Gomel: Belarusian-inductee? To the psychiatrist!

Psychiatrist of the draft committee has written Dmitry Zhaleznichenka direction after, he refused to fill out the form on the recruit Russian language, explaining that the Commissar Tsatsarin promised him to give form to the respective Belarusian language.For earlier diagnosis of the doctor put Zhaleznichenka "reaction of the opposition."

Until nedavneshnego time Dmitry Zhaleznichenka studied at the Faculty of Mathematics 3 course Gomel Municipal Institute named Skarina. For the best school he received a scholarship overcharge. But in September, his public activities expelled from the institute — formally Tipo for violationyl internal regulations.

• The Tribunal has not returned

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Deputy Prime Minister A. Kosinets: country lacks doctors

Kosinets among other noted that from 1995 to 2005 incidence in Belarus did not go down, and growing up. Solely Last year to pay for "sick leave" went 551 billion rubles. Deputy Prime Minister said that there are not enough doctors and with next year means essentially increment the reception of students in medical universities.Alexander Kosinets suggested adopting a special law for people’s health. "Maybe whereupon although some will look for health because they are looking for your car, "- he said.

I. Survila: Was Sazhich great patriot and honest man

In March 1993, Joseph Sazhich visited Minsk and participated in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. At the holiday party in the building next to it filgarmonii on the podium were then Head of State — chairman Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkevich. On the government side Vyacheslav Kebich while made vigorous steps to BNR Rada folded their capabilities as did Ukrainian government in exile. But Joseph Sazhich refrained from doing so, arguing that the independence and democratic changes in Belarus have acquired an irreversible character.Joseph says Chairman Sazhich BNR Ivonka Survila: Survila: "With sadness bolshennymi received

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Martyrology of Liberty: Gleb Bogdanovich

Bogdanovich Gleb (1913, Wilno — 1960?, GP Rudensk, PUKHOVICHY district, Minsk region.) Bel. watered. and military leader, publicist, MD. V.Bagdanovicha offspring. Finished Vilna Belarusian gymnasium, honey Univ Vilna University that. He was a member of the Belarusian Students’ Scorina "in Vilnius, published during the period. "The new stands." During the German occupation, he worked in a medical Ivyanets on Volozhinschine. Participated in the public underground movement, was a member of the Belarusian Independence Party. Since May 1944 the Belarusian officer boundary defense. From July 1944 the troop was batalene "Dahlwitz." Participated in the underground anti-communist movement, initially in Belarus and

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Why visit mammologa?

Survey Skills Training

Diagnosis of mastitis — it mammologists, as distinguished from other diseases of the mammary gland, and sometimes from cancer, only by a specialist.

If you have already established the diagnosis of mastitis, to select the correct treatment strategy is necessary to determine the specific form of the disease, as well as regularly monitor possible changes in the mammary gland. But even if your chest in perfect condition, regular survey atphysician mammologa should be familiar to women older than 25 years. Visit physician mammologa recommended at least once a year.

In between visits to the

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BPF activist sentenced to correctional labor

"In March this year my daughter, a second year student of History Faculty of BSU, went to Poland for a role in a historic seminar. Specifically this time she fell ill, and I went to the doctor, so that she has written reference. When the daughter came back from the trip, confirmed the diagnosis and given a certificate. Whereupon my daughter got in the case of BT frame, where it stands at the streamers "Young Front" during the rally. Through several days it came to the Faculty KGB and saying that he understood about the trip and asked him to

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Medicine in Europe: Whatever it was, of all antibiotic pass!

Natalya Barabash, a columnist for "Evening Moscow"

I phoned a friend: "I read? The English hospital staff starved 1,000 people! The horror! How can it be — is there an enlightened Europe! "But for some reason I was not surprised. Alas. Stories about the magnificence of European medicine proved that myth, which was the hardest part.

— Oh, you will see the difference with Russia! Yes we have one blood test will tell you everything! — Viennese friend assured me that all the Austrians believed that medicine is no better than them.

The first miracle to doctors

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Medicine in the UK

National Health Service (NHS) Public health has been based in the UK Labour Party in the late '40s. The system is funded from taxation. Is free. Just say, that I believe a priori that many expect from the free medicine do not have to, obviously, and also paid off, an example of what the United States. Health care can not be perfect and unproblematic in principle, in any country, it is a utopia. But the fact that the UK will not let you die, would not take any money for it — is fine I think. But every system

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How to choose a doctor for your child?

The success of the treatment of the child depends on whether you trustpediatrician, how respectful of your relationship.

Where do I find a doctor? All children are registered in the children's clinic in the community. Therefore, the meeting with pediatrician you can not avoid. Ideally, a district must take the child from birth to 14 years and know all about his health. In the district children's clinics can also consult specialists. If necessary, consult the child from the experts of large specialized research centers and institutes. In private clinics and insurance. Finally, there are private practitioners (usually they

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How to choose a clinic for prenatal care

The test showed two bands, which means that all the doubts behind — you're pregnant! You reported the happy news to his father of the child, and now is the time to decide where to register the pregnancy.

Selection of medical institutions — it is very responsible, because it is here for the duration of the doctors will monitor pregnancy and development of the baby.

In our country, all expectant mothers State provides an opportunity to register and free use of antenatal care throughout pregnancy. However, at the same time, are in great demand now and

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