Dmitry Dashkevich visited the prison clinic ancestors

Favorite "Junior Front"Put to the clinic for an examination of Shklou colony, where he was forced to work at the sawmill site, although it has a backache.That’s what my mother told activist Olga Dashkevich a meeting with his son:"It looks like nothing. Smiling. Nothing much is said. Asks him no better then fed than in Shklou colony. He just smiled and said," Yeah, even though it was not the best! "But the attitude of medical staff here is really the best in comparison with Shklou. He was diagnosed osteahandroz and Sunday, April 28, will carry back to Škloŭ.I think this

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A unique Department of Medical Genetics, opened in Moscow children’s hospital

Doctors will help the children with the rare hereditary diseases, even those who have a diagnosis took months, if not years. Work will be high-level experts. At their disposal modern equipment, equipment for physical therapy and physical therapy. The first patient has already received.

Clutching her grandmother's hand, Gene steps carefully down the corridor. Each step — his big win. More recently, in his 4 years he could not even sit up. The child has spinal muscular atrophy. A rare genetic disorder in which the muscles are too relaxed.

According to various doctors

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Diagnosis and treatment of varicoceles


Most diagnosis pampinocele The random, during the any medical examinations.

Confirm the diagnosis in modern conditions is usually not difficult. Currently, diagnosis of the disease using both traditional methods (inspection, palpation, functional tests) and instrumental diagnostics: ultrasound, Doppler scan, venography.

To conduct research to identify infertility ejaculate. In65-75% Of patients significantly reduced sperm count and reduced mobility.


There are conservative and operative treatment pampinocele, but the most effective is a surgical treatment. To date, offered more than 120 kinds of surgical procedures.

The most common and effective enough operation Ivanissevich: ligation of testicular vein at or just

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The third in Russia vestibular laboratory opened in Tomsk

For diagnosis and organization of care for patients with vestibular disorders in Tomsk open Vestibular Laboratory. The new equipment allows for a detailed study of the vestibular function in patients suffering from various diseases of the ear and the central nervous system, allows the differential diagnosis of conditions accompanied by dizziness and balance disorders.

According to Professor Alexander Starohi, head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Siberian State Medical University and the head of the branch of the federal government institutions "Scientific Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology," it the only east of the Urals similar laboratory.

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Created tool for the analysis of blood clotting

The device Thromboimager 2 for the diagnosis of disorders of blood coagulation created by Gemakor (Hemacore) Photo

A few years ago, a team of researchers from the Hematology Research Center, Center for Theoretical Problems of Pharmacology Sciences and the Physics Department of Moscow State University under the direction of Fazli Ataullahanova found that the results of basic research of mechanisms of regulation of blood coagulation may be of direct practical value. At that time, the team studied the spatial dynamics of blood coagulation with a specially crafted homemade setup. Further development has been brought to such a state that

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Interstitial cystitis

What's this

Interstitial cystitis — is non-infectious inflammation of the bladder. Patients are irritative symptoms when urinating, which are caused by a decrease in bladder capacity and pain that arise when full (usually stoped when emptying the bladder) Urine bacterial flora and cytology negative for the disease is not detected any other urologic pathology .

Why did this happen

The cause of IC is unknown. Proposed many theories: the infectious, lymphatic congestion, neuropathy, failure of the protective layer of the bladder, psychological disorders, immunological disorders, exposure to toxic products contained in the urine. To date, none of these theories

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Service Development Strategy

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in Russia. The company emerged on the base created in 1928 as part of the electrification plan of the first transformer factory in the country. Today "ELEKTROZAVOD" provides a full cycle of works on the construction of power "turn-key": project development, coordination and organization of construction, supply, installation and commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment putting into commercial operation and technical support, including diagnosis condition and maintenance of equipment. On the service towards the company, the diagnosis of power equipment, installation supervision and told the director of

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In Udmurtia, implemented an innovative telemedicine project

OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC, the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS, and the ambulance station management Izhevsk Health Administration announced the implementation of an innovative telemedicine project aimed at improving the accuracy and reducing the time of the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease


The project ambulances are equipped with electrocardiographs with the function of remote data transmission via cellular communications.

The results of the electrocardiogram obtained during check out to the patient, the doctor promptly given to senior ambulance station for interpretation and advice. The ambulance crew is able to quickly and accurately determine the

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Alcor Bio Group at the Health-2011

5 — December 9, Alcor Bio Group will participate in the 21 th International Exhibition "Health-2011" in Moscow. 21th International Exhibition "Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals" — "Health-2011" takes place in the framework of the International scientific-practical forum "Russian Week of Health" — the most ambitious developments in Russia in the field of health care. By tradition, we gather the key players in the domestic medical market, as manufacturers working in the health care industry as well as consumers of health care products — heads of medical institutions of different levels. Every year, the exhibition is visited by about

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In the Krasnoyarsk region appeared mobile systems for the diagnosis of cancer

This equipment is unique. In Russia, only three of the complex, two of them will work in our region. They will be able to travel to the most remote villages and to detect cancer in its earliest stages.


These trailers are made of a material which is used in aircraft. They are durable and can operate even in the far north. Within each of the high voltage generator, which means that they will work where there is no electricity. But the main thing — the equipment complexes. With it, any citizen of the edge can make

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