Falling dollar and Belarus

More than 60 percent of foreign trade relations Belarus serves buck. Also, there are significant provisions of this currency as the country and the population.With the loss of Bax purchasing opportunities these supplies naturally depreciate, says economist Leonid Zlotnikov. Officials often they say that wages Belarusians increased to 300 bucks:"Define wages bucks very profitable official propagandists. Bucks in it grows, and that the dollar loses purchasing power, they do not take into account. For example, in Russia, when they say some figure in dollars, they say there" in dollars in 2000 , "for example. They take into account the devaluation

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EU plans to allocate to support the Belarusian media 7 million bucks

First project with a budget floormillion bucks will focus on support for the Belarusian media presence on the Web.The second is designed for countries bordering the EU. The total budget of the project, which will run until 2011, 7 millions of dollars. It will affect four sectors — television and radio broadcasting, training for journalists, publishing information products and research of public opinion.

A day or figure: 9,000,000,000 271,000,000 800 thousand

This figure provides the State Bank of Belarus. Since the beginning this yeart debt has increased by 37%, or in absolute figures — 2 billion 531 million bucks. In particular, rapidly during this period grew OUTDOOR debt of commercial banks — by 63% to July 1, number 2 billion 256 millions of dollars.

Weaker and weaker. It — about a buck

Now the dollar even more haggard on background euro and the British pound is worth more than a 2-bucks. South American currency against the backdrop of unrest slabla the U.S. mortgage market, which caused a narrowing of credit and may spread to the broader economy. It seems that there are still no hope for return to the old rate of the dollar. Analysts wonder what caused such a small rate of the U.S. currency against the European single?Economists, for example, a reduction in the August astounded U.S. jobs are in agriculture. Yang Stenard with BNP Paribas — a bank in

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Where did the money?

It will be recalled that in August specifically Belarus makes a huge external payments: first month of "Gazprom" were transferred to 456 millions of dollars in debt for gas delivered in the first half, in the third week of August, "Gazprom" has been paid 145 million dollars for the July delivery. In the midst of a dispute with Moscow over gas debt payment Alexander Lukashenko stated that the debt will be paid from the reserves to the National Bank, but, him, these costs will be reimbursed within a month. Under the present to the bank and left. State Bank said

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How much is a college degree?

In This year greatest competition was in BSU on specialty "psychology" — 13 people in place, international affairs — more than 11 people. International affairs budget for 138 people gathered on the paid department — 415. At the Faculty of Humanities, where specialization — are popular at the moment psychology, design — on budget and recruited 50 people on paid department — four fourth in this year’s budget amount was reduced to 700 seats, while the Education Act in black and snow-white says "forbidden reduce the number of budget places due to the growth of paid places. "Higher education becomes

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Figure a day or 2 billion 100 million dollars

During the first half of the deficit in trade of Belarus with products and services zabugornom countries amounted to 1 billion 70 millions of dollars.It will be recalled that the first year Alexander Lukashenko claimed from the government, so he reached the in This year in the external trade surplus of 500 millions of dollars.In forecast 2007 laid lack of trade balance in the amount of 1 billion 400 millions of dollars.

Night Siege — August 15

Hi,The forums portal discussions are Tut.by proposal of the State Bank of Belarus to renounce 2008 from the "snap" to the Russian ruble and throw as the sole guide for the national currency U.S. dollar. Comments:"Why is not the euro? Currently, with the Yankees will build the Federal Government?";"Soon the Chinese yuan will be attached";"It is true, why spoil characteristics and reports linked to the Russian currency, which increases?""I do not like the Euro. Lets submit together with bucks";"I do not realize our National Bank. Already 5 years our currency is pegged to the greenback, judging by the" vkapanastsi "the

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The Government of Belarus expects 30% rise in gas prices in 2008

The government has already formed a working group for negotiations with "Gazprom", which includes the heads of the major ministries. In This year Belarus buys gas at a cost of $ 100 for a thousand cubic meters. According to last year’s agreement with "Gazprom" to Belarus in 2011 is expected to reach the market price of gas, which corresponds to European fuel price minus shipping costs. Subsequently, Belarus has to pay 67 percent of the euro price of gas. For example, the price of Russian gas for Poland is about 300 bucks for a thousand cubic meters.Yesterday, after the scandal

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Department of Energy: tomorrow Gazprom debt is paid absolutely

By him, Belarus tomorrow translated to the "Gazprom" remaining debt — about 60 millions of dollars. "Whereupon the entire amount of debt — 456 000 000 160 thousands of dollars — will be repaid "- said the representative of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus. • Until Friday "Gazprom" will not comment on disk imaging payment for gas, 07.08.2007 • «Prague accent": trophy "gas war", 06.08.2007 • «Gazprom» Belarus gave a reprieve for a week, 03.08.2007 • Ministry of Energy of Belarus "Gazprom" has violated the contract, 03.08.2007 • "Beltransgaz" listed "Gazprom" 190 millions of dollars , 03.08.2007 • Sergei

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