Prison — the prototype of the future of the world


14.11.12.V Russian prisons and areas in full swing, and the process of digital biometric prisoners also creates a single biometric registry of all sideltsev. On the eve of one of the new prison projects presented in the Murmansk region.

The administration of a penal colony № 24, located in Olenegorsk, first showed reporters own best practices: a system of remote monitoring of prisoners working in the so-called pin sites. It has a special instrument that allows to observe the working sideltsev directly from the colony.

Every two hours, the prisoner must put a finger to a distant overseer

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The report on the experiment with MFC

Since I in January, in an impromptu holiday to celebrate volneniya was some svobdnoe time and labor on hand, I decided to highlight a few days on the design of the new TRAVEL-expired passport instead. And since such a thing — immediately decided to make a new, bombastic "biometric" for ten years. Perhaps, it will use. I have uchetka on public services, but I'm wondering more — some time ago began to open the so-called "Multifunctional centers", that is to say the MFC, which combine many of the structures for which earlier had to be worn in different parts

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FBI declassified documents about UFOs




FBI leaked online archive documents about UFOs. And the all-American hysteria scale, it seems, really was because of a lot of documents from respectable newspaper clippings with headlines like, "They're here," "UFO landed in 39 states," etc.

Declassified archive (11 folders, 1600 pages) stored on the official

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Saratov Museum of Military Glory — winner of national competition

Nearing the sacred and memorable holiday for every citizen of Russia — May 9 — Victory Day! Life goes on, and the ranks of our glorious veterans are thinning every year. And those members of the war, that attain the age, not the strength to meet representatives of the younger generation for educational purposes.

Today, therefore, a major role in the patriotic education of youth play a museum of military and labor glory. Saratov State Museum of Military Glory is considered one of the most unique. On the 4 ha are more than one hundred and eighty exhibits, of

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Who are the Orthodox Christians?

"Orthodoxy" — etymology

Orthodoxy, ancient Russian concept, has tens of thousands of years and has its roots in ancient Vedic Russian national religion, which described a world order with the concepts of "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" (peace prototype), "right" (the world of forms) and "Fame" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of the world system) — while the Russian people have praised the "rules" were in the Truth and called — ORTHODOX. Accordingly, the orthodoxy in the Old Slavonic language means a magic act, forming the world of perfection. Currently, the concept of "Orthodoxy" perverted, and even appeared absurd

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WikiLeaks-freedom fighters or compromising information?

Society The publication of tens of thousands of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan on the site again drew the world's attention on the activities of this rather mysterious organization that arose three years ago, but noted its existence some very loud publications.WikiLeaks — This is an international media organizations that publish on its website confidential and secret documents of various organizations and governments, without having to open sources, of which there are such documents.

"We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better governance and strengthening democracy," — says the organization's website.

We believe

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Now past Rusich. Original documents

Original documents of the British Library, artifacts, historical finds that opens the mystery of the true history of Russia, all of its true greatness. Events, many predicted the return of the true visionaries of Russian history and the return of its greatness predicted for 2020 come true.

Russian Defense Ministry on the site offers a unique information resource victorious May»

April 30, the eve of the 68th anniversary of the Victory in the official website of the Ministry of Defense opened a permanent unique electronic information resource "Victorious May», dedicated to the final stage, the historical results of the most fierce and bloody wars of the XX century — World.

Office of the Press and Information of the Ministry of Defence together with the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Research Institute (military history), the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and the Agency "Voeninform" was conducted extensive work

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How to choose a healer, not to get on the quack

The first thing to ask for documents and license.

Many of us have often turned to various astrologers, soothsayers, healers and other professionals from non-traditional occupations. If an astrologer and soothsayer no problems, most often they are predicting a bright future and the more you pay them, the better you will be, with healers question is different.

Alternative medicine has always been popular among people, especially those who do not trust doctors. But if the astrologer wrong except the future does not hurt, it depends on the patient's health is a healer, and if he gets on the cheater, all

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At the Avtopribor when implementing the EDS treated on its own


At the "Avtopribor" employs more than 2,600 people, of which about 1,000 employees have to deal with all sorts of documentation. With such a paper-intensive enterprise there is a need for automation. Recently, the plant has been implemented ECM-system Directum production of the same company, established on the basis of units of NGOs "Computer". Company DIRECTUM — Russian developer of software for electronic document management. "Avtopribor" specializes in designing and manufacturing different types of indicators and sensors, combinations of devices, systems, windshield wipers, speedometer, tachometer, ammeter, pressure gauges and other components for the production of Russian transport

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