South Korean UAV «Devil Killer» c entered service in 2015

South Korean experts at the company «Korea Aerospace Industries», together with representatives of the Institute «KONKUK» announced the construction and successful testing layout UAV Devil Killer — UAV for precise destruction of North Korean missile bases and artillery battery in the case of anger and open for exploration. For South Korean Armed UAV «Devil Killer» is a new type of weapon. After a series of tests and modifications in 2016 drums drones stand on arms. Drones, carrying about 3 kg, did not return to the base — liquidation purpose of the dive will be UAV «Devil Killer» the target

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Who are the witches and where to find them




The classic image of a fairy Baba Yaga absorbed the entire set of perceptions and prejudices about witches. Old, ugly and insidious with maniacal passion for killing and muck smaller.

Few people know that the word "witch" is derived from the ancient "because" — knowledge. All cultures were

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To take money from the bank equivalent to deal with the devil. Video


Trick or Treat — are increasingly asking the question bank employees. If the borrower can not repay the loan on time, the collection agencies themselves would find him. Take away all the soul vytryasut. Why today is to take money from the bank equivalent to deal with the devil, and have to pay a human life?

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Why the Maya built pyramids Devil?

July 30, 2012 17:15

On the wall of the construction was fashioned cross-eyed monster, blood-drinking.


Above the town of El Maya in the jungles of Guatemala Soc American archaeologists led by Stephen Houston (Stephen Houston) of Brown University found a 13-meter pyramid Devil (Diablo Pyramid). At the top excavated ruins of the royal palace and tomb. Perhaps it belonged to one of the first rulers, who lived from 350 th to 400 AD.

On the sides of the temple are five-foot stucco masks embodying a solar deity, which changes throughout the day its guises. When

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Riddles Medveditskaia ridge

January 20, 2013 21:08

Medveditskaya range, at a distance of 15-18 kilometers from the city Zhirnovskaya represents a ridge height of about 250 meters. Witnesses claim that there is created unimaginable for normal human things — except that different types of UFO appears there almost every week, Medveditskaya ridge just attracts fireballs. Here their whole flock. They say that sometimes you can observe several quietly flying low above the ground fireballs, who routinely burn their way through the thick trees. By the way, so miraculously burned trees do occur there often enough! In addition, according to some researchers anomalies

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Soop: the real reason not to go to the forest?


Folk tales often speak about the primeval forest as a place dangerous, mysterious, how should expect troubles and troubles and better unnecessarily close to him not to approach. Obviously, this traditional perception of the forest is not associated with wild animals (although reasons to be afraid of wolves and bears used to be much more than now), and with the idea of some supernatural beings living there. And the chief of the Forest mythological creatures was, of course, the devil.

The forest can not be without a host The notion that the forest is inhabited

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That conceals the Devil’s Tower?

Devil's Tower is called columnar granite rock, composed as it were of the individual pillars. It is located in the state of Wyoming in the western U.S.. The age of this tower is estimated at about 225 to 195 million years old and is a monolith formed of an alloy of the magma that rose from the very depths of the earth whose height is 386 m

Interested in self-prepared kvass? In this case, you only need a special ferment. You can buy a starter in the online store

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Flooding threatens Czech


10.01.11.V Prague taken extra security measures to prevent possible flooding of certain areas of the city. From the Vltava River, where now the water level rises, gidrovorotami of steel and concrete separated its tributary — Devil River. In some places, concrete barriers, reinforced the promenade.

A number of areas in the north of the Czech Republic are affected by the flood. Near the town of Decin has overflowed river Elbe. Flooded passing along the right bank of the highway. Rising water levels in the reservoirs of western and central Bohemia. The threat of flooding in the country

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Aphorisms: Marriage, Wedding

Society Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: How people treat marriage when young had significantly different age? Khotenko: Often uttered: "We got married, the young and the old horse horse spreglisya." Heard the same — in this saying is condemnation. Like, nothing good will come of it. But most of the uneven-aged marriages just were considered more successful for zluchnasts very young couples or elderly women do to a man. After all, by the youth of one of the other spouse is rejuvenated too. That is confirmed now health. But that was criticized mercilessly and violently, then perastarstva — a phenomenon that when a

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Goblin afraid — do not walk in the woods




"And so as goblins in the woods and run hither. Scary as much horror." (Vladimir Vysotsky)

Alexey Doronin

Finally, in central Russia this summer came. Go heavy rains, but warm. There was a mushroom and berry go. But in addition to mushrooms and berries in the forest

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