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Professor Bubnovsky:



I-"’; Then I have to explain to his friends -1 healthy lifestyle causes of diabetes of the second type, that is non-insulin dependent. I have to say that this disease is not inherited, but if the family who is suffering from this disease, then we can talk about continuity. At the same time correction lifestyle towards naturally healthy hinders manifestation of the disease even in cases where many relatives suffering from diabetes mellitus of second type. But about overweight I consider it my duty to speak.

I have a friend, Vladimir

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Taking care of your own bone may warn against diabetes

In his article in the journal "Cell" Managing team doctors Colombian Institute Dr. Gerard Karsentsi reports that stagnant cells secrete a hormone titled osteakaltsyn regulating blood sugar levels. Dr. Karsentsi writes that his team eventually at the molecular level to find evidence that doctors follow for centuries — a link between aging, more frail bones and increasing weight:"If you will be over 50, you are bound to gain weight even though you are struggling intensely with this and eat less than if you had for 15-20 years. This occurs when bone mass decreases and the allocation falls osteakaltsynu . "Dr.

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Diabetic Foot

One of the common complications of diabetes is the loss of feet ("diabetic foot"). It is caused by changes in the nerves and blood vessels in chronic increase in blood sugar levels.

Patients with diabetes concerned:

excessive formation of blisters, thickening andchange nail shape; fungal infection of nails and skin; numbness of the feet, the feeling of "pins and needles" and other violations of the sensitivity of the skin; change shape of the foot.

For patients with diabetes mellitus is characterized by reduction in the body's defenses. A cut, scratch, corn can be a source of serious

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Diabetic profile

Diabetic profile — a set of specific blood tests for assessing the functional status of the pancreas and diagnose diabetes.

Why do I need to do a diabetic profile?

Diabetic profile performed to diagnose disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the presence of risk factors for diabetes, as well as to selection of treatment for patients with diabetes mellitus and to assess its effectiveness.

What are the indications for diabetic Profile?

insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (diagnosis and monitoring of disease); breach of tolerance to carbohydrates ("pre-diabetes").

What do the indicators of diabetic profile?

1. Glucose (blood)

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Living with diabetes — you can!

It is known that diabetes mellitus Type 2 is dangerous for its complications. In itself, the disease does not cause much discomfort, appearing only in metabolic disorders. However, the lack of adequate and timely treatment, it may lead to serious problems such as blindness, renal insufficiency, peripheral nerve, heart disease, and even amputation of lower limbs. Type 2 Diabetes — a diagnosis, which make us think hard to completely revise lifestyle. But do not perceive the world in black and white: the need to adjust the daily habits does not mean the final and irreversible transition to bread

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For twenty years, the number of diabetics in the U.S. increased by 50%

Another Troubling Statistics published the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): the number of diabetic patients in 42 U.S. states has increased over twenty years (1990 to 2010) by a record 50%.

The most deplorable situation exists in the state of Oklahoma. Here, the number of diabetics has jumped by 226%. This is followed by Kentucky (158%), Georgia (145%), Alabama (140%) and Washington (135%). In at least 18 states of the country people with diabetes has increased by 100%.

One of the main causes of the disease is obesity and abuse of high-calorie foods. In addition, diabetics tend

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Innovative insulins are produced at Sanofi-Aventis East in Orel


In 2010, Russia, the plant "Sanofi-Aventis East" in the Orel region began production of high-quality innovative insulin analogues — drugs for the treatment of diabetes. Capacity of the plant is sufficient to meet the needs of the Russian market in high-tech insulin.

November 15, 2011 at the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation held a quarterly seminar meeting with the heads of permanent missions administrations of the Russian Federation on the theme: "The participation of the state and business in the development and localization of innovative production of essential drugs in Russia."

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In Perm, has opened a new research and educational center

Research and Education Center of Applied Chemical and Biological Research (Himba SEC) was established in the framework of cooperation Perm Technical University (PNIF) and the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) on the metabolism and diabetes, with the support of the charity fund "Neva", the regional government.

— The opening of the center — this is one of the results of that work, which is the regional Ministry of Education on the development of higher education in the region. This is the start of a unique project that brings science Perm region to a new level. This is

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In Ufa, open city center outpatient diabetes care

On the basis of the ME clinic number 43 city district Ufa RB opened the city center outpatient care for patients with diabetes.

Patients are sent to the center, which carries out its activities in accordance with the procedure of care for patients with endocrine diseases, differential diagnosis, policy-making and implementation of treatment and follow-up. The structure of the center:

Cabinet endocrinologist Cabinet ‘Diabetic Foot " Cabinet ophthalmologist School of diabetes

At the doctor’s office is an endocrinologist outpatient hospital admission of patients with diabetes mellitus.

In the study, "Diabetic foot" consultative reception diabetic patients with lesions of the lower

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A device for measuring diabetes


Scientists from the Institute of Physics. PN Lebedev created a unique device that can be used in medical practice for the control of the energy status of the body. The analyzer, called "Kinoks? 4", will help determine the severity of systemic diseases such as diabetes, and to monitor the effectiveness of their treatment.

The instrument was developed in the NGO "functional" — an innovative company, established with the support of the Innovation Park FIAN. NGO "functional" is engaged in the development of biophysical technologies and their introduction into medical practice. The roots of this work

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