Give DASH!

IN RUSSIA diet with that name among the favorites yet, WHILE In the US it is rapidly gaining momentum and in 2012-2013 in the ranking of most popular diets to take first place! It should look at more closely HER

Health Ministry warns US

The idea of ​​this diet appeared in the United States 20 years ago. Overseas doctors concern at the increasing number of people suffering from high blood pressure, decided to create a special power supply system for the treatment of high blood pressure without pills. In 1992, it commissioned the development of the National Heart, Lung,

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4 principles of disease prevention anus

For the prevention of diseases of the anus should follow some general guidelines.

1. Pay attention to your diet

Normal, balanced daily ration person must necessarily include a sufficient quantity (1.5-2 liter) and the fiber of vegetable origin (vegetable, bran, etc.). Do not forget to watch and the fact that the diet was not the excess flour and dairy products. This is an essential prerequisite for optimal consistency of stool and normalization of bowel evacuation. As a result, significantly reduced mechanical stress on the rectum.

Try not to abuse alcohol, and overly sharp and

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6 misconceptions about weight loss

How many excuses we find myself not to get involved in the fight against obesity, "I am full, because I have a" bad "heredity", "After thirty useless to lose weight", "I do not have enough willpower to sustain a diet." Moreover, we do strongly believe in it and will put up with overweight and far from ideal figure. And it is in vain!

Dispel the popular misconceptions about losing weight, we have asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist

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BPF candidates unwilling to advance goes the distance

By Yuri Gubarevich, This statement was made 15 candidates from the BNF, mostly from regions that are discussed between the decision of the Diet of withdrawal of nominations on September 23 and concluded that their role in the elections should continue until the end of the campaign. Applicants argue its appeal to the Diet that his decision was not supported by other entities of the United Democratic Forces, which practically holds joint nomination of candidates, and that the only role in the elections will enable the authorities to assure falsification. BPF next Sejm appointed for September 20.Voice Yuri Hubarevich:


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Belarusians celebrate Constitution day in Poland and Lithuania

The Speaker of the Polish Sejm Ludwik Dorn recalls how he — the last anti-communist underground activist — along with colleagues celebrated May 3 during the time the NDP:"When Communist rule, when Poland was a vassal Russian Union, from the history books and the list prazdnichkom day Constitution of May 3 has been deleted. Opposition celebrated it in secret, and I remember at one point, me and my employee today — Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Bronislaw Komorowski beat it for the police batons. And at this point, we note today Parliament in a free country, together with a free

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International day of solidarity ladies returned to Lithuania

After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, when the majority of the parliament had the Conservative Party, International Ladies’ day was canceled as Russian akupantski relic. First first years of the 1990s March 8 ladies in Lithuania congratulated, in offices and institutions did not mention about it.From the middle of the second half of the 1990s, "female prazdnichek" beginning vorachivatsya informally — ladies greeted relatives and friends. Ladies with flowers in these days are on the streets could behold a little, but I remember those who went to today with flowers, looked peaceful with grins. In 2000, when most of the

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Mikhalevich: Game was and is my homeland

Mikhalevich does not preclude the ability gurtavannya own fans. "In the Sun, when we plan a day or agenda of the Diet, as well as on Friday at board meetings and the Political Party, a word about this question was not. Because for me it was made entirely of a sudden. I feel the pain, because since 1993, since I turned 18, I immediately joined the Party of the BPF. In companies BPF I participated since 1989. And the fact that the diet decided to expel me, for me, is a very nasty solution. "Sovereign Mihalevitch said that he was

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The document was signed by more than 180 thousand people of Belarus.

From the pages of "Free Belarus" in 1918 Dr. Dounar-Zapolskogo birth: "The word in our language Republic neem: you need to use — Rzeczpospolita … Parliament should get the name Valnago Diet, and the constitutional parliament — Vyalikago Valnago Sejm, the Parliament — the leader of the main; deputies — Ambassadors; Council of Ministers — Parliament. The Board must have a place such ministers: Chancellor (chairman or minister of international affairs); podskarby Zemsky (Minister of Finance); marshal Zemsky (Minister of Justice); getman (Minister of War) … ""Lim" in 1958 wrote about the head engineer Kalinkovichsky MTS Petlaha Elijah: "amateur composer

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Belarus became a lawyer in Europe

On second place came the Social Democrats — 26 seats. 16 mandates — the Party of the folk revival. Party of former country manager Rolandas Paksas will have 15 seats in the Sejm. Labor Party multimillionaire Russian origin Victor Vspaskih produced 10 seats. 11 has going liberals, another 8-liberal centrists. Consulates of other parties in the Diet will be the smallest.Lithuania will change policy towards Belarus? In the Lithuanian Seimas, which composes their capabilities, there were two groups for relations with Belarus. One headed Belarusian Vaclav Stankevich, second — Race Yuknavichene. Ms. Yuknavichene, re-elected member of parliament — a member

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Starving with celebrities

"Only one calorie" comprise only pills for fresh breath. In any other food more calories. In food on the holiday table calories a thousand times more than one. The number of starts to move quickly to quality, and the "quality" — do not fit into the usual jeans.

Tips nutritionists are rarely pleasant and comforting. First, to not run a custom shape, it is necessary for life to alternate periods of rigorous diet and proper nutrition. Secondly, there can be anything you like, but little by little, and preferably with blue plates: the color reduces the feeling of hunger.

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