WaveJamr works, as long as you don’t expect too much.


Teach an old dock new tricks

When Apple introduced the Lightning connector to late-model iOS devices, it left a lot of orphans. For years, accessory makers have been building speaker docks using the 30-pin Dock Connector. With WaveJamr, you can convert your old dock to Bluetooth, and get some more life out of your gadgets.

WaveJamr is incredibly simple. Plug it in to your speaker dock, and the Bluetooth receiver automatically goes into pairing mode. Enter «0000» to pair with WaveJamr and you’re ready to rock. There’s

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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Jack of all trades, master of none

What do you call a device that can be either a laptop or a tablet, or even a few additional novel form factors in between? A Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, that’s what— which, as the name implies, is a hybrid with a twist.

Here’s how it works: In laptop form, the screen is firmly affixed to a keyboard dock, forming your standard clamshell. But press a button on the dock, right be­low the lower-left corner of the screen, pull up on the screen, and voila the screen is freed to serve as a stand-alone

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JBL OnBeat Rumble

£260 ★★★★★

The OnBeat Rumble isn’t short on features. It accepts Bluetooth streams, can dock a recent Apple portable on its Lightning connector, charges via USB and has a 3.5mm wired connection so you can play music from anything on the other end of an appropriate cable.

But the main focus of this JBL speaker is its fantastic sound quality. It’s just a big ball of energy that delivers any song you throw at it with pure enthusiasm.

We can’t remember the last time we had so much fun listening to a wireless dock.

Thunderous bass

Press the top panel

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Pictures: Vladivostok docked

July 25, 2013 pribuksirovannaya in Saint-Nazaire, the stern being built for the Russian Navy helicopter landing ship dock "Vladivostok" type Mistral, introduced in dry dock shipyard construction STX France, was docked with built there fore part of the ship. July 26, work began on the actual mix of both parts of the body.

(C) photo sam7 / forums.airbase.ru (clickable)


All the work on the dock to be completed by the end of August.

Russia and France signed a contract for the joint construction of two ships of the

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In pictures. The first Mistral to Russia — progress

Appeared on the French web-site www.meretmarine.com June 20, 2013 photos (material) Rapid progress in the construction of the shipyard STX France in Saint-Nazaire helicopter landing ship dock "Vladivostok" — lead ship type Mistral, being built for the Russian Navy under the contract of June 17, 2011. The formal laying of the ship was made during a ceremony Feb. 1, 2013, when the construction dry dock shipyard STX France has been installed on the keel blocks 100-ton section of the ship's bow of the housing unit, made in September 2012. 

According to the French

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Ukraine pobuduvala for Horvatії floating dock vartіstyu 80 million UAH

22 travnya, Hersonsky DERZHAVNAYA plant "Palade" (Kherson m), yaky go to the warehouse Sovereign concern "Ukroboronprom" urochisto passing sudnoremontnomu plant s Horvatії unіkalny floating dock vartіstyu in 80 million UAH. Nalezhnі about the transfer of assets sporudi pіdpisali predstavniki hersonskogo pіdpriєmstva that Croatian zamovnika. On dokovі lowered Ukrainsky Blakytny-Zhovta banner, natomіst pіdnyavshi Prapor Horvatії, Aja sama at tsіy kraїnі nadalі vikonuvatime svoї funktsії dіtische hersonskih sudnobudіvnikіv. I. yak perekonuyut yogo rozrobniki, schonaymenshe pіvstolіttya.

Yak zaznachiv prisutnіy on urochistostyah patron Director-General of the Sovereign concern "Ukroboronprom" Pavlo Bukіn, spіvpratsya s єvropeyskimi zamovnikami є pіdtverdzhennyam

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Ukraine has built a floating dock for Croatia worth 80 million USD

Kherson State Plant "Pallada", which is part of the "Ukroboronproma", May 22, passed ship-repair yards from Croatia floating dock worth 80 million USD. The press-service of "Ukroboronproma."

According to the report, an order for construction was obtained in 2011 Lifetime dock — 50 years, the lift — 8.5 thousand tons, weight — about 9.5 tons, length — 155 m, width — about 34 m, depth — 12 m

"Floating composite reinforced concrete yet started at Kherson State Plant" Pallada ", successfully operating in countries with different climatic conditions. Among the customers of these docks —

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Launched the first block floating dock project 28140

Ship repair — Shipbuilding Corporation, Gorodets city, Nizhny Novgorod region, 30 November 2012 launched the first block of metal floating repair dock of the new generation (Project 28140) carrying capacity of 8,000 tons. Construction of the floating dock, the tab is held December 28, 2011, is for the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping Company. According to the press service of the FCS.

Launching of the first block of the floating dock, the city Gorodets, November 30, 2012


In the ceremony, along with the city, the public and the media, attended by the head of

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Slopes ships in SSC

On July 25 of "ship repair and shipbuilding corporation" (Nizhny Novgorod region, Gorodets) hosted Launching the third section of the dock repair project samodokuemogo 28140.


And on Aug. 13 was launched on the fourth section of the dock repair project samodokuemogo 28140.

Flat consists of six metal pontoons rectangular shape with two solid, unbreakable, metal rectangular towers. The dock has a berth-deck and two decks in the towers: the top deck and deck safety. Communication between the towers is via the entrance bridge to the bow of the dock. Pontoons and towers

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The largest in the Russian oil platform presented at the port of East near Nakhodka

On the construction of grandiose construction for three years worked two thousand specialists. Of the dry dock platform will go to Sakhalin, where a year will give the first oil.

"Golden Eagle" — will be called offshore production platform, the basis for which was built in the port of the East. Black gold mine it will be on the shelf of Sakhalin, together with colleagues — land drilling rig "Hawk" platform and "eagle." The "Golden Eagle" improved protection from ice, high earthquake resistance. This platform will be the largest of those that were built in Russia.

Bjørn Gundersen, executive

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