The port with everything

The city of San Diego was founded in 1542 by Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo, who originally saw how the long dogleg of the bay could be used as a harbour for ships to shelter against the vagaries of the Pacific Ocean. Over the centuries the facilities at San Diego have been progressively enhanced, until today the port can truly be described as a super-port. San Diego is also a military city, being home to the US Navy’s largest naval base on the West Coast. Just 20 miles from the border with Mexico, San Diego has also, within the last 15 years,

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Steps from the Pacific Ocean on Niagara Avenue is a bustling shop you won’t soon forget—Noon. The seemingly salvaged interior space assembled from vintage accents and unique wood finishes, provides an apropos shell for the handcrafted inventory; everything from soaps and candles to perfume and jewelry. Owners Nora Alexander and Maie Liis Webb carefully curate there San Diego shop to ensure that all five senses are

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Shipbuilding in San Diego

Located in the shadow of the Coronado Bridge is National Steel and Shipbuilding Corporation (NASSCO), San Diego’s premier shipbuilder.

The American shipbuilding industry never really recovered from the decline of the mid-1980s. There are now only a handful of shipyards and most are struggling, but San Diego’s National Steel and Shipbuilding (NASSCO) is the exception. With more ships waiting in the backlog than at any time in their history, and an efficient and flexible shipyard and workforce, NASSCO has its sights fixed on building more and better ships.

San Diego’s most successful shipyard was founded in 1905, when NASSCO started

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Naval Station San Diego: its history and development

Naval Station San Diego is a sprawling expanse of military seafront. With 12 miles of berths, it dominates ‘America’s finest city’ both physically and psychologically too. Since 1922 the Naval Station has grown in importance and size to be second only to Naval Station Norfolk Virginia.

The property on which Naval Station San Diego is located was deeded by the city of San Diego to the US government on 3 September 1919 in order for a docking and fleet repair base to be constructed. What the US government got was 21 water and 77.2 land acres, mostly composed of tidelands

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Blackout in the western U.S.: 6 million people sit without light

September 9, 2011.The California city of San Diego was without light. In the metropolitan power outage. Public transport does not work, on the roads — chaos. San Diego airport until energize emergency generators.

Electrical problems have arisen in other locations in southern California and neighboring Arizona.

Ghosts do not die




The question of what happens to us after death, mankind has always worried. About the meeting with the ghosts of the dead written many books and filmed a lot of movies. It is known that there are ghosts in the places where people died or lived a

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Mass mortality of ancient oaks

Not only was the meager forests of Southern California fire season, turning to ashes every year hundreds of acres of land, so now even added a new attack — the enemy hexapod.

By this natural disaster was for the county of San Diego voracious pest size in centimeters, destroying standing oak groves. In English it is called persistent insect: goldspotted oak borer, or abbreviated GSOB, that can probably be translated as zolotopyatnisty oak borer beetle, bark beetle. (In Russia, it has a counterpart — Zlatka oak.) Beetle has puleobraznuyu shape, dark green in color and six golden-yellow spots on the

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Massive power outage in the western U.S.

Six million people in the southwestern United States can not escape from the sweltering heat and get to work: the impact of the accident, which caused a massive power outage in San Diego, as well as many other towns of California, Arizona and Mexico, has not yet been resolved , reports Associated Press.

Earlier it was reported that about 16 hours Thursday without light was one of the largest cities in California, San Diego, home to over two million people. The second largest city in the state was paralyzed, it stopped going to public transportation, air conditioning broke down, without

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