Use manual focus

Take some time to learn when manual focus is the better option, and how thinking about focus distance can lead to better images

THE VAST majority of photographers take autofocus for granted, but it wasn’t that long ago that manual focus was the only option. And it still has a huge part to play, particularly if you want to get the most accurate images possible.

For some subjects, manual focusing will be far too slow. However, it’s great for the type of shots that most enthusiasts take on a regular basis. You may even find the manual method faster and

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Triathletes, Hedonist

Yuri Belonoschenko — how triathlon expands horizons

In his spare time, the general director of «Management Company URALSIB» Yuri Belonoschenko engaged in triathlons and has already achieved considerable success in this field. He double-crossed half the distance Ironman (113 km) run Berlin Marathon and finished in «Escape from Alcatraz». About his studies under the program «TsiklON» under the leadership of its developer, the head coach of women’s national team of Russia Igor Sysoev, future competition plans, and how classes help in the triathlon, Yuri Belonoschenko tells the magazine «Grand Sport».


I sold the car through Facebook, it was purchased

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In Riga linear distance work on traffic safety is based on the provisions of the directive of the Minister of Railways №4 from 10 February 1984 The main goal of this work in the household of signaling and communication — providing reliable technology and good action, in full accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, people work serving this technique.

The team maintains a distance of nearly 1000 electric centralization of arrows, 285 km of automatic block system and centralized traffic control. In heavy traffic unit trains Riga — suffice it to say that in the summer of serviced



Before the rail are important tasks for better meet the needs of the economy and population in transportation. Implementation of these objectives is largely determined by the coordinated work of all parts of the transport conveyor, in which the signaling and communication sector plays a major role.

The main purpose of railway automatics and connection is to improve road capacity and safety of trains. These functions will be more successful, the more reliable devices will work. Reliability also depends on the adopted system of maintenance of theoretical and practical training, observance of labor and technological discipline.

As the main


Ups and downs «Luzhniki»

Russian triumph

7 gold medals the Russian team

A few days before the tournament starts to boycott it because of «health problems» declared Olympic champion Yuliya Zaripov, Sergei Kirdyapkin Olga Kaniskina Yuri Borzakovskiy. Spiteful critics started talking about «fear not pass a drug test,» experts — that the country «will miss guaranteed medals», and the national team can not show the result, which is calculated on the sports officials. Fortunately, the fears proved groundless. For the second day of competition the Russians won the first award the highest standard: it is on account of 20-year-old debutant tournaments such rank

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The task of increasing the efficiency of rail transport requires the improvement of work organization. The most fully meets the modern requirements of production brigade form of organization and motivation, which is soon to become the main economy in the signaling and communication of railways.

Who distances networks created and successfully operate about 4.5 thousand. Brigades, which employs more than 36 thousand. Man. Experience of their operation has shown that the team can improve service quality and reliability of the device, increase productivity, improve the organization of work with subcontractors, to create conditions to improve the professional level of



The battery farming of the 12th signaling and communication Voroshilov road is in bad condition. Leaders distance totally engaged in this economy.

The battery is not charge-discharge shield. Everything is done here in the temporary shelters. Batteries are transported from place to place. The premises of the storage and cross are not repaired. In the windows, and there are cracks in the floor. Devices and batteries because of this all the time gathering dust. When cleaning them every time it is necessary to disturb the wire, which may lead to breakage.

The battery is not a fan. The air


AUTOMATION. Remote control and communication


BODY Ministry of Railways of the USSR

Founded in July 1923 №2FEVRAL 1984

Automation, remote control and communication"1984

Labor and high return

There is a fourth year of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. December (1983) Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the ninth session of the Supreme Soviet of the tenth convocation defined the new frontiers of economic and social development of the country. The decisions of the Plenum and the laws adopted by the Supreme Council, mark a new stage of communist construction, to strengthen economic and defense might of

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«Decide whether the» technically sound «standard time?»

Under the headline in the magazine «Atis», 1987, number 5 was issued a letter of employees MOUTH distance Nizhyn Southwest road. To the Editor received many responses to the letter. Here are excerpts from some of the letters.

Workers Brigade service devices ALSN Uralsk distance of Baikal-Amur Mainline write about the discrepancy normozatrat time routing repair decoder DKSV1. This they reported to the management of the road, but since then it took about two years, but no reply received.

In his letter, the comrades also reported the following. In the collection are specified standard time for a large number

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German pilots found that beat American F-22 proved not difficult

Frisky and secretive F-22 «definitely» is the best fighter air-to-air in the arsenal of favorite air force in the world. At least, wrote in 2009 of the Head of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, U.S. Air Force. Three years later, a group of German pilots flying at its last fighter Typhoon, learned during the simulation of air combat, as you can shoot down F-22. Middle of June 150 German pilots and eight 2-motor Typhoons arrived at the Air Force base in Alaska on Eylson planned exercises, in which apart from Germany involving the United States, Japan, Australia and Poland. Eight

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