The fate of the collective-farm foreman Stolina touched by an international jury

In the category of small-sized films for the main merit in Krakow fought 46 films and filmmakers in the midst of — a number of prominent filmmakers from around the world. Galina Adamovich, despite the fact that her films have received Merit winner in the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, at first did not believe that can overcome: "Men, but disturb similar things in globally: The meaning of life, fear of death, the satisfaction of the child’s birth and so on. This universal things, and if they show true because it hurts everyone, "- so Ms. Adamovich answers the question, what

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Mogilev activists were released, the materials seized

For this time policemen drew up a report on seizure of 270 copies-independent publications "Social newspaper", "Belaruski hour," brochure "Punishment without crime." Police also seized 10 CDs with the documentary film "At the forefront of the truth." Newspapers and documentary dedicated to the conclusion of Alexander Kozulin.

"The action was deliberately timed to the days of the defenders of the fatherland. That authorities begin to release political prisoners, that we welcome, but remain behind bars Alexander Kozulin and Andrew Kim. They are also the patron of the fatherland, but from the despotism of the current Belarusian political regime,

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America. Fall-71 (documentary, 1971).

A documentary about the problems of ordinary Americans agitated autumn 1971

American Experience: the stock market crash in 1929

This documentary tells the story of the stock market crash of 1929 marked the "official" start of the Great Depression. From a historical and economic point of view, this short film does not represent anything meaningful, suffers distortion of the facts, superficial attitude to the events, so did not treat it seriously. But the film is entertaining the fact that almost completely built on newsreels and very vividly captures the spirit of the time the 20s.

See also: "The Great Depression". The documentary channel "Russia"

For the Motherland, for Stalin, for Soviet power

The documentary film "To defend the truth: For the Motherland, for Stalin, for the Soviets!" Filmed Latvian communists, for discrediting the first anti-Soviet and anti-Communist, anti-Stalinist propaganda now widely replicated in Latvia, as nationalist elements and the local bourgeoisie. In the film, World War II veterans living in Latvia, tell what was real attitude to Joseph Stalin, the Soviet power. The film also shows newsreel tells about the atrocities of the Nazis in Latvia, about how to establish Soviet power in Latvia, also touched on the current situation in the country, clearly reflecting the oppression of the

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Started shooting the documentary HAT GAGARINA

The company "ARTC" started shooting a new documentary film, tentatively titled "HAT GAGARINA." The film will be dedicated to Vitaly Volovich — polar explorer and Honorary Member of the Academy of Cosmonautics by KETsiolkovsky space. Producer Vladimir Patty. Ever since childhood V.Volovich, like many other boys of the time, wanted to be a polar explorer and aviator. Today we know that all of his dreams come true. Back in 1941 as a captain in the medical service, he was sent to the Navy, and then by chance got to the Arctic. "Volovich became the first man leaping in the

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The documentary film The key to heaven

December 23 to 24 in the channel Russia 14-35 showed the documentary "The Key to Heaven", devoted to the defense of our country.

Terrans / Earthlings. Video


"Earthlings" — marked by multi-award winning documentary about the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, pets, entertainment and medical experiments.

Being, in the opinion of many people, "the most compelling documentary," "Earthlings" is also called "the creator of vegan" for his compassionate shooting scenes from animal shelters, kennels, pet shops, industrial farms, slaughterhouses, retail stores that sell clothing and leather goods , sporting events, circuses and research labs. Commented film actor Joaquin Phoenix ("Gladiator"), the nominees for Academy Award, and filled with music Moby, author of platinum albums. Being ignored distributors around the world today, "Earthlings" is called

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Watch the documentary Sirius (Full Version)

For more than a year UFO researcher Steven Greer keeps the tension the public release of his documentary "Sirius", which tells the story about a creature: Humanoid Atacama, found in October 2003, the Chilean Oscar Munoz in a ghost town La Noria in the Atacama Desert. The world premiere took place on 22 April 2013. And now I invite you and watch online documentary Sirius (The Sirius Documentary)

I shall warn that Video English. On Russian online now, just no, but will be sure to lay out.


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Confrontation watch online

There are pro-Russian documentary films on the subject of the Chechen war, and there are pro-Chechen films. This movie shows exactly the problem of the Chechen side, but unlike the new documentary film Chechen film industry is calling for a global jihad, or Islamic fundamentalism.

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

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