TOP 5 New launches


Q Acoustics Q-BT3 £400

Making your way in the world of consumer electronics is tough-going for a standard pair of desktop speakers. Why? Because of products like this. The new Q-BT3 speakers not only claim to deliver proper «hi-fi sound» as opposed to a «jazzed up iPod dock» but also feature the higher-quality aptX version of Bluetooth for wireless streaming from laptops, phones and tablets. There’s also an integrated DAC for connecting digital sources.


Meridian Director £450

We welcomed Meridian’s exploration of the more affordable end of the market with open arms — and a five-star review of

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Herman Koch


The table talk two bourgeois families can open a dirty secret SHOULD Dutch writer’s novel, published in the publishing house «ABC»

I do not know who first complained to the Director of the school or the students parents. Be that as it may, one day, I was called on the carpet. The director, a man of the old school, was a rare instance by today’s standards: the head with a side parting, crowning brown suit «herringbone».

I’ve heard complaints about the content of the lessons of history, he said. inviting me to sit on the only chair in front

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Taganrog: Director of «Taglift» let-up faulty elevator that killed a child

Using new powers, regional prosecutor’s office canceled the illegal decision of SU RF IC in the Rostov region and sent for further investigation of a criminal investigation into the death of a child in a dangerous polutoragodovalogo elevator.

The prosecutor’s office area has studied the materials of the criminal case brought by the investigation department of the Investigative Management RF IC in the Rostov region into the death of a child (Art. 1, Art. 109 of the Criminal Code).

It was established that April 1, 2009 a small resident of Taganrog lost under the following circumstances. Returning home after a

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Solo for the second violin.

What a child draws us to the theater, the arts, philosophy married mischief? Perhaps the brutality of real existence. Nature play something close to human — his life is limited in time. But did not get applause for fussy meal of past days, we buy a paper ticket entrance and go to the theater, as in the Emerald City, where he lives Goodwin Great and Powerful, it will fulfill all. And as well as behind the scenes turns out that the force endowing the Tin Woodman heart, courage, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow straw mind, born through the sometimes

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Talk about telekinesis with Chronicle director Josh Trank

Trunk took the time to talk with a reporter RSMad why telekinesis opens the way to super abilities as mankind would benefit if the dinosaurs made films, and more.

Will — a concept studied philosophy and psychotherapists, with the multi-volume theory and endless debate such luminaries of science, as Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Kant and Freud. Finding ways to extend the will to control external objects by thought is deeply rooted in the study of these scholars, but still a lot of science fiction — Stan Lee and Stephen King.

However, with the advent of technology telekinesis theory closer to reality. «I’m

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Escaping the

Discount Trap

Beautiful,” Cora Milano said, looking up at the soaring spires and Gothic arches of the immense charity hospital.

Her colleague, Augusto Tolentino, barely paused. He was in a hurry to get to their meeting—and to make a point to


The two worked together at Bosi e

Faora, a São Paulo–based medical device manufacturer. Augusto was ofcially the head of operations, but his real job was as the right-hand man of the company’s diretor presidente, who had informally dubbed him “head of customer satisfaction.”

Cora was the sales director.

Augusto and Cora were on their way to see

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Mikhail Boyarsky.

— What kind of questions you ask most frequently? Why do you think? (Dragomiretskaya S., N. Kudrin, Nakhabino, the Moscow region).

— Perhaps these two questions: how is it that I became an actor, and you do not intend to continue shooting in the television series based on the novels of Alexandre Dumas Three Musketeers. Why ask the second question is easy to answer: the film «The Three Musketeers» has attracted the attention of viewers. Why not continue to wait …

As for the first, it is clear that some viewers took, how it happened that my parents did

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End of the World 2013:

Apocalypse in Hollywood

This Is the End Director: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Emma Watson, Channing Tatum, Rihanna, Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Michael Cera

Apocalyptic comedy with young Hollywood stars, who play themselves. Seth Rogen Seth Rogen in the role of evening comes on to James Franco as James Franco. We have gathered a lot of famous actors all have fun, drink and discuss gossip. Suddenly celebrities discover that the world beyond the walls of their house collapsing, around fire breaks out, and the middle of the lawn yawning chasm —

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Historically, that the more ancient forms of art are recognized and more sublime, clever in some way elitist. Queen bitten considered literature, cinema — also an art, but with a reputation for the entertainment of the masses, well, a video game only recently gained recognition from the critics. In some ways, this hierarchy is valid: Literature gives more opportunities to express thoughts and ideas. This book often serve as the basis for movies and games.

But now the usual hierarchy shaken. In the age of computers and universal literacy it was found that of all the arts, literature accessible

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She grew up in the city, but when ever pick cotton, worked skillfully and dexterously. Assistant director with «Turkmen-film», sought after performers. for a new tape, estimated, apparently, is the fact … And then a law student at the University of Turkmen Gorky Orazova offer combiner role in the film directed by «I have come for all.»

We can not say that until that memorable working semester she had no dreams of becoming an actress. At school she is well read verses from the stage, danced, played in amateur play Cinderella. However, I went to law school

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