On the Ukrainian military base fled fighting dolphins



Ukrainian media reported that a military base in Sevastopol lost three combat dolphin, equipped with weapons on top. It was reported, in particular, "The events of the Crimea." Edition published a document received allegedly from an employee of the research center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "State Oceanarium." In the report, addressed to the Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Shakuro, said that on February 24 in the open sea were conducted combat training dolphins (they

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Their customs. Issue number 2 (15 — 31 January)

January 17. In the U.S., killing an Iranian student, human rights activist, to defend the civil rights of women.

January 18. On the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts emissions of more than 60 dolphins. This is not the first case of mass suicide of dolphins in the United States. Scientists can not explain what drives these flying mammals to death.

January 23. U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded in the head in January 2011, will leave the United States Congress in the coming days. The woman received a gunshot wound to the head Jan. 8, 2011 in Arizona,

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The massacre of dolphins in Denmark

It's hard to believe that this can happen in the modern world. Nevertheless, it is madness happens every year and no where else but in the "civilized" in Denmark. Noting his maturity, young Danes ritually slaughter of hundreds of dolphins kalderonskih, causing sea off the coast around the Faroe Islands is colored in red. Someone enjoying the spectacle from the outside, someone violently scores of defenseless mammals, jumping into the center of the bloody action. Painful death of dolphins. Their long and brutally murdered. Groans of the dying dolphins, like the cry of a crying newborn is spread along

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Japanese tradition. Taiji

Rukopozhatnye journalists in the subjects of the Japanese constantly extol the extraordinary loyalty to the traditions of the islanders. Well, as long as we do not put this idea into question. Let's talk about the traditions themselves.

Part 2. Taiji

Near the small fishing village of Taiji, the fishermen driven into a hidden from the eyes of the bay flock of dolphins. Once the dolphins are trapped, the pursuers begin to kill them by cutting his throat with knives or hooks piercing. The water turned red with blood, and the air is filled

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Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the U.S. mass killing dolphins

August 21, 2013. U.S. scientists are sounding the alarm due to the high mortality of dolphins on the east coast of the United States. On the beaches of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia in the last six months, found 228 dead dolphins. For unknown reasons, they washed ashore and died.

Once on shore, dolphins are no longer able to return to the ocean without any help and die within a few hours. As a rule, the land released only old, sick or injured animal.

In the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that these figures

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Dolphins whistle is an alien?




Scientists are studying the language of animals. What for? To talk to them? No. The main purpose is different: to understand the logic of non-human, then to use it to decrypt the message representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence.

How to recognize a reasonable signal

Suppose that scientists intercepted

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15.05.12.V Feodosiya bay crabs die


15.05.12.Vsled for the massive loss of anchovy and dolphins in the Bay of Feodosia was threatened population of sand crabs.

As the correspondent of the portal "Novoross.info" deputies Seaside Village Council (Big Feodosia), today the team of the local executive committee went to the area of the so-called Sand beams, where these days marked by the mass death of sandy crab.

"Crab ikryannoy, does not go ashore, dies in shallow water. I do not know whether this is connected with the dolphins, but the facts speak for themselves, first fish on the shore, then the Dolphins, and

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14.07.12.Massovaya death penguins in Brazil


MEXICO CITY, July 14 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Znamensky. More than 500 penguins were found dead on Friday on the beaches of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, said channel Univision.

Causes of mortality of sea birds have not been established. Brazilian veterinarians have to analyze the bodies of several penguins, the results will appear in about a month. No external injuries were found on penguins.

This is the so-called Magellanic penguins, which usually live in large colonies in Patagonia in southern Argentina and Chile, and often migrate, following the shoals of fish, which is their

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In Sochi continues suicide dolphins. Video


Updated May 12

11.05.12.Ocherednogo dead dolphin found in the sailing center. Alarming reports from witnesses come more often. Theories about the causes of what is happening a lot, but the official explanation is still no.

Some believe that the death of dolphins — a consequence of environmental degradation of the Black morya.Drugie attribute this to the activities of poachers. But so far it is not clear why more and more residents of the deep sea swim to the shore is so close that it is detrimental to them.

Source: Maksportal

MOSCOW, May 10. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS

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Heat wave kills dolphins


Environmentalists: "With the Black Sea wrong"

22.07.11.Etim dolphins and harbor porpoises in the summer began to show unprecedented activity: very close to the beach and even swim in the water area.

Odesa Alexander Demisheva dolphins before seen only on television. The other day walking around with a five year old son to the seaport — The Ship admired. Suddenly right under Sec berth loud splash and a bit of fizz, and then — oh, miracle! — There were dolphins. Graceful animals ignored the bulk ships, darting back and forth, to the enthusiastic cheers of dozens of residents and

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