Your child — only the best

The appearance of the baby for the parents and the joy and new experiences: what he's cute, helpless, the best and certainly the most beautiful! And new concerns: how to make a child grow up healthy, well developed?

Here are just some of the questions that may arise from their parents. How to bathe a baby? When baby begins to discover her mother? When should erupt teeth? How to introduce solid foods? In that dressing a child for a walk? Harmful or not to conduct ultrasound? What shots do?

Unfortunately, many young parents find the answers to these and

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Fakes in medicine: the fraudsters coffin of our health

Everyone knows, theft and "piracy" — a crime. But here's the paradox: many of our fellow citizens think differently. A few years ago, sociologists conducted a public opinion poll which showed that 38% of Russians do not just tolerate falsification of goods, but also regularly and knowingly buying fakes. All because of a banal greed. Some are even willing to show off their "thrift": say, the company store Swiss watches are expensive, and I bought in the market such as China is ten times cheaper.

When it comes to fake watches, cell phones or jeans, the buyer's risk

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