Theatrical era Zdislava Tired

Zdislav Stoma died fifteen years ago, and almost to the end own life appeared on the scene. Colorized because its unique intonations Pustarevich words — "kahannenkie, darlings" — with Kupala "Pavlinka" well remember many more actors, critics and viewers. My question is that first mentioned in connection with Zdislavam Franzevich in the play "Pavlinka", the current very popular comedy actor Victor Manayeu replied:"The first performer was Pustarevich Glebov. Next were retellings of the first composition — Glebova, Platonov. But this unique voice Tired (mimics), which he uttered his famous words" kahannenkie, darlings, "was inimitable."Classics in performing classicsA little creaky, but

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Knights fought for victory in a race at Leeds Castle

Reporter: "Knight graduated from the battle … Congratulations on your victory."Knight: "My name Groden, I’m out of the club" Knight genus snow leopard "and we provide soldiers majestically Duchy of Lithuania."Reporter: "This, in my opinion, is unique, they all — European knights, crusaders, knights and stateliness of the Principality of times in the minority …"Knight: "This happens because the flowering of chivalry was in XIII-XIV centuries, and all the beauty of this phenomenon could follow in European statesah, because it interests people. And we are patriots of their motherland because couples do reconstruction majestically Duchy of Lithuania. "Reporter: "How bout

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Ales Krawcewicz: Wednesday Blotting unique town Belarus

Correspondent "Ales, please remind the listener that occurs directly in Grodno. For what structure and why you need to fight?"Krawcewicz: "The situation is very difficult in our town since Wednesday destroyed virtually unique in our country town, the euro itself town Belarus. Not counting the fact that individual buildings are destroyed (for example, on the street in the heart of the Socialist town Art Nouveau building in one of the wings of time Tyzengauz in Vilnius street), so still going, despite the protests of the public, carry out the reconstruction of the central square, an old bridge . And all

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A day or figure: 65,517 war veterans living in Belarus

Another 55,845 people — former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and prisons. Approximately 7 thousand people are members of families of the war dead and guerrilla fighter and a half thousand people — youth with disabilities as a result of wounds and contusions acquired during fighting in Lofty Russian war. Source: Ministry of Labor and Social ProtectionAccording to the law "On Veterans" to Russian war veterans Lofty is a person who "participated in the fighting to defend the Fatherland or to provide military units of the army in a war zone, as persons awarded orders and medals for selfless labor

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In Belarus celebrates anniversary of Chancellor Leo Sapieha

Dr. Anatoly Gritskevich prepares latest book about Leo Sapieha. The creator says that ON Statute, namely, for the first time proclaimed the idea veratsyarpimastsi, forbade the transfer of free-1 person for debt or crime in captivity. "This body of law was practically the first in Eastern Europe, was a reflection of the fact that legal science in Europe did. Statute acted on areas of Belarus, Lithuania and right-bank Ukraine directly to XIX ctagoddya. In Belarus was tsarist canceled, namely Nicholas I, in 1848. So it was designed. "According to Anatoly Gritskevich, even now Sorbonne Institute for law students during the

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Figure majestically Duchy of Lithuania

The project uchavstvujut artists from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. They will present their works reflecting the historical figures and action time majestically Duchy of Lithuania.With Belarusian side in exhibition participates painter Alexei Marochkin:"This project was initiated and implemented practically painter Raimondas Savickas, scion of the famous Lithuanian artist Avgustsinasa Savickas. This burning and unique project.In painting and meditation we ask questions. Who are we? We humans — that has a huge cultural and multilingual heritage? Or are we going to those paths that run through time Stately Duchy of Lithuania? On these questions meet the artists with their works.I showed

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