Wharfedale Diamond 121


Our initial feelings on meeting these new Wharfedale Diamonds for the first time were surprise and a little disappointment. Not only had the curved cabinet of the Diamond 10.1 been replaced by a conventionally rectangular box, but it had also been accompanied by an £80 price hike.

While that might at first look like a bad deal for the consumer, it turns out Wharfedale has actually made some bold and fairly expensive changes in the design. There are all new drivers for a start, and the 13cm woven Kevlar mid/bass driver features a new cone and a blended dust

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This multilateral DIAMOND

LLC «supervisor», created in 2005, is part of the holding A-Class Group and today is a dynamically developing company that promotes the domestic market products under its own brand Prorab. Today, the range of the brand more than a thousand positions of power tools, hardware, garden tools and equipment, among which are particularly noteworthy line of diamond tools.

Cut-Off Wheels

The main type of diamond tools, the company proposed «supervisor» — cutting discs for angle grinders and electric Tile. Being the most famous and most popular kind of diamond tooling, such circles are presented in a variety of options: continuous

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Crash of the titans.

“На сегодняшний день я действительно работаю в обеих группах, причем по полной программе,» — пытается разъяснить обстановку сам Кинг Даймонд. “Да, действительно, восстановление Mercyful Fate вначале было лишь проектом и не более того. Но дела пошли столь хорошо, что мы решили продолжать. Тем более что дела с моей группой тогда шли не очень: мы занимались лишь судебными разборками с нашей фирмой. Сейчас, собственно, у меня нет никаких проблем с работой в двух проектах.»

Оно и видно! Альбом и турне Mercyful Fate, затем сразу диск King Diamond, подготовка к новым гастролям… Хотя направления у обоих команд явно различные, Кинг без особых

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B&W 800 Diamond


These are very large speakers, but they are quite capable of sublime subtlety as well as huge power

B&W churns out excellent speakers with the kind of regularity that makes you wonder if it’s able to produce anything sub-standard at all, so when we say the 800 Diamond is the most excellent speaker the company makes, it means it’s very excellent indeed.

You’d expect the £18,000 pinnacle of a company’s speaker range to be the ultimate expression of all of its trademark technologies, but what makes the 800 Diamonds so special is that it’s all tied together in a

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Yakut diamonds will be sold in Hong Kong

The grand opening of the store Yakut diamond company. Yakutia is now entering new markets, gaining new customers, find new business partners. The opening of a store in such a modern and commercial city like Hong Kong, it is a serious breakthrough, from both an economic and a political point of view. Yakut diamond company was established in 2007. It has its own diamond-cutting facilities in the territory of the Republic of Sakha, and specializes in the production of diamonds and diamond jewelry. The main directions of the company — is the processing of diamonds in diamonds, jewelry, wholesale and

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Scientists have discovered a promising new diamond area in the Siberian platform

Scientists of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy. VSSobolev Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) was isolated in the Siberian platform 11 new areas, promising to open a primary and alluvial diamond deposits, according to the materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"As a result of extensive field and laboratory studies identified 11 new areas, promising to open a primary and alluvial diamond deposits. Two of these areas are estimated inferred resources at the P3 category in the amount of 240 million carats by setting 150 million carats," — said the materials

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«Really important technology»

«Now the world has seen the peak of enthusiasm for these developments. And for Russian scientists in this area recognized the undisputed priority «, — said the newspaper gaze zavlaboratoriey physics cluster structures Physico-Technical Institute named after Alexander Ioffe Vul, commenting on the news of the award of the prize for obscure scientific merits Russian scientist. Russian engineer Igor Petrov from Science City Snezhinsk Chelyabinsk region received so referred to the Ig Nobel prize for peace reincarnation explosives in diamonds. The awards ceremony, awarded for extraordinary ideas and absurd scientific achievements, accomplished at the Harvard Institute in the town

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Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» first showed SAM «Hero»

PETERSBURG, June 19 — RIA — Novosti. Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin Obukhov factory for the first time showed a promising set of defense «Hero», which aims to change the system in the military C-300. SAM is a new self-propelled launcher, working together with all-aspect radar scanning with electric seats and command Fri based on the chassis of a special vehicle bases. In ammunition complex includes medium-range missiles used in the S-400, and short-range missiles. Lock and launchers «Hero» deployed on the ground Obukhov factory, which extends into the Concern «Almaz-Antey». The Head

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In Donetsk vіdkrito Novi lodovy complex Diamond

 Photo source:in.ua

Vіdkrittya slit one lodovogo vіdbulosya sogodnі complex in Donetsk. The complex "Diamond" (lodovy Classifier 30 to 60 m) on roztashovany kordonі dvoh rayonіv mista — Proletarskogo i Budonіvskogo.

We will kompleksі trenuvatisya vihovantsі Dityache-yunatskoї sportivnoї SCHOOL number 7 of hokeyu that fіgurnogo Catania — Tse blizko 400 dіtey, yunatska hokejnye team "Donbas" that amatorskі teams.

Donetsk mіsky head Oleksandr Luk'yanenko furnished with kitchen cabinets on vіdkrittya Palacio s Podarunki: vіn-handed Dityache yunatskіy sportivnіy shkolі number 7 of hokeyu that fіgurnogo Catania not Til'ky simvolіchny key od lodovoї arena, and a 50 th sertifіkat

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SF Diamond laid-propelled floating crane

JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "laid the sea-propelled floating crane 02690 project manager. Number 900.

 02690 Crane project designed ZAO "Spetssudoproekt" (St. Petersburg) and is designed for all types of lifting operations, the production of goods based on the handling of surface ships, submarines and ships, general cargo, works on skin-tight attachment circuits floating piers, installation raid and shooting equipment, freight on the upper deck.

Main features — the complete displacement of the crane — about 2,000 tons, length — 50 m, width — about 22 m, range — 3,500 miles, autonomy — 10 days, load

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