Switzerland is a storm hit

June 21, 2013. In Geneva, large hail damaged dozens of cars. The houses are broken windows, on the roads — fallen trees. Six people sought help from physicians. According to meteorologists, wind gusts reached 130 km per hour.

There was a disruption to the Geneva airport. Authorities estimated the damage at 15 million francs. Hurricane hit the southern regions of France. There are flooded dozens of homes. Despite all these measures, the three men were killed.

At the other end of the world in New Zealand because of the strong snow storm canceled hundreds of flights. In the capital,

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Flooding in the United States: people were rescued, clinging to trees

July 22, 2013. Large-scale flooding in the south-western United States. High water was raided in the normally arid Arizona. The cause of the flood was a heavy downpour — the banks came out of the river. Water was coming very fast, flooded highways and dozens of motorists were trapped in their own cars. Had to release them with the help of helicopters.

No better situation in neighboring Mexico. In the north, showers did not cease for three days. During that time, had the annual rainfall. High water caused considerable disruption to transport links. Podtopilo International Airport Chiuahua. Air carriers

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Dozens of people were killed in floods in eastern Afghanistan

August 3, 2013. Dozens of people were killed in the floods, which occurred in a mountainous region near the Afghan capital.

As reported by law enforcement representative of the country as long as it is not possible to give the exact number of victims because many people are still missing. According to him, due to a sharp rise in the water level in the Surobi area east of Kabul houses destroyed, severe damage to the building received a local hospital.

Flows through the area several rivers, so the severe floods in this area are not uncommon.


A great storm has killed dozens of Filipinos

A great storm has killed dozens of Filipinos Natural Disasters

Tropical Storm Song Ching brought enormous destruction in Southeast Asia. At the moment, officially confirmed the death of 30 people in the Philippines and Vietnam. On the coast of Vietnam with hundreds of houses blown away, coastal barriers protivoshtormovye not survive the onslaught of the elements.

Wind speed at the northern part of Vietnam reached 133 km / h To protect people from the Vietnamese coast were evacuated at least 260,000 people. This was done in a timely manner, as after the storm there were massive landslides and

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Dozens of Thai provinces hit by drought

Dozens of Thai provinces hit by drought Weather and Climate

More than half of the provinces of Thailand declared a disaster area due to the prolonged dry weather. The situation is worst in the north and north-east, where the lack of rain is felt most acutely. There were in a bind over 100,000 Thais. Almost all of them are farmers who have selected the drought season crop.

In provinces with access to the reservoir "Queen Sirikit", the level of water in which nearly fell, the situation is not as dire. In addition, various organizations, state and local level are trying

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Ultrapolyarnoe invasion. Chronicles of warming

Unprecedented cold weather in Europe has claimed dozens of lives. The last few days have died of hypothermia about 60 people.

Ukraine has registered at least 30 victims. Temperature in Kiev fell to -23 degrees, and somewhere to minus 33 degrees which was the highest figure in the last six years. Most of the dead were found in the streets, but some of them died in hospitals and their homes.

In central Serbia, the temperature reached -21 degrees, which resulted in the deaths of three to seven people. In Poland, where the temperature dropped to -27 degrees, in

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Tornado in Austria


May 16, 2011 — AUSTRIA — Saturday 15:28 hours in the quiet city Eisenstadt-Umgebung was in a state of shock. 80 meters wide tornado went through the buildings and gardens, leaving behind dozens of damaged homes, fallen trees, or even three buildings torn roof.

Local resident Tinoff still can not believe what I saw. "It sounded like a bomb. Trees romped out of the ground tiles flew away from houses and debris flew like bullets into the walls of the neighboring buildings. It was horrible. " Fire chief says it's a miracle that no one was killed

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Man-eating tiger terrorizing dozens of villages in central India


NEW DELHI, Sept. 18 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. Tiger, who killed, according to official figures, at least one person, and dozens of pets, the disruption of normal life in the villages of central India, said on Sunday IANS news agency citing local authorities.

Came out of the jungle about a month ago, a huge predatory cat killed a woman, more than 30 pets and virtually paralyzed life in dozens of villages in the west of the district in the central state Radzhnandgaon Chhatttisgarh.

Moreover, according to some media reports, casualties may be higher. Tiger attacks continue.

"Fear swept

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Tornadoes in the southern United States. Video


MOSCOW, November 17 — RIA Novosti. The number of victims of hurricanes that hit the southern U.S., has reached four people, injured dozens, reports on Thursday by the Associated Press.

According to recent reports, three people were killed by a tornado near the town of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Eyewitness said that after the storm disappeared standing next to her house trailer.

"Gone is all. Even the cows in the pasture, "- she said.

Trailers are very common in the southern U.S. housing type. Many of them were severely damaged by the weather. Damage also received dozens of

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Hurricane de-energized dozens of settlements in the Yaroslavl region

As a result of strong wind and rain and hail, in the Yaroslavl region overnight were powered down dozens of settlements. Power lines cut short by falling trees.

Seven most affected districts. Pereslavskiy, Rostov, Gavrilov-Yam, Nekrasov, and Lyubimsky Poshehonskiy. Repair work on the networks began almost immediately. In connection first social facilities. However, some communities are currently without electricity.

"There have been organized damage control personnel areas of electrical networks Yarenergo to eliminate the effects of single outages of overhead power lines and substations. In particular, measures to remove trees that fell on the wires of power lines from outside

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