The diagnosis by the doctor makes a photo in 5 minutes!




Psychic can be any experienced doctor

July 10, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" gathers in the wording of the people who see us all through, as medical devices. Shine patients as X-ray machines. About participation in this great event, we wrote in "KP" on April 17. Our city will be

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Is it possible to cure cancer pomegranate juice?


At the end of the 1970 patients in the oncology departments of the USSR were given pomegranate juice. Despite the fact that he did not help anyone, until now there are rumors that pomegranate juice is a magic bullet with which you can cure cancer. Why did this happen? Below is one of the chapters of the book AA Lomachinskogo "Curiosities of Medicine and military expertise," which describes the root cause of a myth.

In the late 1970s and lived in the city of Vyborg were two doctors — Dr. Wrightsman and

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Outbreaks in Europe may carry unnatural character — Onishchenko

Intestinal infection outbreak is reported in a number of EU countries, may be triggered by people. This opinion was expressed by the chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia. "Is unnatural in this phenomenon. All isolates of antibiotic-resistant" — he said on the radio station "Echo of Moscow".

So honored doctor asked to comment on some of the publications that the outbreak of intestinal infection may be an act of bioterrorism.

According to him, the first time the E. coli was reported in 1992, and then it was fixed in Germany in 2002. "But these were isolated cases.

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Klervius Narcissus

This story took place in the summer of 1962. At night, two men came to the cemetery near the Haitian village of Esther. They were holding a shovel. They approached the grave Klerviusa Narcissa.

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He recently was buried and died of pulmonary edema. Men were digging up the grave. When they reached the tomb, carefully opened it. Men began to make a voodoo

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Mirror writing words can be inherited




Australian Dr Iain Mathewson (Iain Mathewson) hypothesized that the ability of people to write words from right to left in mirror image is associated with atypical language organization in the brain and is inherited.

To find out how rare is this capacity, Dr. Mathewson posted in

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Paranormal abilities: deceit, craft or a miracle?

Vladimir Demidov

The interest in the supernatural lies in every one of us at the genetic level. The only difference is that one, say, openly believe in signs, and the other pointed rejects them. As contradictory attitude of the society to magicians, fortune tellers, psychics and other holders of the so-called paranormal abilities. To learn how to distinguish these people from charlatans, whether have a gift suggestion gypsy how much to trust the representatives of alternative medicine, tried to deal with the help of specialists, our correspondent Vladimir Demidov.

Features of Alternative Medicine

And in

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First aid for sore throat

When call the doctor?

Necessary call the doctor at home:

If you suspect a sore throat in young children. At a temperature of more than 38.5 in adults? C. If there is swelling of the neck and pain when turning the head. If you can not swallow food or having difficulty breathing.

Depending on the patient, you can either call a doctor from the clinic, or call the "first aid". In other cases you need to self-refer to the clinic.

What to do before the arrival of the doctor?

Prior to establishing an accurate diagnosis can

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In Adygea clinics will run until December 1, a system of electronic records to doctors


Maikop. November 23. Interfax-South — The project on the introduction of a unified national health information system is completed in Adygea, "Interfax-South" in the regional Health Ministry on Friday.

"This system includes, among other things, a system of electronic patient records to the doctor. In 2011-2012, the introduction of this system has been planned allocation of 42.8 million rubles. It will run until December 1 this year, "- said the source.

As the representative of the national Ministry of Health, as at present more than 90% of the planned volume of contracts to equip ambulances GLONASS system, which should

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First aid for shock

Any first aid includes anti-shock measures:

calm, if in the minds of warm — a blanket, warm clothing (even in summer, a person gets cold) lay on your back and lift your feet (if you do not mind and head injuries, neck and spine) give a warm sweet drink monitor the status of Signs and symptoms of shock

Phase 1 — excitement

face red patient is torn screams, swears pulse full, 80-90 breathing rapid, profound an inadequate response

Phase 2 — Braking

pale face sharply nasolabial triangle blue chills lethargy, drowsiness lack of movement Skin cold

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Pros of Pediatric Dentistry

About his work in pediatric dentistry, says chief medical officer and a leading orthodontist children's dental clinic "Martinka" Nathan R. Nuvahov.

When opened, "Martinka"?

The idea to create a clinic appeared simultaneously at the head of the main network, and for me, since I'm flying mostly children. We opened in 2005 and has since been working for 5 years. During this time the clinic has worked well.

What distinguishes the "adult" from the children's dental clinic?

In pediatric dentistry there are some difficulties. Our main problem is that the kids can be a negative experience with

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