3D (three-dimensional) ultrasound

Being a guest of the very advanced young parents today you will be able to see notonly pictures of their beloved offspring from the first days of life, but also a video about the unborn child. Moreover, not in the form of flat images, and volume. The screen is clearly visible as a toddler moves arms and legs, squints, opens her mouth …

In the capital can boast of such personnel for thousands of people, because the three-dimensional ultrasound research or 3D ultrasound, as it is called, has ceased to be exotic. And quickly turned from a new

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Detection of Down Syndrome

Having a child with Down syndrome — is, of course, a big psychological burden for the parents. Of course, the accidents are not insured by anyone, but to prevent such a situation is quite real. Especially given the current level of development of diagnostic medicine.


For a long time the only method of diagnosis of a genetic disease before birth was the study of amniotic fluid taken by amniocentesis — methodology to take amniotic fluid using a thin needle through a microscopic incision in the abdomen expectant mother. However, a number of features, this method can not

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Diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy


In order not to risk their health by4-7th day after a missed period should see a gynecologist. Modern diagnostic techniques, including ultrasound, allow you to set pregnancy in the early stages and to determine whether it is ectopic. Ultrasound examination is especially recommended for women who have delayed menstruation is accompanied by spotting.

At the slightest suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy doctor offers women go to the hospital. Not refuse: only in the institution, equipped with modern equipment, we can carry out the necessary research to determine where in the implanted embryo — in the womb or

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Diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary emphysema

Diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary emphysema has been pulmonologist.

In addition to the inspection and auscultation (listening), for the diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema is used:

X-ray examination of the lungs (characterized by inflation of the lung tissue and increase its lightness). Computed tomography pulmonary increasingly used for the diagnosis and determining the exact location of bull. The study of respiratory function — allows you to identify the degree of impairment of lung function.

The main treatments for emphysema:

smoking cessation; oxygen therapy (inhalation of air with high oxygen content); breathing exercises; adequate and thorough treatment disease, leading

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Diagnosis of Chlamydia

Laboratory diagnosis is of paramount importance in the diagnosis of chlamydial infection, as disease can be hidden, with little or no symptoms. Material for analysis of Chlamydia may be a scraping from the cervix and urethra, blood, urine and semen from males. Methods of diagnosis of chlamydia quite a lot:

Rapid tests; Smear; PCR; Sowing; RIF; IFA.

Consider the most advanced and reliable techniques.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has the greatest sensitivity and accuracy — up to 100%. To analyze the need quite a bit of material, and the results are ready in a day or two. Using PCR

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Why visit mammologa?

Survey Skills Training

Diagnosis of mastitis — it mammologists, as distinguished from other diseases of the mammary gland, and sometimes from cancer, only by a specialist.

If you have already established the diagnosis of mastitis, to select the correct treatment strategy is necessary to determine the specific form of the disease, as well as regularly monitor possible changes in the mammary gland. But even if your chest in perfect condition, regular survey atphysician mammologa should be familiar to women older than 25 years. Visit physician mammologa recommended at least once a year.

In between visits to the

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Laryngitis: Diagnosis and Treatment


For the diagnosis of laryngitis doctor examines a patient survey and, as a rule, it is enough. On examination revealed redness of the throat, which is more pronounced in the area of the vocal cords. Sometimes the mucous visible petechiae. With the development of the inflammatory process may be a viscous mucus and / or crusted with dried mucus. In severe cases, perform laryngoscopy.

Children laryngitis (False croup) must be differentiated from diphtheria. Diphtheria, that is true croup, laryngitis is different from that in younger patients have a plaque on the tonsils and surrounding tissues, and

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What is it?

Leptospirosis — a group of infectious diseases caused by leptospirosis (Leptospira interrogans) — Miroorganizmami family of spirochetes. There are numerous subtypes of Leptospira that can cause disease in humans.

The most famous leptospirosis are:

Weil's syndrome (a disease Vail-Vasileva, icteric leptospirosis), named after the German scientist Weil, described the causative agent in 1886, and the Russian scientist NP Vasilyeva (1888); water fever (anicteric leptospirosis), the causative agent of which was opened in 1928 by Soviet scientists SI Tarasov. Sources of infection

Leptospirosis common in many wild and domestic animals, some of which carry it and

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Miscarriage: Diagnosis and Treatment


A survey of women suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss includes hormonal, microbiological, immunological, ultrasound and other tests.


With the threat of miscarriage treatment carried out in a specialized clinic. If necessary, a woman put on a "conservation." At the hospital, pregnant will be provided as sparing regimen (up to the bed), appointed agents, to eliminate the increased uterine tone, vitamins, etc. depending on the cause of violations.

In some cases, such as when ISTIC-cervical insufficiency, may require surgery (suturing the cervix, etc.).

Pregnant women with recurrent pregnancy loss also admitted "to save" in the pathology of

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Indispensable ultrasound

Ultrasound (U.S.) — one of the most common methods of diagnosis. It is harmless to the human body and detects many diseases of the internal organs. At the heart of his work — echolocation, it is a reflection of ultrasonic waves from the tissue, the reflected signals are recorded with a special sensor and form on-screen image of the investigated organs.

Ultrasound is used for diagnosis of gynecological diseases and their control flow. To conduct the study using transabdominal and vaginal probes. A prerequisite of the transabdominal ultrasound (sensor located on the abdominal wall) is a full

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