A man with an accordion

Based on the story Anatoly MAKAROVA writer — Alexander Borodyansky director — Nikolai Dostal operator — Yuri Nevsky artists — Alexander Boim, Alexander Makarov composer — Alexander Goldstein sound technician — BORIS Vengerovsky

Roles performed:

Dmitry Gromtsev — Valery Zolotukhin

Lelia Glan — Irina Alferov mother Gromtseva — ARINA Aleinikova

Savely Mikhailovich — VLADIMIR Soshalskaya Uncle Kolya — Michael Pugovkin

Savka — Sergei Milovanov beauty Tamara — ELENA Pletnev

Kostya Elkin — Stanislav Sadalsky Aunt Fenya — LOVE Malinowski

Lopatin — Evgeni Evstigneev son Lopatin — Sergey Kolesnikov

Nina Vorobyov — Irina Shmelev

Kohl Prikhodko — ANTON GOLUBEV Prikhodko mother

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Russian Festival «Kulikovo Field».

Last year marked 625 years since the Battle of Kulikovo. The guards of the Moscow Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich September 8 (21 New Style), 1380 defeated the troops of the Golden Temnik Mamaia, organized a big march on Russia. This major battle was dedicated to the Russian festival of children risunka.19 September, the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the day of the battle, in the International Children’s Art Gallery in Moscow, opened the final exhibition of the festival. The room — more than a hundred of the best drawings. And they came from all over Russia to

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Policemen cordoned off the house Smorgon activist

Dergachyov yet refuses to open the door — believes his wish to isolate just before "Evrapeykim march."Now Smorgon district department delivered Dmitry Belyaev. It yesterday warned the police that he will respond, if Sunday to join the action in Minsk.Dmitry Belyaev not belong to any political party and movement. Month reversed its detained for distributing leaflets.

Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor

The criminal case against Dmitry Dashkevich for refusing to testify against their colleagues filed Shklou police. Earlier on offer investigator Soligorsk prosecutors prosecute the Young Shklou colleagues gave a negative answer. As a result, agreed to conduct business Shklou police. Zmitser Dashkevich did not cooperate with the investigation, considering the illegal acts of policemen. Despite this, the police handed over criminal case in the prosecutor’s office to get approval for the transfer to the court. Favourite devoid Registered Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich Zmiter support and also finds a new criminal case in violation of procedural rules:"This article may

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Gomel: FREED youth activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

About six o’clock in the evening on the street long distance, came to meet him 26 young people with white and reddish pinks, representatives of the democratic institutions of the town.But Dmitry went not out of the gate insulator, and has come from the Central police department. About a half hour before the liberation activist was taken from prison to police station, where Deputy Chief Major Efymenko claimed clarification, how leaflets appeared in the town to support it.Zhaleznichenka "There was amusing incident. Likely, they feared that I would meet people and they want me to not see them. Brought under

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Dmitry Dashkevich get any new prison term

Lawyer Dmitry Dashkevich Galiyev Alexander said "freedom" that the criminal case against his client filed on August 14.Initially, the investigator Salihorsk prosecutor Alekseev proposed institute proceedings Shklou their employees, but they refused. Later criminal case Police investigators brought Shklou.The lawyer said that Dmitry refused to testify, and acquainted with the case, whereby September 12, he signed his name that has the status of a suspect. While the criminal case was appointed handwriting expert Dmitry.Says Alexander Galiyev:"Zmitser Dashkevich refused to testify, citing the fact that the article for refusing to testify as a witness is unconstitutional. Case filed on August 14,

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Baranovichi: Tribunal fined another 2-opposition activists

Under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code and Dmitri Bulanov Jean Szymanski accused of hooliganism and small each fined 62 thousand rubles.In accordance Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (part in an unauthorized rally) Dmitriy Fedoruk fined 620 thousand rubles. The same charges against the tribunal singled and Jeanne Bulanovoj, but in a case police found an error in the protocol of detention. Protocol returned Baranavičy police department. Baranavičy said human rights activist Sergei Housha Radio Liberty, that is 9 public activists convicted in Baranovichi. They all were detained September 10 during trial member "Junior Front"Yaroslav Hryshchenya. • Baranovichi: courts

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In Gomel detained democracy activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

Ran detention man who introduced himself as an employee of the police department of Gomel Railway Siwiec. But lawyer Dmitry Zhaleznichenka in railway police station said that a policeman with the naming in their no.According to preliminary data, the democratic activist blamed for rape.About 21.00 about 10 people gathered ka police department, where Dmitri. The policemen said that if young people do not resolve, then they will be used against specific measures.Excellence Dmitry Zhaleznichenka this month was excluded from the Gomel Medical Institute named Scorina for social activities. • Gomel re-classified or provosts policemen?, 17.09.2007 • Gomel Institute excludes A-student

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Week in Belarus in photo, 8 — 15 September

September 8. Activists democratic organizations Grodno laid flowers to the memorial sign "Chase on Grunwald" in the day of the Belarusian Military GlorySeptember 8. Myron posted a flag to the Belarusian Military Glory days are in VitebskSeptember 9. "Orsha Battle 2007" Stop "Gatkovschina" — under the control of the police Gennady Shepelyov moved Paul Sevyarinets kayaking Seviarynets Paul: "The Battle of Orsha Continues"September 10. Business meeting in Bangalore Square Sergey chairman of the board for personal business at the Minsk market "Svelta" Alexander Rabchenya Gomel collected over a thousand signatures businessmen under the requirement to make the configuration in the

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Opposition journalist denounced in Klecka kiberzlodeya

Sergey Ponomarev said Radio Liberty, that in Last year began to receive Tipo inflated the amount of payment for services Kletsk regional communications hub. "In December 2006, when they sent me a bill for 1 million 675 thousand rubles, I appealed to the district police station. And said my name probable robber password to access the web. Reminded police that an employee of the local shops selling computer hardware Dmitry K. repaired my computer and could steal your password ", — says Sergey Ponomarev.Suspicions were justified. Police filed criminal case on the computer pirate. In July the tribunal. Dmitry K.

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