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Women and women

That’s originally a parent’s way of telling his or her daughter not to have sex until she’s a woman. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! I was a good girl through high school, but when I entered the college, I finally killed my conservative shell.

» and then began to strip in front of me.

Even though I was a modest girl and had never done that before, I got naked, too. And while I was certainly not ashamed of my body, I was a little uncomfortable being completely without clothes in front of other girls, especially when I didn’t

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What really happens when you lose 20st

Writer Samantha Noyes, 30, lost two thirds of her body weight and expected her life to transform.

It’s still weird for me J to type that. If you need a frame of reference, I lost two Zoe Saldanas plus an average eight-year-old girl.

The first thing everyone asks when they discover how much weight I’ve lost is how the hell I got that big in the first place. The truth is that, during my first year at university, I was raped. I never told anyone, mainly because I didn’t think anyone would believe me. He was attractive; I was never

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Desperately seeking an ORGASM

Nearly 70% have faked the big ‘O’ at some point, but what if you’re faking it every time? Catriona Birdsall knew she had to come clean» her boyfriend Kyle…

Ever since Kyle and I got together two years ago, we’ve had a healthy sex life, and fancy each other loads. The only problem? I’d never had an orgasm. It wasn’t like we weren’t doing it often enough or not enjoying it; we’d have sex several times a week and tried lots of different positions, but I’d never experienced those ‘fireworks’ It wasn’t just with Kyle — I’d never had them.

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1st Lt Frank Oiler

The ‘JUG’ was solid and stable in flight and carried a tremendous load of bombs, guns and gas. It was a tight-turning, hard-hitting, flying truck. It didn’t climb worth a damn, but it could dive.

Those of us that survived fighter pilot training were sent to England. I arrived on 10 May 1944 as a replacement pilot, filling the gap left by those men who had either been shot down or rotated back home after finishing their tours. I was placed with the 78th Fighter Group, 84th Fighter Squadron at Duxford. This is where I learned the real tricks and

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