There can be up to half a million board feet of lumber in a single mature giant redwood. It seems sacrilegious to think of these natural wonders in woodshop terms, but they did provide our ancestors with the lumber to build entire cities. And it’s impossible to stand among them, if you’re the kind of person who owns a table saw, and not think about the massive amount of rich, red heartwood.

Oh, come on. It’s OK to just think about it.

Nowadays, most commercially available redwood is the result of planting. The virgin forests are off limits. While a


The station Tepliy-2 (photographic)

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

A brief overview of the current state on Tepliy-2, which builds the SMU-5.

(C) Russos, 2011

1. Escalator tunnel to the station being built parallel to the existing one. Then the current lobby will be completed and traffic passenger flow will take a planned appearance, not like now, when the counter flows intersect twice. At the output of the lobby and down on the platform.

2. Excavation slope just begun.

3. Excavation conducted by classical technology — with frost.

4. Truck driver.

5. Hand truck fills the tub.

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From the asteroid will save only prayer


Mankind does not have the technologies capable of flying to reject a large asteroid to Earth, confident NASA. Agency head Charles Bolden answered questions of the scientific committee of the U.S. House and advised to pray to if the asteroid is three weeks.


The reason for the hearings are a few approaches of large objects with the Earth, as reported by the media for the first two months of 2013. Politicians worried Chelyabinsk

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SIBUR has commissioned a new gazoproduktoprovod

"Zapsibtransgaz", part of the holding SIBUR, completed construction and put into operation a new high pressure pipeline "Gubkin GPP — tapping into the Urengoi-Chelyabinsk."

Single-line pipeline diameter of 720 mm and a total length of 21.2 kilometers will provide reliable and safe transportation of dry stripped gas from the Gubkin GEA pipeline network of "Gazprom". Old gas pipe diameter of 500 millimeters, which has been operated since 1989 and took place in the immediate vicinity of the village purpe and federal highway "Surgut-Urengoj" out of service.

Compared with the

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Seversky Tube Works produced a pilot batch of galvanized pipes of large diameter

Seversky Tube Works (Sverdlovsk region)., Part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), together with the Ural hot dip galvanizing plant produced a pilot batch of electric galvanized pipes of large diameter (219 mm), popular in the utilities sector.

In the Welding Shop number 2 Seversky Tube Works produced galvanized pipes with diameter up to 159 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm.


In July 2012 the specialists STZ UZGTS and started developing the technology of tube galvanizing larger and with thicker walls — 219×6 mm. Evaluated technical feasibility of large-diameter pipe

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Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano no longer erupting

June 28, 2013. On the volcano Popocatepetl significantly increased seismic activity. According to data received from the satellite, it is clear that carbon dioxide emissions from the crater of the volcano continues to be at a high enough level.

In addition, in the depths of Popocatepetl constantly originate mini-earthquake. Magnitude last push with the epicenter at 2 km south-east of the main crater, up 3.6 points. Following him for three hours several more weak shocks.

From the active crater do not stop steam and volcanic gas. Approximately every two hours there are new ash emissions, raising the eruptive

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In the Kuiper belt found another Pluto

Astronomers have discovered a relatively large space object orbiting the Sun in an orbit close to the orbit of Neptune, reports BBC News. He was found in the space surveillance, which is carried out in order to detect asteroids that pose a threat to Earth. This project is called Neat (Near Earth Asteroid Tracking) is carried out using a telescope at Mount Palomar in California.

Scientists have observed this object with a diameter of 570 km in diameter in the photos of the sky taken in 1998. It is located in the so-called Kuiper belt

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In Russia built a telescope with a diameter four thousand kilometers


In Russia built the "telescope" four thousand kilometers in diameter

16.12.03, the


A powerful tool for deep space exploration were Russian scientists with the completion of installation of radio astronomy complex "Quasar".

According to the website of "News" channel "Russia", the last of the three radio telescopes in the system was built in the Buryat village BODAR, near Lake Baikal.

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Power Machines have shipped large equipment for new SShGES

In the framework of the V International Economic Forum held a solemn ceremony into the ship first batch of large equipment manufactured by JSC "Power Machines" for the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station (SSHPP) of JSC "RusHydro".

Heavy units for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP hydro units were loaded on a vessel of "river — sea" on the dock at the Sverdlovsk waterfront in St. Petersburg. Transporting the first three sets of large equipment, each of which consists of a turbine impeller (wheel weight — 145 t — diameter 6.84 m) maslovanny thrust generator (weight — 21 tons, diameter — 6.1m)

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Slowly but surely

Introduction of new technology stroitelsva homes by GeoDome

 Photo source:geodome.ru

 Photo source:geodome.ru

 Photo source:geodome.ru

One of the main factors that reduce energy consumption in the Dome, is its shape. By eliminating the angles, we get rid of 30% of the wall area, adding as much to the floor area. This in turn reduces the heat loss through the walls and roof to the same 30%.

 Photo source:geodome.ru

Building codes require a certain coefficient of thermal insulation for walls and roof, which is called the "coefficient of heat transfer resistance." Simply put, this ratio

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