Mogilev tribunal upheld the claim of activists to protect the honor and the pros

Plaintiffs sought, that the police publicly apologized to pay two million rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage and announced a verdict before the staff of servants avtainspektsyi State.The reason for the court was the phrase uttered police during the trial on April 6 2007. Then they said that the activists threatened them with physical repossession. "If the government is replaced, police will hang on poles" — a phrase recorded in the court record.Court public activists said that such phrases are not could tell. Activists said they public people and know how to behave with the police. "This sentence could become

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How to protect yourself?

Well, that is the right to work or education? Have not signed a contract with you or can not afford to study — all Tipo legitimate and impartially, and any of your rights. Or the right to rallies and meetings or the right to information. Not always and learned where it is, your right is violated, and where not. Or — the right to life. Here generally unblemished abstraction. Not enough that the death penalty, the very words filling the "right to life" is no different from, say, the right not to be sawn logs. And note that it is

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Ul.Lameka: do not understand what was ruled Sdvizhkou

Former deputy editor of "Zgoda" Alexander Sdvizhkou now sentenced by the Minsk City tribunal for inciting religious hatred on Three years security prison.Saints — Deputy Commissioner for Religious and Ethnic Affairs — says that before This time can not understand what was ruled Alexander Sdvizhkou:"Apparently, it is education? Or maybe not davsvyadomiv? Then whole world rustled, Europe worried Muslims were that offended their dignity. That needed orient. Why do we come in handy these comments? And so it was.And, maybe it’s a political order, as in our opposition press all happen? Why do we publish? Our state is not gave

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The Tribunal is: Senator against journalist

The court session was initiated by a politician, is scheduled for today, December 19. Total Cherginets going to sue in their favor 600 million rubles for editors and journalist insulted the honor and dignity. Nicholas Charhinets litigation claims based on Article Alexander Tamkovich "General-Senator Cherginets" which was posted in the newspaper "New Era" on September 24. Cherginets believes that certain moments in the material offend his honor and dignity. Namely, the statement about his role in the process so called "Vitebsk affairs." General says that while in the Interior Ministry did not work, and when he came, immediately gave impetus

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Mogilev Regional Court Board rejects appeal of activists

College Regional Court chaired by Svetlana Stelmakovoy Leninsky district court ruling recognized legitimacy and authority.Lawyer-independent trade union electronic industry immediately after Alexander the Queens Court said "Freedom" that another sentence from the board of the Regional Court did not wait."We will continue to defend their honor, dignity and business reputation in the higher courts — and we reach, if useful, to the UN Committee on Human Rights.But we are convinced that the police officers who illegally detained us first, and then to the public in court hurt in relation to other people will now more circumspect in the choice of

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By the Day of St.. Valentina

I love you! At Valentine’s Day a declaration of love for 87 languages: 1. Abkhazia — Sarah bar bziya bzoy 2. Arabic — Ana ahebek, Ana ahebeki 3. Adyghe — Se Orae plegun 4. Altay — Maine Sani Turar [cut] 5. Albanian — Une dua ty 6. Amharic — Afeggere ante 7. English — I Love u 8. Armenia — Es kev sirumem 9. Afghan — Ma di kavel mine 10. Bashkir — M hine yaratau 11. Belarus — I tyabe Kahan 12. Burmese — Tingo Cheng Chi ti (Chumma Tingo Chi ti) 13. Bulgarian — Az five obicham 14.

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And the galaxy should be aired




There is a theory that aliens are watching us. I can imagine what they write reports to their superiors! How do they define our priorities? What do we want? For example, today? The main thing — to live with dignity, worth and dignity again. The entire mass

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Meteorite rain over San Francisco

February 16, 2013. Followed by a meteor that landed in Chelyabinsk, astronomers and residents Dignity-Francisco were able to watch the meteor rain over the peninsula «Bay Area» last night.

Social network users reported seeing a blue flash of a meteor at 8 pm on Friday, meteors could watch around «Bay Area», and even in the central cities of the valley, Fresno and Stockton.

Gerald Mc Keegan, asmtronom from the space center in Auckland, said that the center had free access to large telescopes, but none of the visitors did not see anything unusual. However center the whole day was

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Sex battle in Russian shows to watch online

Reality show where girls are arguing — men judge. Now Russian roots sprouted and this project! For those who have not beheld, remember the rules: 5 charming women associated pros, placing himself on the spot on the charts. Go with them an independent examination of the same advantages hold young people. For each match in prize money maidens bear interest, which is then equally divided between them. So what is more important still, man's true self or advantages?

TV shows

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Liabedzka called never trade their dignity and honor

Society The leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka April 9 made in Minsk at the first forum of the Liberal Youth of EU policy "Eastern Partnership".

The politician urged participants of the forum will never sell their own honor and dignity.

"You are young people, and you have already begun to accumulate debt. In the "American girl" KGB jail, in the "stone bag" where you are 22 hours a day, you begin to understand what you're biggest debtor in front of their parents, relatives and close friends. My first wish is that you have never had a

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