Fans and viewers of the tattoo reality competition show Ink Master had the opportunity to party together and watch an episode side-by-side with cast members of the Spike TV hit.

Shop manager Kevin Wilson and the crew from Sacred Tattoo NYC hosted this very special Ink Master party one night on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Double Down Saloon on Avenue A was the scene crime, and tat fans filled the place in hopes of rubbing elbows and sharing a drink with show alum. Ink Master competitors under the Double roof included Sarah Miller, Little Mike, Clint Cummings, Lalo Yuda,



Double Four bass combo

Setting a new mark in the ‘more decibels per kilogram’ arms race, this tiny 70W combo packs some staggeringly grown-up tone. Review by Gareth Morgan

The modern trend for downsizing and weight reduction in bass amps is something that should be applauded by bass players of all generations and all stylistic leanings – and Phil Jones Bass, alongside the likes of markbass, Genz Benz and euphonic audio, has been at the forefront of such developments with its Briefcase and Bass Cub models. PJB’s Double Four combo is the latest addition to this excellent line.

Built at

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A man with your face. Doppelgangers.

Like it or not, people are surrounded by clouds of a variety of fears. They are born with us — the baby is not yet know how to laugh, but is capable of experiencing fear. Some nightmares unabated, accompany us since the dawn then, suddenly other updated, growing out of nowhere and suddenly becoming horror of our time. A relatively new character in the gallery frightening creatures became doppelganger.

Behind this strange thing we should thank the German Romantics; from there, from Germany, and takes her name (it. Doppelganger — double). But the concept of «doppelganger» means slightly more than

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Canon’s new approach to AF on the imaging chip.

When Canon recently introduced its EOS 70D to the press, what could have been simply an update to the popular but aging 60D turned into an intriguing glimpse of new sensor technology. Due in stores in September, it may not make much difference to still photographers who use the optical viewfinder (they’ll find more to love elsewhere), but video shooters—or anyone using live view—are likely to benefit.

Besides upping the 70D’s pixel count to 20.2MP from 18MP, boosting the top ISO up a stop to 25,600, and raising the burst rate

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Beijing sky became wet

More several days reversing the dream of "wet" the sky could be practically unattainable. Even here there is a perception that the rain in Beijing is a day or two or three a year. And here — pouring. Forecasters promised that the weather still remain … True, disgrace office of heaven can not be an obstacle to the conquest Awards XXIX Games athletes, especially the Chinese, who in a very short period could already 6 times get rich. Although at present the group race in the midst of the ladies, accompanied shower, Chinese and Korean cyclist counties majestically Chinese walls

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Urals scientists have learned to double the performance characteristics of missiles

Innovative Energy, created by scientists of the Ural Scientific Research Institute of Chemical with Pilot plant "unih with OZ," is able to double the performance characteristics of solid-fuel rockets. With

This is the general director of "RT-Himkompozit" Sergei Sokol.

"Our Ural experts managed to develop a new power engineer for solid rocket propellants in a variety of weapon systems. As a result, the tactical and technical data products increased by 1.5-2 times, "- said the scientist on the occasion of the Day of the Chemist, celebrated in Russia on May 27.

In addition, in the Urals, a new disinfectant

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How to comment on a statement in Minsk U.S.?

Official dealer State Department warned that "the United States will oppose at least some sample weaken the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights."As an added Nicholas Bernz authorship of proposals to reform the Bureau, which will make it inefficient activities, belongs to Russia. Its support of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich not once participated in international conferences in Warsaw, where the Office is located, and Vienna, where the main offices of the OSCE. He notes Our homeland that always takes on forums such a tough stance against the OSCE and the Bureau:"Very very criticizes them, accusing

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Ship Repair Yard Black Sea Fleet took up the state defense order for 2013

The labor collective 13th Shipyard (SRH), the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) took up the state defense order for 2013. Compared with the previous year to double the amount of funds allocated to the Russian Defense Ministry on the repair of ships and boats.

The past 2012 — the year of the 125th anniversary of the company — for a historic ship repairers. For the first time in the modern history of the Black Sea Fleet factory workers, solving the problem of maintaining a high degree of technical readiness of the ships of the fleet, have mastered

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How to save a supply of fresh water?

How to save a supply of fresh water? Save the planet

Fig. 400-meter devices for irrigation delivers water to the field in Oregon, sown with alfalfa. Currently such costly mechanism replaced with environmentally friendly irrigation systems.

Water is the basis of all life. On Earth sustenance 7 billion of humanity and all ecosystems depend on fresh water, which is only 1% of the total water supply of the planet. To contribute to the preservation of these precious drops, enough to do the following:

Try to organize the landscape near his home and planted the plants for watering which under normal

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NEW HeliRussia 2011: The double eagle helicopter coaxial

The Fourth International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2011 was held in Moscow exhibition center "Crocus Expo" May 19-21. Organizers of the exhibition — Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation and the company "Russian Helicopter Systems". The current exhibition has become the most representative: an area 10,750 square meters. m their products were 121 Russian and 40 foreign companies from 16 countries.

One of the latest domestic developments in the exhibition became a double coaxial helicopter "Berkut" (take-off weight of 785-830 kg), created by the same name, LLC. The first flight will take place in June 2011. The

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