Night Siege — 21 September

Musician Lavon Wolski commented in his diary on the band’s message "Krambambulya" to "Dozhinki" Rechitsa: "Someone apparently arranged with administration Rechitza about" Krambambulya "and decided it would work. But we were not warned about this. Well, there are such people. (…) Journalists are interested, we would be willing to do the game on" Dazhynki? "I do not understand why not agree. necessary to write the perfect household and technical rider (for example, that during our concert on the stage should not be symbols of different pro-government youth organizations) … I think you need to take advantage of the opportunity to

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Grodno ancestors school students receive from teachers sms ratings

One of the students of the Grodno gymnasium № 5 told:"At the end of this month will be sent to parents assessment, truancy, behavior. Results per month."Reporter: "You and your friends — you’re afraid of it, for you it is something threatening?"Schoolboy: "Yes, we are not afraid. Ancestors find out what evaluation? They all the same know that in the diaries written about everything. A as for conflicts with teachers, they need to allow less already. "Reporter: "How did you learn?"Schoolboy: "During the year I have 5.6 GPA."Reporter: "And what teachers think about the introduction of electric diaries 5th high

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Night Siege July 12

On forums portal appeal discussions are workers Minsk ball-bearing plant to Presidential Administration. The appeal is charged with management of the plant and noted the lack of professionalism in the financial condition of the enterprise concerned. Comments:"It seems that half of the workers can be fired without harm to the production";"And for those who voted proletarians?";"The production of this plant is no use to anybody, because the Chinese best quality";"The electorate is worried! Ruler good, he just does not know."Uniate priest, who writes on the website blog "Live journal" under the name palaszuk, reported in his diary on the

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Andrei Dynko — in the midst of an international award winners for 2006 L.Natali

The awards ceremony was accomplished in Brussels on 3 May at International Press Freedom day. European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Louis Michel, the main prize was handed a magazine from Hong Kong L.S.Inu. As first prize in their own regions were marked journalists Tanya Farber (Africa), Mauri Konig (Latin America), Michael Tierney (Europe) and Talal El-Atrash (Asia).Andrei Dynko was nominated for his okrestinsky diary, which was placed in Our Cornfield "Even before its creator was released. Diary has been translated into eight European languages and is available in several European publications among them — at the "Frankfurter Allgemeine

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The other day, on April 26 in the town again hung 100 white-red-white flags

"Glos Prawdy", year 1927. The newspaper reported:"Under the heading" The voice tube "Major Zinovy Peshkov introduced her to his diaries about life in the foreign legion. Zinovij foot — is receiving a scion Maxim bitter. During the war, he moved to the Legion and serves to this day. Rose to the rank of major, commanded a battalion. Planner written very quickly, describes the life of soldiers and stroller first falls description Legionnaires Russians, which serves several thousand legion. Diary was written in English, as a curiosity that emphasizes even the British critic. "Newspaper "Nowe Zycie" Same Grodno well that in

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Night Siege — February 15

In the diary, blogger trauch discussions are release of Andrei Klimov:"Why not release them before the election to the House, to earn forgiveness for the recognition results. Something big is brewing …";"Maturing pass in parliament 3 people in Minsk, and 7 regions. In the sense of complete victory for democracy. "Youth social and political activist Franak Vyachorka made the appeal in its own network diary about their own contributions to the journalism faculty of BSU:Now the rector’s order with the words "academic failure" Franak Vyachorka expelled from the third year of university. Student himself, whose session yes vacation for which

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Residents complain of strange explosions in the Primorsky region


14.11.12.Na "hot line" edition of "Diary of St. Petersburg" asked a resident who reported a strange explosion in the Primorye region.

"We live on a 14m floor at Reed Street., 48. Morning and evening there are any explosions so powerful that all reeling — balcony door and windows. She called a manager — she said that this is normal, "- said an excited reader.

Correspondents "PD" will understand the situation. Follow the news on the site "Diary of St. Petersburg."

an old news of course, but relevant today

Where did the diaries Maxim Tank?

Society Michas Scoble"Svetlana, together with Vladimir Marhel you were the originator 9 and 10 volumes of the Collected Works of Maxim Tank. 1,500 pages of diaries … This is a label for a memory or records were made with the expectation of publication? "

Svetlana Kolyadko"It seems that the author is still counting on the fact that the reader is acquainted with his diary. Recall and famous tankavskiya "Pages Calendar" also had a similar genre. This journalistic writing, eseistychnaga, the nature of art criticism. Tank Why not publish all of their diaries in life — is unknown. "

Scoble"It is

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Latent prediction

January 26, 2013 1:49

Detailed predictions about the fate of Russia, which gave the Lady of Fatima will be hidden until 2014. The Vatican does not give permission to publish the diary of a nun Lucia, who witnessed the miracle. Press secretary of the Vatican says that watching more than sixteen million documents requires a lot of time and trained people. So now the opening of the archives from 1939 to 1958, is not yet possible. In 1917, three shepherd children every month on a certain day the Virgin Mary. Children hit the world with his prophetic stories. So

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Return the guitar Simbirovu KGB can not, so loaded with work

Society The State Security Committee is unable to return an activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" from Asipovichy Igor Simbirovu his personal belongings — a guitar, a netbook and private diaries. This is KGB reported in response to a complaint activist. Of the letter that the preliminary investigation to the right of Minsk police investigation, which opened criminal case about the events of December 19, performs a large amount of investigation and get things back on the requirement activist of the campaign "Tell the truth"Can not.

"I am reassured that the report on the decision regarding my property.

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