What does effort look like?

Going the extra mile is the difference between success and failure, and it’s do-able, says business guru CATHERINE CONNOR

What does effort look like? The recent Aspire Bespoke attendees have been the inspiration behind my motives in sharing these thoughts.

I have just spent two days informing and educating some fantastic photographers. All are determined to take the brave stride into the marketplace with style, the right answers and confidence. But even when you have the right answers, the confidence has to develop with you at a timely pace which comes with experience.

All on the course were inspired to

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Twilight of My City: On the Personal in the Project

How does one choose a photographic project? How does one project differ from the other? How does one photograph time, or the passage of? Can we photograph something that does not even exist anymore? Is a personal body of work merely personal?

After a six-year project on Kashmir, I was emotionally sapped. I wanted to take on a project through which I could connect with myself. I wanted to look inwards. And thus began a journey of going back to my roots, my memories of growing up in old Delhi.

I thought this was going to be a very simple

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Peugeot 308 1.6 e-HDi

All-new family hatch is set to play a vital part in Peugeot’s attempted resurgence

PRICE £20,150


CAST YOUR MIND back. At the turn of the millennium, Peugeot was still a force to be reckoned with in the all-important C-segment. The 306 might have been made to look long in the tooth by the Ford Focus, but age hadn’t tarnished its handling delicacy or capacity to engage. More than 445,000 examples were sold in the UK. It was a position of strength that the firm ultimately treated as a cliff from which to jump.

The outgoing 308, on

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Names with wings

ITS TITLE IS curious (but probably the best available, considering the content) and the frontispiece of a Greek warrior donning armour implies one may have picked up a book on ancient history by mistake. After that, it gets better by the page.

The system — or, more recently, perhaps, the lack thereof — of allocating names to British military aircraft and their engines is not a subject for the superficial aircraft enthusiast, but those with a serious interest will find this book to be a mine of information. The Greek gentleman could be Hercules, Hector or Lysander (we are not

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How Does A Saskatoon Neighbourhood Come To Be?


It’s a bright summer morning as I make my way east on Taylor Street towards the neighbourhood of Rosewood. As I get closer to my destination, the first thing I notice is the amount of lush green space on both sides of the road. When I turn into this new development, there are children playing in the baseball diamond to my left. Winding trails, native plants and wetlands lay just beyond the ball field.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into new Saskatoon neighbourhoods like Rosewood. Well before homeowners select

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Adam Scorey sneaks out of the office with a black box under his arm, inside is Fuji’s latest CSC X-Trans-sensored offering, the diminutive, 16MP Fujifilm X-M1

When I heard that the X-M1 was in the office I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. I’d tested the X-Pro1 and adored it, and this has the ‘same’ sensor and general gubbins inside but in a smaller, lighter package. So I was highly confident that image quality was going to be good, and what I was going to concentrate on more was general usability and functionality. Fuji is definitely

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The advance of new technology brings opportunities for photographers to change their pictures in post-production. So, does in-camera discipline still matter? Well yes and no, says Tim Clinch. . .

The newest version of Lightroom (Lightroom 5) has just been released.

As you know, I write a monthly column about using it for this magazine.

It is spectacularly good software, and I can state, hand on heart, that it has changed the way I work and has improved my photography immensely.

In case you’re wondering, by the way, sadly, I’m not paid anything by them to say this. I’m just

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The company does not bind brooms, and if it knits brand

To bath broom had all their beneficial properties, it must be properly harvested (in a clean place and at the right time for him to collect), dried and stored.

It's no secret that the leaves of plants are capable of drawing in the atmosphere are not only useful, but also harmful substances. Poplar, for example, is able to absorb and accumulate even benzene!

Unlike birch oak broom almost does not absorb sweat and rather than softens the skin and seals, discourage excessive sweating. But oak broom is essential for people with oily skin, with

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Russian philosophers. Issue 2: SG Kordonsky

Simon Gdalevich Kordonsky — very interesting figure, I would say the sign. After all, rarely meet a person who would be able to grow their own sociological theory (and even entire social philosophy), relying on their own field research. Actually, it all started with the fact that the supervisor Kordonsky (name I do not remember), executing an order from Moscow, nakosyachil, and therefore sent the disciples to understand what went wrong. That's Simon Gdalevich, he said, and he saw that the reality is very different from how it used to be considered in the USSR. Moreover, it was not

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Tomsk State University scientists have developed a protection of spacecraft from space debris

 Photo source:strf.ru

The participants of the project to develop the protection of the spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt" Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences AV Gerasimov and Doctor of Technical Sciences UF Khristenko kept all the prototypes of the vehicle security with traces of bullet holes.

A group of scientists Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Tomsk State University (TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) is very closely followed the launch of the "Phobos-Soil" in space, because they worked for almost a year over how to protect the unit from debris.

The unit "Phobos-Grunt" was to fly to the

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