Rossi is Back on Yamaha, and Back on the TopStep

The last 2 years have been rough for fans of nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi. And who isn’t a fan of the charismatic Doctor, one of the most successful motorcycle racers of alltime (second in overall wins only to the great Giacomo Agostini)? When Rossi left Yamaha-where he won four MotoGP championships between 2004 and 2010 — to join Ducati for 2011, it seemed like a match made in motor racing heaven: Italy’s greatest racer on Italy’s greatest motorbike. Instead, it was an unmitigated disaster.

Hopes were high when Rossi

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According to Dr. Brown’s recipes

Dr. Chris Brown

Doctor teaches, writes and consults on Linux. PhD in elementary particle physics it this does not help.

Esoteric system administration of bizarre volvulus server

Old Tux?

We all know Tux. This chubby penguin became the face of Linux in the mid-1990s, but those remained. But few of us are lucky like me, met him in life. Now he is retired and lives on the beach in the coastal Penguins zoo in Devon. In spite of the progressive disease of fins, he hobbled up to me and graciously gave me an interview. I asked him how his

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In the Name of the Future

Professor, Head of the Clinic of Gynecology and new reproductive technologies Anatoly Ischenko its main merit believes that over the years of medical practice he was able to become the «transmission mechanism», which helps to preserve women’s health for the sake of a common future: because it is a woman, in the belly of that emerging life — of its bearer.

First Moscow Medical University — the successor of the Moscow University. It was there in the 1760s. held in the country of birth of the first medical faculty. The first professor of the Faculty became famous Moscow obstetrician

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Citations past: Honestly this corn not know embarrassment!

"Orsha Gazette" in 1917 concludes: "Orsha" Belarusian Committee "would not mind an own candidate in the military. Assembly. But Moscow, arguing that" Bel. Com. "- Grassroots democratic state organization referred this question for consideration by the Socialist Revolutionary Party. "Bel. Roo." See, one of the province exhibited by existing parties and organizations, candidates, natural Belarussians, Belorussians and lust does not believe in military build. Meeting some of its own, special Belarusian. What is all the same for the Belarusian — judge believe in excess. ""Lim" in 1957, typing a letter and professors N.Zamyatsina N.Darozhkina, corresponding members and BSSR A.Lapo V.Shempelya

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Survey in Minsk: Will the government some cleaners …

Student: "Weirdly even think that you have to live on a pension. Maybe while I live to retirement, something will change."Passerby: "The smallness unfair. Sadly, naturally — work, work … I’ve been working for 50 years. Professor I-ginekolyag. Retirement 300 thousand. Policeman or a commando gets there damn knows how tos funds … Once put a question to the President in Academy — leveled with Colonel retired doctor. Not even with the general and the colonel … Promised, but not leveled. "Old woman: "The doctor is that?! And I thought, there feces million … No? … Then I do not

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Wreath Memory: German pediatric surgeon Jurgen Valdshmit

Contact Jurgen Valdshmita Belarus began in 1990. It came soon after the fall of the Berlin wall.Coupled with other honey stars from West Berlin Valdshmit doctor decided to write words of gratitude are popular in Germany while Russian General Secretary Gorbachev. Zahodneberlinskiya doctor suggested Moscow charity program from "Berliner Burger danken" — "Citizens of Berlin thanks" to support medical institutions in Belarus affected by radiation.After graduating high school in East Germany, he as a representative of a family with deep Christian traditions not had the right to get medical education. It forbade the then GDR laws.Youth decided to escape to

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V.Siliverst: You must return the doctor Bandazheuski in Belarus

Bushlyakov: "From 23 until August 27, you held a hunger strike protest against the attitude of doctors Centre for Radiation Medicine. Hunger strike had to finish due to the deteriorating health …"Siliverstov: "Yes, there was a very powerful psychic load, because particularly in the radiation center of the fate of my illness, which has not had the courage."Bushlyakov: "You are already the fourth time a hunger strike protesting against the position of doctors who recognize the link shall be removed between your illness and radiation exposure. As they motives his position, why do not recognize this connection?""Do not pull on

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Taking care of your own bone may warn against diabetes

In his article in the journal "Cell" Managing team doctors Colombian Institute Dr. Gerard Karsentsi reports that stagnant cells secrete a hormone titled osteakaltsyn regulating blood sugar levels. Dr. Karsentsi writes that his team eventually at the molecular level to find evidence that doctors follow for centuries — a link between aging, more frail bones and increasing weight:"If you will be over 50, you are bound to gain weight even though you are struggling intensely with this and eat less than if you had for 15-20 years. This occurs when bone mass decreases and the allocation falls osteakaltsynu . "Dr.

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Scion of Muammar Gaddafi confirmed torture in Libyan doctors slammer

Six doctors blamed Libyan kids motivated Infection with human immunodeficiency virus. Doctors themselves had read about his own innocence and allegations of torture. Scion of Muammar Gaddafi agreed in teleinterviyu protection version of the Bulgarian and Palestinian doctors. Seif al-Islam Gaddafi acknowledged that babies were infected with HIV before the arrival in the Libyan hospital 5 nurses and doctors: "It was a tragedy, a disaster. But it came to the case." Safe Gaddafi confirmed that doctors questioned with the introduction of electric shock.Dr. Ashraf al-Hazuz — Palestinian received Bulgarian citizenship — more intense states of torture."Doctors tortured like animals —

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Lawyer did not respond to a request to release Zeltser

Lawyer turned to that request September 16, when it became clear that the U.S. lost mother of his client, a U.S. citizen Emanuel Zeltser. Recall Minsk city Zeltser Tribunal found guilty of commercial espionage against Belarus and punished by 3 years imprisonment. September 26 will take consideration of his appeal against the judgment in Supreme Court in Minsk. Meanwhile became clear that the independent doctor from New York Albert Benchabbat, previously examined Zeltser KGB prison, sent Alexander Lukashenko letter which expresses the view that his patient may not survive imprisonment, as is "in very poor condition, compounded by rapidly." Doctor

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