Sweden’s largest and busiest airport, Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), is the main gateway to the capital city and the country. However, proposals to cap emissions and ban approaches to one of its runways could jeopardise its long-term future. Built to supplement the space-constrained Bromma Airport close to the city centre, Arlanda quickly grew to become the home base of Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS). Today it is a thriving airport with important worldwide links while Bromma has also continued to flourish and is popular with business travellers. AVIATION IN STOCKHOLM By the 1930s Stockholm was eager to join the world of aviation


Yogaterapiya: X-factor.

You have X-shaped legs, and so you dream about perfect slender legs? «The flaw can be corrected if persistently practiced special asanas» — says the senior teacher of Iyengar Yoga, a specialist in yogaterapii, director of the network Elena Ulmasbaeva Yoga Practika.

The reason for the curvature lies not in the bones and joints. From this we can conclude that in order to keep your feet aligned, you need to act on the joints. In practice, note how distributed weight in the feet.

Since childhood, she could not understand why I run the slowest in the class. Everything is

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S.Karaganav: Belarus needs to say goodbye to the illusion

In his view, it is — a manifestation of an old relapse when in Minsk are convinced that our homeland — the rich, and because fog of Belarus: "Belarusian management accustomed themselves to the fact which can be not calculated with Russia, and to build their own specific economic model Russian prices. And now it is forced to part with this raschudesnye time. "Russian analyst notes that BelarusianManagement at the moment need to say goodbye to yet another illusion — Tipo it can influence the internal situation in Russia:"Belarus is not a factor in internal politics of. We support acts

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Where are the generals and KGB Sukharenka Dementey?

As reported by the website, now in the morning were detained past chairman of the KGB, General Stepan Sukharenko and last vice-chairman Vasily KGB Dementey. Disk imaging on the website in detention participated Ministry of Internal Affairs investigators and soldiers of the detachment "Almaz". In formal structures do not confirm the detention and V. Stepan Sukhorenko.Emphasizing DzemyantseyFormal proof of this no disk imaging. Deputy head of the Interior Ministry of disk imaging Slepchenko Oleg said that he has no such disk imaging. Same answer control center disk imaging KGB Valery Nadtochaev and managing the presidential press service Paul Light.Previous

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Grodno oblast prosecutor was reprimanded for A.Sergeychik

Minister Interior Belarus oriented idea of evading law violations identified during the investigation criminal case against A.Sergeychik. The Attorney General also proposed bringing to disciplinary liability number of employees of the Ministry Interior.As reported BelTA board gave prosecutors Belarus fundamentally assess the facts of inactivity manifestations neprafesyyanalizmu by prosecutors Grodno region, which time has not stopped the criminal acts A.Sergeychik.

Gross domestic product grew by 10.6%

Galina Amount trln. Percentage Volume of production (works, services) 86.563 13.1% Size of agricultural production 15,564 7.4% Size of consumer products 15.873 12.8% Total investment in fixed assets 20 21.8%

Gross domestic product in Belarus:

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Ukrainian exports of drugs increased by 25% — A.Soloviev

In 2013, Ukrainian exports of medicines production increased by 25%. This is made possible by the introduction of the Government and the State Service for Drugs series of measures to control and quality of medicines. This was stated by Chairman Gosleksluzhby Alexey Soloviev during a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, reportsUNN.

"With the transition from the 2010 to the European standards of quality and production in 2013, exports increased by 25%," — said the Chairman of the Gosleksluzhby, adding that the domestic production of medicines available in every continent except Australia.


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Three times in two months rose petrol

At the moment, the price of gasoline A-76 is 1,950 rubles per 1 liter (an increase of $ 100), gasoline AI-92 — 2470 (120 rubles), gasoline AI-95 — 2810 (140 rubles), diesel fuel — 2240 ( 110 rubles). This is the third price increase in June-July. June 10 retail gasoline prices were increased by an average of 5%, diesel fuel — by 14.8%. July 6, they increased by 5% and 9.8 respectively. Specialists concern "Belneftekhim" clarify that the increase in prices of petroleum products is justified by the oil price and adopted "to ensure the attractiveness of companies in the

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Rates could be increased by 30%

"It is this margin is enough to cover the losses in the domestic market. This problem escalated so that at the moment was sown and it was widely expected that the government will accept the decision to raise prices because this time increased demand for gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil on the domestic market. And, of course, the loss of the companies grow. And so they argued lobbied and concern "Belneftekhim" support them in This is the meaninge it must would raise prices. According to unofficial reports, there were even proposals to increase by 30%, "- says Manyanok.By browser likely

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Fundamental off

Fundamental off (or a little bit about the architecture of IMA)


In the past few years, Russia has begun to create not only new aircraft, but also technology. And some of the developments will be introduced for the first time on domestic airliners in the world.

Five Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences are working with aircraft manufacturers in more than twenty different directions. Development of domestic and foreign scholars are used both at the stage of theoretical and experimental, and some of them have already implemented or being implemented to create new

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