The Reign Of Spain…

Many years ago, when I first learned what the ‘ES’ part of the ES-335 stood for, the strangeness of the label only added to the guitar’s allure. It was also a surprise to find out that it was part of a long and distinguished line of ES instruments that Gibson produced. The 335’s place in guitar history has long been assured, but this month’s cover story goes a fair bit deeper than that. Not only do we celebrate the ES-335’s majesty, we also look into the other members of the Electric Spanish family, and discover why this model gained a

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Muslim Latypova says that since childhood she knew that would engage in trade: my mother was in charge of a grocery store, and my dad worked for the base product. In his youth, he was Latypova and director of the dining room, and a salesman in department store, well, she knows the business inside out. In the 1990s Latypova decided to start their own business. First opened several wholesale outlets (confectionary products). And in 1998, it has leased the former Soviet area of ​​1400 square meters shop. m, he renovated it and opened the first «Bahetle». Now «Bahetle» — one of the largest retailers in Russia 17 stores opened in Tatarstan, 8 — in Moscow, 1 — in Novosibirsk, and 1 — in Barnaul. Supermarkets — only a part of the empire «Bahetle». We also have Latypova owned commercial property (shopping centers in Kazan) and jewelry boutiques Cherry Lady, run by the daughter — Elvira Kharlamov.



THAILAND has the kind of beaches honeymoon fantasies are made of -this was the setting for The Beech after all — pristine white sands, warm turquoise seas and a few obligatory hammocks to hop into to admire the view. With hundreds of islands in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand — not to mention the coastline of mainland Thailand itself — there’s plenty of opportunity to find a sandy spot all to yourselves.

For a

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In Artem discover a vegetable store

In Artem discover a vegetable store. Complex for storage of potatoes and vegetables was built in six months.

The customer of made-Maritime Vegetable Experiment Station. The maximum amount of storage products under — three thousand tons.

In Primorye, is not the first vegetable store. So, this year, the district Lesozavodskaya was commissioned by one of a thousand tons. Such a construction is beneficial not only farmers but also consumers. Thanks to the vegetable stores farmers can save locally grown products in good condition and sell it to the public throughout the year, not to sell to

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Civilization aged

Scientists have shown that the urban culture existed 6,000 years ago. Scientists have greatly lengthened the period of existence of human civilization. This week in Copenhagen at an international conference on the archeology of ancient Mesopotamia, researchers from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Chicago are going to announce his discovery, significantly changes the perception about the time of the urban culture. In Syria were found the remains of the city, dating back four thousand years BC This disproves the old notion that the urban culture emerged around this time in the south

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Interesting archaeological finds

In Iraq, archaeologists have unearthed a strange crafts two-thousand-year-old, who can serve as an electric battery when it pour acid. The subject consists of an iron core surrounded by a copper tube, and all of this is enclosed in an earthen vessel.

A unique archaeological find discovered in the vicinity of the Italian town of Cerveteri (Lazio metropolitan area). Workers during construction came upon an ancient (1st millennium BC. E.) Etruscan burial.

In the area of Altentreptow (GDR) has recently discovered during excavations 67 — centimeter iron

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In the Sahara desert Martian meteorite found

In the Sahara desert discovered Martian meteorite whose age is 2.1 billion years old

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Urusova /. A team of scientists from the University of New Mexico announced the discovery of a Martian meteorite in the Sahara desert, the age of which more than 2.1 billion years. These conclusions were based on studies undertaken during the year analyzes of meteorite called NWA 7034.

The stone weighing 320 grams was found by Bedouins in Morocco, and was then sold to the American Research Centre.

According to study leader Carl Agee, "found a special

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In Spain, discovered a new Atlantis

Investigates the new evidence that Atlantis was not a continent and a large city, which was situated in the territory — which today is Spain. Atlantis was destroyed because of the large tsunami, so says a group of scientists from the United States.

The city that went under the water, covered with a layer of mud bogs under Dona Anna Park, which is located to the north of Cadiz. For the past very proud archaeologists studied in detail this area, for this they used the most powerful radars and modern

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Discovered the very first stars in the Universe

An international team of astronomers has discovered the earliest light of the two stars in the universe. They were identified as SN2213 and SN1000 +2016 and belong to a rare class of supersvetyaschihsya supernovae. The light from the explosion of 10-100 times brighter than the light from the supernova explosions usual.

In recent years, various studies have led scientists to discover new information about the universe. Including opened supersvetyaschihsya class of supernovae that are tens to hundreds of times brighter than normal supernovae. The term "supernova" refers to the stars, in a flash of brilliance which increases by tens of

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Most hidden finds peace

Humanity has been brought up on the history of the development of a Darwinian. Hard to be imposed and the mandatory inclusion in the school curriculum. But there is a huge archaeological finds and discoveries, which are carefully guarded secret of all of the scientific community of the world, because they break the Darwinian theory to smithereens.

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