THE Future That BOMBED


OVER THE YEARS POP PHOTO has been pretty good at predicting future photo technology. “Pretty good,” though, does not mean “flawless.” And the photo industry has launched some, um, breakthrough products that should have stayed on the drawing board. Just take a look.


• February 1958: “Will [Video] Tape Replace Film?”

•April 1958: “Are Subminiatures a Threat to 35mm Supremacy?” •October 1958: “Will the Russians Beat Us to a Fully Automated Camera?”

•Sept. 1972: “Is 35mm Dead?”

•June 1975: “Can Photography Help Your Child Develop a Superbrain?”

•December 1978: “Serious 110

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Football referee in the United States was killed because of the yellow card

In Salt Lake City (USA) died amateur league football referee Ricardo Portillo after the attack, 17-year-old football player during a match.

As the site says police Utah, the tragedy was played on April 27 while playing in the field Teylorville on behalf of Eisenhower High School


Portillo showed "yellow card" goalkeeper, who was pushing an opponent with his hands. Enraged by this decision, the young man ran up to the referee, writes the violation in a notebook, and punched him in the face.

After impact, the man sat down on the

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American veterans commit bad

The photo — Kimberly Mitchell. She cries at the grave of her husband, Chad Mitchell. Chad was born in 1969, was a war in Iraq, survived, but in 2010 he died of a drug overdose and found eternal rest at the Houston National Cemetery.

Chad — one of hundreds of Texas soldiers killed not in a war zone, but have found their death at home. The results of a six-month study say that war veterans are dying in America from suicide, car accidents and overdoses, which in many cases can also be considered unproven acts of suicide. These

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Court delivered the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol with guns who died in World War II submarine

In Sevastopol, the Black Sea Fleet on the quay wall Mine ceremony of transfer of artifacts recovered from the sea off Cape Tarkhankut.

Bow and stern guns who died in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet submarine were delivered to the rescue vessel Sevastopol Black Sea Fleet "Epron" and the Ukrainian Navy harbor tug "Kremenets."

Work on the survey and recovery of parts of the underwater object carried crew of the rescue ship "Epron" and management professionals search and rescue Black Sea Fleet.

Russian sailors completed work on the survey of

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Concentration Camps in the U.S.

In middle of the XIX century in the United States was the Civil War (1861-1865 years), which fought the North (Federated) states, against the South (Confederate). The southern states have attempted to secede in 1860 in a separate state. Won the war, as you know, the Federals (Northerners). And since history is written by the winners, all the facts about the southern states were taught in history as far as possible negative light, and the facts which concerned the northern states were diligently whitewash. So, studying the American concentration camp for prisoners of war during the Civil War, the North

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Dutch players have scored the judge before his death on the field

41-year-old Dutch referee has died after being beaten by the players in the match junior championship. Richard was appointed to serve Novehuyzen match the Amsterdam club "Noyv slot" as a linesman, but during the game was attacked by several players on the team right.

According to the AP, after beating the referee was bad. R.Novehuyzen was taken to hospital, but doctors could not help him and he died a few hours later.

Dutch media have also reported that after the attack the referee tried to escape from attacking his players, but they caught up with him and continued beating.

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Nearly 1,200 patients have died of starvation in English hospitals

Not able to take care of themselves, Martin Ryan died of starvation in the hospital the British National Health System

Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) in the UK over the last four years, died of starvation in 1165 people. This has given rise to allegations that the nurses are too busy to feed patients.

The Ministry of Health called the figures "unacceptable" and said that the number of unannounced inspections by supervisors will be increased.

According to figures released by the National Statistical Service in response to Freedom of Information, for each patient who died of malnutrition, four patient's

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Secrets of the childrens camp in Florida

Excavators have found 50 bodies buried under the borstal institution for boys, which was closed in 2010 alone,. Over the years, almost nobody in the school is dosed (Dozier School) did not know about the burial in a forest clearing on the border of the campus. This area was prohibited. These lands, which are now run by small ants, hides much more than the remains of the little boys. Only now she begins to uncover the secrets of their sinister: the horror stories on the permitted state barbarism, including corporal punishment, sexual abuse, and probably murder. The fact that the

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Their customs-30 (September 17 — October 13)

Latvian memorial "Defenders Bauski against the second Soviet occupation" — a monument commemorates the Nazi policemen.

September 17. Belgian city of Antwerp police arrested 230 members of unauthorized protests Islamic radicals. It is reported that the protesters chanted: "Wrong Dog" and "Let us rise together."

September 17. NATO responded to the killing of four soldiers ISAF, causing air strike on the eastern Afghan province of Laghman. As a result of the raid killed nine women who were collecting firewood in the spurs of the mountains, and nuts.

September 17. In Latvia, a memorial to "Defenders of the Soviet

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Their customs-27 (August 25 — September 2)

August 25. A car with diplomatic plates belonging to the U.S. Embassy was attacked on the highway near the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, about 90 kilometers south of Mexico City. Wounding two embassy employees.

August 25. In the German city of Cologne Zoo escaped tiger tore employee, zabyvshuyu cover up the cage door. Visitors evacuated tiger was killed.

August 28. Mochivshiesya on the corpses of Taliban and Having burnt the Koran U.S. soldiers were disciplined. What is the Pentagon did not specify it can be demotion or reduction in pay.

August 28. U.S. Attorney's Office said the disclosure conspiracy,

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