Mogilev donor left increase in their pension

Message from the Ministry of Mogilev donors, participants preemptive strike week, was seen as a victory. States party to strike a noble donor, the chairman of the organizing committee of the charity fund donors "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko:"We received a letter from the Ministry of Labour Republic of Belarus, in which it is said that the donor met one of the requirements — a 40% premium to the pension. This is our small victory. "Donor, but not retained benefits for dentures and drugs — now have to obtain medications by common rules for all people. Only under certain circumstances,

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NO donors nationwide strike

Director of the Republican Scientific Practical Center gematalegii th transfuziyalegii Dr. Misha Potapnev reads:"Last week I was on a business trip in Mogilev, from 20 to 22 June. And to my delight, no problems even in Mogilev was not. Neither we nor any of their problems with donors."Mogilev June 25 to the telephone transfusion came 64 donors — about the same as usual.Noble donor Minsker Eugene Drozd told that the city of Mogilev offer donors colleagues do not support strike. They will write an appeal to the Ministry of Health, the National Assembly, the other instance."We will collect the signatures

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Donors Belarus begin warning strike

Blood transfusion station — not the largest in town. And some visitors donor own queue waiting outside.Reporter: "We stand at the station of blood transfusion, and I ask: Have you no time to donate blood?"Guy: "Yes. I donated blood for the 1st kid who needed the blood. And so, on purpose, I give back, that it should be made . "Woman: "If you can help people, then I believe you need it mattersbe. After all, some people need donated blood. Kids at the moment and very often was ill. And because I believe that this is true. "Reporter: "How do

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Mogilev donors called for all-Belarusian strike

Last fifteen years, Belarus has its own supplies kryvi.Ests donation law that guarantees benefits to donors.Favourite Mogilev informal association of donors Igor Kovalenko, notable donor with a decade of experience, told "Freedom" that donors are ready to announce week strike.The company consists of about six hundred people. During the week, donors do not come to the station of blood transfusion. But when necessary, they are willing to donate blood to people who were in failure.By law, donors have the right to free healing and prosthetics, spa healing, an increase of 40% for retirement and 50 percent discounts on medications. Donors

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Why not all donors assert their rights?

What mood reigning in the midst of Grodno donors? With this issue we turned to Ivan Roman, who spoke to them about the ability to merge.Roman: "I, for example, Noble donor Republic of Belarus, walking to the station of blood transfusion, communicated with donors. But they do not have much intrigued. Since, for example, now plyazmy donor can donate blood twice a month and in this get 100 bucks — 50 bucks for a change. As it may, it is, in my eyes, fairly conventional means, and people just are not willing to take risks, because a lot of wishing

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Student blood taken without restrictions

Admission plan — 17 l. a day — on the Road station of blood transfusion is now executed. Whether the condition persists after the abolition of privileges, then do not know. Main hope — for students, says chief Dr. Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn station:"Maybe if we declare that the benefits of completed act, and then something changed. But we very many students take them with virtually no restrictions. Benefits they practically do not use, and surcharges to scholarships we do them. They walked and will walk. " In Belarus, 20 stations and 41 branch blood transfusion. Measured in store for many begins

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