22 Weeks Pregnant


Before the decree is still far and you'll inevitably have to move around the city. Meanwhile, at this period, you may feel dizziness and even fainting, especially in a stuffy and crowded public transport.

Vertigo can be caused by different reasons:

sharp decrease in blood pressure (hypotension) increasing pressure on the uterus the inferior vena cava (supine) decrease in the level of sugar in the blood due to the large gaps between meals (so do not forget to eat regularly!) lack of oxygen in the room. Baby

This week, your baby's eyebrows appeared. Baby

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What is it?

The most common of vertigo is spoken of as "the illusion of movement", ie dizziness — this is a wrong perception of body position and movement. Surely each person in his life faced with dizziness. Perhaps you have experienced it as a child after a few extra laps on the rides, or on an airplane, or when excessively spent in the company of friends holidays. Dizziness may occur at any age. If you feel dizzy for no apparent reason and not for the first time, you should try to find the cause of this disorder.


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