touch Kindle is just £70.

A light that could change reading habits — Kindle’s still on top

£110 ★★★★★


The age of the

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The medical device company must back up its recommendations with scientific research.

I certainly understand why a hospital would be skeptical of Bosi e Faora’s solutions-selling strategy, given that the company doesn’t seem to be backing up its recommendations with scientific proof.

Before planning to disseminate inexpensive blood-pressure monitors for home use, a medical device manufacturer should study whether patients are likely to participate in such a program, how much training of medical and support staff would be required, and whether the new practice would improve health outcomes. Before marketing the device, the company should run pilot studies, either on its own or in partnership with academic researchers, that set up the

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«Versetta Stone for your next project. Easy to install with no mortar needed. Light in weight, so it can be used without having to add more support. Available thru Arrowhead Building Supply Inc. www.ArrowheadBuildingSupply.com or www.OutsideElegance.com.



Replace your 5‘ unused kitchen desk with the Levity Device task lamp and double charging stations from Kitchen Liberty. The Levity Device is 1/4″ thick on your countertop when not in use. Turn your unused island into your office annex. www.KitchenLiberty.com 314.898.7513

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bath or adding on to your home,

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Melt water lens EARTH

SOLAR ENERGY inexpensively and complexity can be used to accelerate the thawing of frozen soils in construction, SAYS NOVOSIBIRSK inventor.

90 percent of our territory covered soil frozen for six months. Almost all of the autumn — winter-spring season builders «fight» with the frozen ground, loosening its spending huge amounts of money (see. TS 3 79 «Insulated or explosion»). What’s more profitable: to somehow insulate the building site and prevent soil promerznut, already hollow and became frozen solid as a rock, earth, or to warm it before digging, as does the sun? Loosen the frozen ground

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Device Citrix XenApp

A little about XenApp

Citrix XenApp — a suite of software for virtualization, centralized management and delivery of Windows-based applications on most existing platforms and devices. At the core XenApp lie Remote Desktop Services Windows (Remote Desktop Services, RDS), or simply a terminal server, as well as its own virtualization applications. The perception that the application actually work on your computer, is created by the client Citrix Reciver, which displays all the shortcuts in the menu.

The platform requires careful planning of each role and the entire architecture of the whole

Start or on your desktop, provides access to local

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Accelerate Debugging Linux-based devices using JTAG in-circuit debugging


Traditionally, debugging systems based on Embedded Linux require collaboration of software and hardware — JTAG-tools for putting the equipment into operation, and decisions based on the debug agents for development programs. These tools are often solved the main problems, but were not intended to develop an integrated Linux.

Wind River has changed the way that developers can debug the Linux, combining traditional means of JTAG-debug hardware with configuring the kernel Linux, patch management, as well as develop, debug and analyze applications of user level in a single tool environment (IDE), known as Wind River Workbench . This functionality allows

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Portable device for measuring radioactive particles

It includes a limiting amplifier pulses across the lamp L (1B1P), the sound stage control sealer ‘device adapted to small thyratrons MTX-90 and serves to supply particle counters blocking oscillator on the lamp L2 (2PІP).

With up-winding of the transformer pulse voltage is applied to selenium rectifiers (three columns ABC 5-1a) after rectification smoothing filter

YA70S56 and later served on the resistance of the particle counter. Variable resistor included in the anode circuit of the lamp L2, allows you to change the value of the rectified voltage from 350 to 2200. With resistance through the capacitor surge voltage is

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UNITED input-output in microprocessor systems.

In the previous article in this section the reader acquainted with the basic peripheral devices designed for corporate input-output. Despite the variety of these devices, there are standard methods of information exchange between them and the microprocessor as well as the typical ways of connecting.

Exchange of information between external devices and microprocessor-based system can be organized in three ways: programmatically, interrupt, direct mode access.

Software IO is initiated and controlled by a microprocessor. External devices at the same time can only signal their condition by showing a willingness (unwillingness) to receive or transfer.

Input-output interrupt occurs under the

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On watch — BRIGADE Shikhov.

One of the most difficult on our site is a distance Sverdlovsk — Nizhny Tagil. It employs a team of GE Shikhova electrician. It serves two stations equipped with block route-relay interlocking, and two with a double-haul numeric code self-locking. Total number of centralized arrows 50, are equipped with automatic cleaning devices; track circuits 90; train and shunting signals over 80. Moving equipped with electric gates announcing alarm.

Driving Murznika-Tavatuy is to pass the Ural Mountains, and the fuzzy automatic lock work may cause trains to stop on the stretch and challenge the auxiliary locomotive. The station is located

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