Abnormal Natalia




40-year-old Natalia Musienko more than ten years, does not release area. In the most mysterious place Kuban went correspondent "Kurier"

— Recently, I wake up in the night by a knock at the roof. Decided to go on the porch and look at that for the night

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The lines inside the dolmen

In practice, because the exact size of the camera stand, obviously, it was difficult and, in addition, from place to place me physically (piezoacoustic) properties of rocks, which were made of dolmens, they needed a precise adjustment to the desired frequency sound. Dolmenov advertisement for this purpose was applied to the surface of the chamber walls (mainly the rear wall) engraved patterns that archaeologists call patterns.

From the point of view of researchers, these jagged lines, spirals, concentric circles and other images played a role rigged circuits (attenuators), which ensure

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Setting the dolmens

Another interesting detail. The holes in the stone dolmens were closed by special plugs, bushings. Their shape is very interesting. They are reminiscent of ultrasonic transducers used in modern technology to focus the ultrasonic flow. As the radiators in modern devices used ceramic plates, moving the focal region of the transducer is achieved by moving the plate and change the radiator shell. In the ancient "radiators", appears to have played a major role composition of the rock, which is manufactured from the bush, and the geometry of the surface.


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Dolmens, as custodians of the ancient

Probably everyone knows that there are stories of different architectural monuments that are located throughout the world and in different places. They are called dolmens.

Those who found it and got there argue that such constructions have a truly mystical properties and characteristics. In case of contact with them, any person always feels quite strange sensations and emotions, it is added to the new energy, and it can easily define the most important issues.

The word "dolmen" was more of the Breton language, and they are called

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The path through the dolmen

"Volga dawn", 15.01.2004, Samara, n4, p.6 Perhaps, before describing the system of beliefs to which we are, is best described our way. Perhaps not all, but only the final part of it, which showed that the mature long time, all my life. And maybe more than one life. As with all "normal" people, we lived the usual life. Fighting for a place under the sun, fighting for a piece of bread. Trying to survive in this cruel world. Gets hit, hurt, getting up to go again and again and again forward. But where? Plain, unremarkable life. If you

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Caucasian dolmens

Pictures of ancient buildings — the dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory. Mysterious megaliths razborsany along the coast of the Black Sea. There are many versions of their destination, but still have the old dolmens keep their secrets.

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Riddle dolmen Mara


Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons were manufactured, they are usually made of sandstone, having a large quartz inclusions. Scientists determine the age of dolmens 4-6 millennia.

In the middle of the twentieth century, a group of archeologists led by LI Lavrov, he began studying the dolmens. By 1960, they wrote a catalog of 1,139 dolmens of the North Caucasus. In the second half of the twentieth century, a lot of work done to systematize the dolmens team led

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Dolmens — ancient megaliths

Each of us knows that there is a history of the world monuments such as dolmens, they are located around the world. They have, according to those who were lucky enough to get there, by some mystical properties — when dealing with them one experiences a strange fluttering sensation, absorbs new energy and can ask questions of torturing him.

The word "dolmen" comes from the Breton language. It is called the Bretons unusual structures combination of words "toal" — "table" and "men" — "stone." Also interpretation of the word "dolmen" are available in other languages. Sometimes

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Dolmen Mary

Our ancestors have long rendered habitable territory of the North Caucasus. According to the security of sources, this was more like a thought to 20,000 years ago. Confirmed by the geographical places of the Caucasus, most of which are of Slavic origin. Even the word CAV-KAZ, as some researchers believe, is, perhaps, the Old Slavic origin and means "dividing line." Many place names match the names of Slavic heroes and gods.

Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons, were made they are usually made

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Menhirs that pose?

"UFO", 24.05.2004, St. Petersburg, n22 (339), page 7

Author: Alexey Popov

What is a menhir? In the most general terms — is a stone slab, mounted on three or four poles. The era of dolmens and menhirs was very long. They were built at the beginning of our era, that is usually used as tombs. The whole world agrees to assume their tombstones. A funerary function assigned and dolmens located in Karelia.

Secondly, the stone due to its crystal structure has the properties of the battery. If you heat the stone — it builds up heat, it retains

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