Corporate governance

It is known that in the Federal Law «On electronic digital signatures» fixed rules, according to which the electronic digital signature (EDS) of the electronic document equivalent to a handwritten signature on paper medium. This should meet the following requirements: EDS key certificate does not become invalid at the time of signing an electronic document if there is evidence, determining the time of signing; It confirmed the authenticity of the electronic signature in the electronic document; Electronic signature used in accordance with the terms of the signature key certificate.

To implement the requirements of the law «On electronic


The document, signed by Catherine.

Not so long ago in the life of the Academy of Arts was a truly remarkable event, after years of wandering in the native walls returned a unique document — a copy of the first parade of the Charter of the Academy in 1764, personally signed by Catherine II. The name of the Empress inextricably linked to the entire history of the Academy of Arts of the XVIII century. At the beginning of her reign ended with the so-called «particularistic» (unofficial) period of the Academy and has been legally sanctioned activity of the institution as an institution of higher

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How to evaluate the results of the strike power and entrepreneurial movement favorites?

"I do not know who it is claimed 30 thousand"The representative of the Department of the Ministry of Economy Alexander Topilin referred to the fact that the regional executive committees have not yet submitted information on the number of participants of the strike:"Mogilev Regional Executive Committee sent us information about what facts were absenteeism. Well, there is associated with different causes. Somewhere there entrepreneurs at a funeral, burst pipes in some places, there was no water. Someone due to the disease. Such that there are striking, the Mogilev region stated. According to other regional executive committees, we only receive the

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Found the order of the authorities of East Germany border guards to murder

Syamistaronkavy document found in the archives of the town of Marburg. Although he did not have all the details, experts identified it as a document of the Ministry of State Security, the Stasi sad recognizable. "Do not use vagaytsesya cannon even if violate the border together with the ladies and the children, because it is a common strategy for traitors, "- said in the order.The revelation that struck all German politicians was manufactured the other day, the 46th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin wall, which became the emblem of the "cold war." It was built on 13 August

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Why Vika Moroz not released in Italy?

Vika Moroz could not fly to Italy on the grounds that her guardian Vasilevskoy Lena was not appropriate for the girls out documents, claims control of the press service of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops Alexander Tishchenko. According to Article 9 of the Law "On the Procedure for Leaving Republic of Belarus and arrival in the Republic of Belarus Belarusian people, "underage kids should in-1’s, have your passport, in-2, an exit from their parents or guardians, notarized. In the case mentioned, Vika Moroz Lena Vasilevskoy should be a document confirming that it is the legitimate representative of the girls

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Spring tries to register again

Recall: Human Rights Center "Viasna" was registered in 1999. But Supreme Tribunal Belarus on the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, in 2003 eliminated the "Spring". Chapter closed center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski believes that political authorities’ decision:"It was a political order for the liquidation of the human rights organization in the context of prosecution of hundreds and hundreds of non-governmental organizations.OSCE conference in Vienna representative Oleg Slizhevsky Justice said: who are you to interfere apply for registration again!We use these words with sovereign Slizheuski. A copy of the registration documents we passed yesterday in the OSCE office in Minsk to

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Meeting of entrepreneurs in Brest

Now the tax came into the market from traders and claimed prams certificates of conformity. Entrepreneurs began to resent because they have certificates of property and all other required documents. On the certificate of conformity they have never heard. In general, the employees themselves and the tax service could not explain what it did for the document. Entrepreneurs told Freedom that any of them has 2-3 pieces accessible available. In order to obtain a certificate of conformity, must pay about thousands of dollars, making business completely stupid.Entrepreneurs finished, surrounded tax and began a spontaneous rally where everyone spoke about their

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Celebrated 65 years since the death of Yanka Kupala

Latest exposure up certain things and manuscripts Kupala war period. Balances railing Russian hotel "Moscow" and door number 414, where the poet braked during his own compulsion and last visit to Moscow. Of documents — from the Russian FSB response to the request for extradition Belarusian researchers criminal case on death Yanka Kupala. Knows researcher Lena Burbovskaya museum. "It is said that after 75 years will open these documents. But will there be true? Realize when we in this unsubscribe wrote that the poet died Lutskevich, confusing even the name Kupala, because Lutsevich true, it is unclear whether there that

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Pukhovichi: Tribunal sided power

The court’s decision does not allow the population to examine documents Pukhavichy executive committee associated with the construction of chemical plant Russian private company "August".

The applicant Anastasia Rysevets said "Freedom":"Apart from the environmental disk imaging, these documents just found that the local population against the construction of this plant. And because these protocols very principle obtained. We aim to prove that the people to speak out against, and the power to lie about it. "According to Anastasia Rysevets, September 3 in Pukhovichi Tribunal held a preparatory meeting with the applicants. Sept. 10 Tribunal claimed executive committee with documents related

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Tribunal in The Hague hid hidden documents about the war in Bosnia

Documents were in the Hague tribunal in 2003. Weave folders contain transcripts of meetings of the Yugoslav government, including former President Slobodan Milosevic during the Bosnian war. Of them namely that the Bosnian Serb army directly controlled from Belgrade, where there for her special hidden center. About 2-thousand soldiers and officers from Serbia even served in the Bosnian Serb army. Documents opened their role in the bloody events in Srebrenica, where in 1995 waskilled about 8 thousand Bosnians — boys and men. But the tribunal allowed Belgrade to conceal part of the archive to a secret and did not consider

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