Variable Speed Multi-Output Running Mode LED Display

The circuit is a transistor transistor-logic (TTL) compatible running light display with a maximum of 15 outputs and is capable of driving up to 751 LEDs for display. The circuitry employs TTL devices and ICs. Power dissipation of the logic circuit is in milliwatts.

The circuit is based on digital logic having 4 inputs (hexadecimal) and 15 outputs which drive the output transistors. This logic circuit consists of six ICs — three quad 2-input OR gates and three quad 2-input AND. gates.

If A, B, C and D arc the inputs to this logic circuit and Y1, Y2, Y3 Y15

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Upgraded Indian AF Mi-35s On Display

THREE UPGRADED Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi-35s participated in the major flypast and flying display on October 8 at Hindon Air Base, on the outskirts of New Delhi, to mark the 74th anniversary of the IAF. Previous displays had been undertaken at Palam, but were shifted to Hindon this year in order to provide more space and less disruption to commercial traffic in and out of Delhi Airport. The helicopters all wore the new low visibility grey colour scheme that is being adopted for the entire IAF fleet. Under a $20 million deal signed in 1998 with Israel Aircraft Industries

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Unforgettable sight

IT WAS WITH great sadness that I read your Editorial, concerning the Ministry of Defence’s attitude towards the last flying Vulcan (XH558).

Over a period of years attending many airshows around the United Kingdom, one of the highlights of every show has been the arrival and display of the mighty Vulcan.

On numerous occasions I have seen various Vulcans (when we had more than one) hold spectators spellbound.

But it was at RAF Mildenhall on Sunday May 24,1992 when I saw the Vulcan bring about 120,000 people to a standstill.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with very little cloud,

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Something for Everyone!

Alan Warnes visited this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo and gives an overview of events.

DURING A summer that brought both torrential downpours and glorious sunshine, the weekend of July 16-17 was blessed with blue skies and warm weather for the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). Having seen the weather forecast, most families must have decided to make the trek to RAF Fairford. Gloucestershire, on the first day of the weekend, preferring to relax elsewhere on Sunday. That must be the assumption if we take into account the startling difference in the number of people at Fairford on the two

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We report from MAT, where an RAF Typhoon nearly crashed at the world’s biggest military airs how.

A PILOT from 29 (R) Squadron had a close call with disaster after the Typhoon he was flying came within a few seconds and approximately 20ft of crashing as he practised his routine for the flying display at the world’s biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo, at RAI Falrford, Gloucestershire, on Friday, July 15.

Something went very wrong for Sqn Ldr Matt Elliott as he came out of a manoeuvre. Had it not been for the Typhoon engine’s high levels of


Rissala AB, Finland — May 24

RISSALA AB, the home of the Finnish Air Force MiGs, held its annual open day in May and for the first time the event was extended to include an evening airshow. The static display featured all the types operated by KarLsto (Karelian Wing) HavLLv 31 (Fighter Squadron 31). The Valmet Vinka, BAe Hawk Mk 51 and MiG-21b/s gave flying displays, and during the afternoon — between the open day and the airshow — all those displaying practised their routines.

The F-15 made its debut in Finland — two F-15Cs, 84-0005 and 80-0004, both coded ‘SP’ from the USAFE’s 52nd FW

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RAF Waddington

Alan Warnes reports from the annual airshow at RAF Waddington, Lincs.

THE INTERNATIONAL Airshow at RAF Waddington on June 26 and 27 celebrated a record attendance on the Sunday… but there was a catch. Most of the event’s estimated 125.000 total turnout was down to some judicious planning on behalf of the general public — they’d heard the weekend weather forecast and scheduled their visit for what promised to be the less wet day.

Based Units

As you would expect for the RAF’s main recce and warfare base, Waddington plays host to a number of interesting units. The higher profile

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RAF Tornado F.3 Display

The 2004 RAF Tornado F.3 display is flown by a crew from 56 (R) Squadron based at RAF Leuchars, Fife.

Display pilot for the season is Fit Lt Tim Freeman who joined the RAF in 1991. Tim undertook his Tornado F.3 conversion course in 1996, after which he served for three years with 43 (Fighter) Sqn at RAF Leuchars, Fife. During this time he graduated from the NATO Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) and also flew on exercises throughout Europe and North America. He also took part in operations patrolling the Southern ‘No Fly Zone’ over Iraq, operations in the Falkland

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NEC Display Solutions: 10 лет инноваций

NEC Display Solutions отметила на десятой выставке ISE десятилетие своих инноваций, продемонстрировав обширный спектр оборудования и решений для визуализации, коллективной работы, систем digital signage, образования и арендного бизнеса.

В юбилейном для компании 2013 году стенд NEC Display Solutions на выставке Integrated Systems Europe был разделён на сегменты в соответствии с рыночными направлениями, где компания активно действует.

«Учитывая, что Integrated Systems Europe является крупнейшей профессиональной выставкой АВ-индустрии в Европе, компания NEC Display Solutions постоянно принимает в ней участие. В 2013 году мы продемонстрировали специалистам свои новейшие технологии и программные решения, — отметила в заявлении для прессы вице-президент по маркетингу и развитию

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Zenith’s new Captain Grande Date Moonphase offers two complications in its manufacture movement. We go past the elegant exterior to see how well it works.

Since 2009, when Zenith got a new CEO, Jean-Frédéric Dufor, and with him a new emphasis on value, Zenith’s primary mission has been to produce manufacture-made watches for those who don’t necessarily have a year’s salary to spend on one. A good example is the Captain Grande Date Moonphase, introduced in 2011 at Baselworld. The stainless-steel version costs $7,000, and the rose-gold version can be had for $9,400 more.

What exactly can a watch lover

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