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As nearly exploded gnomes

My life has been such an episode. I then worked in a kindergarten, in the experimental group. Somehow, my colleagues went to a lecture about the Waldorf toy. Toy, explained to us — the spiritual bread child. We strive to feed your baby good food, so we must take care of his toys. The materials are natural, «warm». To form subjects contributed to the development of aesthetic sense. Waldorf toys, all rounded, as if slightly incomplete, created by the «principle of the embryo.» Dolls, for example, no eyes — that the child can arrive at their faces, their emotional

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Night siege May 8

On forums portal is a discussion of the current expression Alexander Lukashenko that he was proud of respectful attitude in Belarus to the monuments and prevent revision of history. akselbant commented: "Yes Belarusian people in its bulk long spit that revisionist history that the revision of the Constitution. That "pan" utter, then it is true. The main thing to get into the pans. And there is at least rewrite history, although historical monuments in the center of Grodno destroy … And when Lukashenko Belarusian history is not simply copied, she was raped … " Uchinanchu: "I also divide unpopular

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Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for 1 cent

Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for scrap. Texas company «Oll old Metals» (All Star Metals) paid for it, the military department only 1 cent — taking into account the expected costs of transporting it to the disposal site, ITAR-TASS When launched in 1954, «Forrestal» was naikrupneyshim ship in the U.S. Navy and was considered a miracle of technology in America. The cost of its construction were estimated at $ 217 million — about $ 2 billion in current prices. But in the past 20 years, the first South American «superavianosets» quiet zarzhaveval at the pier in Philadelphia, and

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Who are you, the mascot?

This means that someone’s time to pack your bags. How can leave without strannopriimets Beijing Olympic symbols, dolls and other toys mascots where bright vysvechvaetstsa title «Beijing-2008"?Immediately it should be noted a significant difference in these games from other fundamental international launches: Beijing true souvenirs can be purchased exclusively in specialty stores. Now peace and quiet to protect the games characters 5-wards: Beibei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying-Ying and, no, no. They represent fish (sign of happiness), a huge panda, the Olympic fire, Tibetan saiga and swallow. If you put them together in accordance with the Chinese calendar, you get

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Educating girls

What do you think about when you are born feeling of motherhood? When your kid call you mom or gave you your first smile? Or when you put red on the belly, screaming newborn creature, which is more expensive for you there is nothing in the world? Or maybe when you first felt within himself a barely perceptible motion, and someone still unknown, in the depths of your body stretched and straightened his tiny legs?

In fact, the feeling of motherhood is born much earlier. The famous British psychologist D. Winnicott came to the conclusion that this sense of

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Yapona doll (18 +)

Trottla — is a Japanese company which manufactures and sells dolls, their appearance and size resemble children. At the touch and appearance are very similar to these children, as they are equipped with the regulation of heat and moving joints. Before you scold me for my suggestion that these dolls for pedophiles, make sure that they do not have the male counterpart, they are dressed in lingerie, and just look at these fucking pictures.

The company clearly states that the dolls should not be used for purposes of sexual exploitation, but if it's just a toy for kids, then

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Matryoshka Museum opened in the Kirov region

Museum of dolls, which presents vyatka, Sergiev Posad, Arkhangelsk and other types of dolls, opened in Nolinsk Kirov region.

The museum features a variety of dolls from other regions of Russia: maydanovskaya, Semyonov, Sergiev Posad, Arkhangelsk and others. But the centerpiece of the exhibition took vyatka matryoshka 60-ies of the XX century and contemporary doll.

It operates in Nolinsk one of the main enterprises of folk arts and crafts of the Kirov region — JSC "Vyatskiy souvenir", which produces more than 80 years of traditional vyatka doll.

As detailed in the release, the opening of the museum took place thanks

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Moldova again put up for sale at auction 6 Russian MiG-29 to the old price — $ 8.5 million

Moldova again put up for sale at auction 6 MiG-29, remaining at the disposal of the state army after the fall of the USSR, at the same total starting price of $ 8.5 million was told at the Ministry of Defence of Moldova, the auction for the sale of aircraft will take place on August 7 2012. at the international airport Marculesti. In addition, the auction exhibited two AN-72. Both aircraft, as well as MiGs, made in 1988., But one of the An-72 is located at the airport in Chisinau, the other at the airport in Kiev. They are offered

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Mystical entity dolls




Vadim scooter

Still, there is something mystical in dolls. Capable scare. Especially if the doll handcrafted good master (modern stamping, like Barbie, cause only an ironic smile). Not by chance in literature and cinema action often revolves around the doll, which moved her soul master (mistress), or

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Yarilin dance

— Sheaf field, he's spreading. It should be belted, natural persons. I first thought it gave as puppets do. When it started, I thought, how about: it is not a head-, leg-no, there is no hand-! What is this doll? I — to the grandmother of one, "as they used to do?" — "Do, say, do, and how, I do not know." So I thought about the sheaves. We used spring bread knitted belts, and these belts were woven of rye straw. This helped me: a bundle of straw twisted, half bent over him, pulled the string of severe

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