Classic heavy haulage

I enjoyed reading Bob Tuck’s article concerning Diamond Ts in the January issue of HC. This reminded me of a similar journey that I undertook with my Diamond T 981, registration number G G F 814. This has a canvas cab and is still in military guise, with a Rolls-Royce C6NFL diesel engine which was installed by the British Army.

In 1982 the boiler inspector condemned the firebox on my AA6 Fowler ploughing engine, number 13877, weighing about 22 tons. After trying several firms to undertake the work, it was agreed to give the job to Stuart Woodbine, whose premises

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Yaroslavsky GCC laid the head of river bunkering tanker project RT18

At the Yaroslavl Shipyard (CEO Svetlana Chekalova) a ceremony of laying the first in a series of three bunker tankers project RT18 (building number 10901).

(C) photo Yaroslavl CVD

Customer — PKU "Rechvodput" Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.

(C) photo Yaroslavl CVD


RT18 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

Bunkering tanker is designed to receive from the shore or another ship, transportation, delivery to shore or another ship petroleum products with a flash point above 60 ° C. Provides for transportation of diesel

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Yaroslavl Refinery launched diesel hydrotreater

Yaroslavl refinery Slavneft-YANOS launched commissioned a new diesel hydrotreater capacity of 1.5 million tons / year. Building installation was started in 2010, the cost of the project — 6.3 billion rubles.

The plant operates on Technology and Prime D designed for commercial diesel fuel component, characterized by an increased cetane index, as well as ultra-low sulfur (less than 10 ppm). The project is set to introduce Neftekhimproekt under license of the French Axens. Entering the unit will allow a 4% increase production of diesel fuel Euro-5, as well as to launch a project to translate one of

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Yaroslavl engine manufacturers have high-precision equipment from Germany

Specialists of the company EMAG completed commissioning of the equipment the new plant for the production of diesel engines "Autodiesel" included in "GAZ Group". The new equipment was delivered to the project for the production of a new generation of Yaroslavl middle line engines. As part of the equipment:

vertical turning centers, Grinding machines for flywheels, crankshafts and other parts of the new engine.

All machines are produced at the company's factories machine tool EMAG in Germany. Specialists of "GAZ Group" praised the advanced technology and high-precision equipment proposed by EMAG. Equipping the new plant will allow German equipment

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Yaroslavl region: Slavneft-Yaroslavl Refinery improves the quality of products

5 September launched a new diesel hydrotreating unit at JSC "Slavneft-YANOS." The event is timed to the Day of workers of the oil and gas industry, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of September.

The new hydrotreating unit will increase the production of diesel fuel of Euro-5, and in the long term — the production of winter fuels. The cost of the project is 6.3 billion rubles. In all, from 2013 to 2015 to further upgrade the plant will be allocated 37.1 billion.

According to the General Director of JSC "Slavneft-YANOS" Alexander Nikitin in

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YANOS goes to the Euro-5

June 15 at the factory JSC "Yaroslavnefteorgsintez" (YANOS) commissioned a hydrotreating catalytic cracking gasoline.

Setting the capacity 870,000 tons per year is designed to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline while maintaining its high octane number. It consists of nine interconnected blocks. The costs of the development and implementation of the project amounted to 5.05 billion rubles.

The transition to the production of gasoline and diesel Euro 5 was made possible thanks to a program of modernization of production facilities, which is implemented in the factory of "Yaroslavnefteorgsintez" for more than ten years.

From 2002 to 2010 in the

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Yakutia is developing alternative energy

As one of the positive examples of the introduction of new technologies in the energy sector in the Republic was named the wind farm, located in the village of Tiksi. Over the 4 years of operation, it is possible to save the country 66.2 tons of diesel fuel.


In addition, at the present time in the Far North are conducted experimental work on the calculation of the feasibility of using solar panels.

At the moment, small batteries (each rated at 300 watts) is equipped nursery "Tympynay", which contains wood bison. This use of new technologies

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Energy collapse is not terrible!


Last year's snowfall is known to have led to a massive blackout in some localities of the Russian Federation, paralyzing the work of airports, disrupted the usual course of the lives of thousands of Russians, disrupting many plans for the New Year holidays. The Republic of Tatarstan is also experienced all the "charms" of the period, its seven districts in early December on the verge of an energy collapse. However, troubles happened. Businesses and communities have saved for backup power units provide power for the production of "KAMAZ". To take just one example: the use of only one

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Electricity on the island will now be permanently

Wind generator is running on the island of Reineke in Vladivostok.

Mayor Igor Pushkarev, together with the staff of the Vladivostok power grid enterprises started a wind turbine, built on the island of Reineke. By clicking on "Start", the head of the city included a stand-alone wind-diesel energy complex. Thus symbolized the beginning of a new life on the island.

 "The last 15 years we live on a fixed schedule — told the locals Igor Pushkarev — light appeared in the homes for a few hours in the morning and a

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Electric boat of MAMI


Today everyone is talking about the prospects for the use of hybrid propulsion systems for mobile machinery, including commercial. Recently, experts Moscow Institute of Automotive (MAMI) decided to move from words to action, and in collaboration with a number of local organizations created a SUV with a diesel-electric powertrain.

The advantages of electric transmission allow increasingly implement it on special wheeled vehicle. Confirmation of this — the newest ballast tractor BAZ-M-6910-E, which was the lead developer STC "Trucks" MSTU "MAMI". On the creation of the machine told the director of the organization Nikolay Kulakov.

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