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Everybody has heard of Siri, Apple’s powerful voice system for iOS that can be used to control apps, answer questions, tell jokes, and dictate messages, emails, and notes. Fewer Mac fans know that you can also perform dictation in OS X. It’s an incredibly useful feature to become familiar with. Although you can’t control a Mac using your voice like Siri, you can dictate emails, messages, and documents using the built-in Dictation feature. Many people overlook Dictation because it’s not switched on by default, and it doesn’t talk back

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First exhibit of the Museum of the Belarusian resistance

Khamaida states that the first artifact that he is willing to sacrifice this museum — the statue of the "Liberty Bell", which he was instructed to convey Myron famous for his role in national dictation.While there is no museum, statue will be on display around of so-called "Blue House" in Vitebsk — house number 28 Lenin Street, where Boris Khamaida distributes independent press. Opposition leader for the first time put it now on public display and inquisitive passers explained what it did for the achievement and why she was awarded the famous Myron, who, according to the inscription on the

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Liberty Bell — the winner of national dictation

Give space to summarize national dictation, disagreed no state institution. Denied even the State Library. Because the ceremony was conducted at the Lithuanian Embassy, thanks hospitality ambassador Edminas Bagdonas. Sovereign Bagdonas saw that in Lithuania and in over 300 years, there were difficulties with the Lithuanian language:

Edminas Bagdonas"But we were even in the head would not come, that I, Lithuanian, with his own mother, not with your friends read in their own language. Thank you very much, and in such weather we each other can promise that fellow Belarusians us diplomats will be read only on whiteRussian language

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Reddish church dictation wrote relatives of political prisoners

Dictation wrote 11 people, including ex-prisoners mumpresidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and youth activist Andrew Kim, an opposition activist Dmitry Kaspyarovich father defenders Timothy Dranchuk also mother and offspring Vyacheslav Siuchyk policy.Dictation text — "Introduction" to the collection Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus" — read the writer and publisher Vladimir Sivchikov. Tags: political prisoners, Minsk, dictation, nationwide

Now Gorki also wrote dictation

Twelve-Brokarau Victor was the youngest participant in national dictation in Gorki, and sixty years old Galina Miksa -‘s oldest.Not counting Edward and Victor Brokareva for dictation came with the children Victor Korol’kov with daughter Marysia, Andrew Jurkov with daughter Daria and Vladimir Orlovsky with her son Dima. In the photo:

yuneyshy dictation participants: twelve Victor Dima Orel Brokarau yes. Tags:, slides

New-york: demonstration, exhibition and dictation Belarusians

In the demonstration assumed the role of about 15 people. Participants held white-red-white flags and posters in support of "Junior Front"Also placards reading" Freedom to political prisoners! "" Our homeland, hands off of Belarus "," No place for Russian G8! "," Say ‘no’ Union 2-dictators — Putin and Lukashenko ".After the official demonstration, on the 90th anniversary of the BNR, the solemn celebration held in the public hall of the Cathedral of St. Cyril of Turov in Brooklyn, and the Belarusian Museum, which is housed in the same building, opened brand new art exhibition. "The exhibition of 32 new Belarusian

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Dictation in Belarusian already written hundreds of people

Weave people of Belarus have expressed a desire to participate in the first nationwide dictation, timed to the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Only 23 March BPF office and white SocietyRussian language every hour from 11 am to 5 pm people filled all the available seats, you have to write text dictation — an introduction to the book Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus." Every hour, the song sounded Falcon-Voyusha "Monologue Bogushevich."People explain their role in the dictation:Woman: "Dictation — this is our first step towards the Belarusian culture. Belarusians in Now globally write the same words of love to one’s own

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For writing, dictation was one day

Text — the introduction to the book Frantisek Bogushevich "Belarusian Fife." At the dictation came civilian activists, artists, representatives public organizations.In the midst of the crowd were people who in the main they say in Russian. They were that the text dictation — an introduction to the book Frantisek Bogushevich "Dudka Belarus" — proved difficult for them. But, despite this, some dictation put into the archive. Several people left the text on the form where it says "first nationwide Belarusian dictation" for your own home archive. Among them was a human rights activist Valery Shchukin:"Since I want to know and

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Slonim: dictation and congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the BNR

On a personal apartment then took dictation, in which assumed the role of 21 people. Wrote text Fr.Bagushevicha. Then participants looked dictation movie "Space" Yu.Haschevatskogo.March 22 Slonimsky KGB department called entrepreneurial movement activist Victor Marchyk to warn: shares on March 25, is not allowed local authorities.

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Vilnius Belarusians wrote nationwide dictation

Together with the students wrote dictation teachers also vi-Belarusians and one of Lithuanian MPs Belarusian origin — Vaclav Stankevich.

"When I saw an ad, immediately realized that I was going — I was curious even more so it passes the first time, has never itself was not because decided to go and have not regretted, "- said Maria, who is trained in Vilnius at YSU third year. Her classmate Valeria shared:" Honestly, I had to write dictation, so again feel for the school desk … Well, in fact, I think this is very important dictation event — in other countries

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