A big contribution to the victory over the Nazi invaders during World War II have emerged in the Soviet Union various nationwide patriotic movement. The Soviet people freely gave to the defense fund of the country valuables, jewelry, money, food … A sense of patriotism of the Soviet people was reflected in the development of donor movement.

The word «donor» is derived from Latin. «Donare» — «give, bring a gift, voluntarily sacrifice.» Blood donation — the voluntary sacrifice of his own blood or blood components for subsequent patients requiring transfusion or receiving component drugs. First blood transfusion taking into

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Mogilev donors appealed to the Council of Europe to explain

In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the Assembly Matteo Sarynasu Igor Kovalenko asked for clarification of the Belarusian donor policy Council of Europe about blood donation and plyazmy. Letter from the Secretary General of the Assembly Council of Europe Matteo SarynasuIts request Kovalenko argues that those Belarusian bureaucrats justify canceled benefits for donors requirement Council of Europe.In June, the symbol protest against the abolition of privileges Mogilev group donor week strike. In the end, the authorities have acknowledged cancellation of privileges, and later declared the preservation of the benefits to donors.In September, it became clear that the

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Mogilev: not enough donors

In 2006 Mogilev registered blood transfusion station was about 8.5 thousand donors. For comparison: in Brest — 14 thousand, in the Vitebsk region — 17 thousand.Head Mogilev blood transfusion station Goldynberg Boris explains such a difference in the donor statistics higher health requirements of donors. Mogilev less defective blood Goldynberg notes.After the abolition of social benefits people become less interested in donating."We are June, July, August and September — for preparatory recording is actually half of the seats empty. Apparently, the government pursued any specific purpose, but was necessary take care to preserve the principle of social phenomena such as

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Mogilev municipal publications decreased circulation

Mogilev 5 out of municipal publications with a total circulation of about 150 thousand copies. With more than half of it — in the regional "Mogilevsky statements."Fact for comparison: non-state "Evening Mogilev" has about 40 thousand copies.According to the views of the editors, the drop in popularity municipal media will continue if they do not receive help from the government.Ask what background impacted decrease circulation? That outlook cerebral editor executive committee "Bulletin of Mogilev" Basil Navichonka:"Entrepreneurs are now almost every month, or every six months, open advertising and commercial newspapers that print and applets. All these newspapers, instead of distributing

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Mogilev officials urge donors to donate blood

Donors are going to urge officials to join the charity donation. Donors take this action with the next week.Chairman of the organizing committee of the charity fund donors "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko said "Freedom" that appeal to Mogilev officials fully determined.Law "On the donation of blood and blood components" oblige officials to promote the organization, development and promotion of donation.Igor Kovalenko said that the bureaucrats in their own numerous responses blame donors that they are due to strike to defend their interests and cynical forgets about the morality of charitable donation.So makarom, Donors are invited to share their own

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Week in Belarus in photo: June 24 — 29

June 24. Blessing of the construction of the temple-monument sufferer and warriors who died for their country in the XX century, Mogilev zamchischa Collected at Mogilev citadel in time constructing the temple blessing ceremonyJune 24. A June commemorated the victims of the NKVDJune 25. A.Milinkevich in Brest

Now Alexander Milinkevich met in Brest with applicants and students June 25. Second day of the strike donors, Mogilev 7.00. Kovalenko is discussing with donors at the station Donors go to donate bloodJune 26. A.Milinkevich ZhodinoA.Milinkevich hopes to find new followers ZhodinoA.Milinkevich at the entrance BelAZ discusses the difficulties of the enterpriseJune 27.

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Donarka A.Arashyde: Nothing precious human blood for no

Arashyde Lena was born in Kazakhstan. Her mother, a native of Ukraine, and his father — from Belarus. Ancestors met when shag. After leaving his father to retire the whole family returned to Belarus. Lena two kids and four grandchildren. By education teacher she preschools. 15 years I worked in a kindergarten. Worked as an educator, was the head of the kindergarten. The last 7 years working peddler. In the sale went to pick up the family’s welfare. "Growing up, realized how important being a donor"Karatkevich: "Lena, how long you have been donarkay?" Arashyde: "I have 15 years as a

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Guest Night of Freedom — a noble donarka Lena Arashyde

Lena Arashyde, notable donarka from Mogilev, joins the strike donors. Her husband — the same donor, but the blood is not losing because of health. Among other Lena Arashyde comment on poll "Do you support the strike donors?".Western experts newly released list of the most expensive cities in the world. Favorite — Moscow. We will tell about the most expensive towns of the world, and in research — how much life in Minsk prices, due to the reactions of people.Now in Minsk — book presentation of our colleague Severin Kwiatkowski "yes frashki bottle." Report and interview with the creator.In the

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Mogilev donors have started to strike

Says chief doctor Mogilev blood transfusion station Boris Galdynberg:"On the twentieth day of the campaign we have sanitary day for certain types of donations, so could order all at the station. Since we have in place do not accept blood, we have now planned to leave the area. "Boris Galdynberg ranges that donor standing strike.Protest is not affected, he said, work station of blood transfusion:"As far as the question was about the benefits to donors, they so nominal that this question not very significant in order to beat him. The only thing — before you select on my world, it

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Quote a day or June 14

"Without state support, without benefits and support donation medal — just a plaque. This is not a notable achievement, but just a plaque." Dweller Mogilev Igor Kovalenko after public rejection of medals "Noble donor of Belarus" "June 20 — a warning strike. Mogilev But city authorities warned me. Disgraces Tipo. And I just answered them:" If donors this week will rest, then you bureaucrats, please — turn in their blood, save one or two lives. Withdo it, if you consider yourself human people, and donors who have pledged a warning strike, naughty. " Igor Kovalenko plans to protect donors

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