More expression in Logic

Alongside note data, controller information is a fundamental part of the MIDI protocol and an essential means of physically controlling and manipulating virtual instruments (VIs). Whether you’re tweaking the cutoff on a virtual synthesizer or adding dynamics to a sampled string patch, the use of a MIDI controller — and there’s a multitude of different ones out there to choose from — enables you to implant expression directly into your sequence data. Not surprisingly, Logic Pro is equipped with a number of different strategies and approaches to working with controller data, so it’s well worth appraising these contrasting solutions and

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From angels to heaven.

Patrons do not happen — they are all in their own good and helpful. Some accompany us always, to the help of others we use from time to time, and someone watching us and makes itself felt in special cases. We offer you a dozen reliable defenders and assistants who get along fine, as neither one of them there is no evil or something dark. You can appeal to his aid even all at once. They will not argue and quarrel, whom and how to help you, and the great divide their powers. And mind you: not one of

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As the heat of sorrow.

Built a children’s choir. All the girls, girls, girls. And on the flanks of them a few boys. Dressed all festive. And they ring the song, second, third. In one of these words: "Beautiful world, and we have to be in it beautiful!" Other children read poems. Dance. So opened Russian exhibition of children’s drawings "Pushkin and Moscow" Republican State Children’s Library in the Kaluga area.

Now in the world of adults, no, no yes and you will hear that de Pushkin obsolete, outdated that it does not meet the intense rhythm of our days, that he … What

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Euro detained organizers of the march and Ivashkevich Ukhnalev

Viktor Ivashkevich, coupled with their own friends celebrated day of birth Restaurant "El Tomato." They came, as they met a spetsnaz company. The commandos were taken to the police Pershamajski district only Ivashkevich Ukhnalev.Valery Ukhnalev had to call and tell his colleagues that the police are willing to take them on honey examination to find out the amount of alcohol in the blood. Whereupon he was unavailable.Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said organizing committee chairman detention large street protests politically targeted. What people were detained in the restaurant when they noted day of birth, by sp.Vyachorki, is an attempt to discredit

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Why not lured to justice those who rightly refuses to register the Young Front?

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "On last week on the waves of "Liberty" sounded many expressions listeners pleased that the Young not put behind bars, but only just fined. Many they say that the sentence is very Myagenkaya that mode of democratization, and referred to as "dictatorial" unfair. I am also pleased that the Young is not imprisoned. But I am shocked as to why they are generally placed in the dock. For which they fined? Why not lured to justice those who rightly refuses to register "Junior Front"? Why not lured to justice those employees intelligence services, who burst into the

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Names of Freedom: Peter Sergievich (10/07/1900, d. Stavrova, presently Braslavsky area — 01.11.1984, Vilnius)

Many of us from school are particularly Kalinowski such as textbook on canvases Peter Sergievich where Constantine disputing with the rebels or together with Valery Vrublevsky an overview of their series.Coeval century, he studied at the Ferdinand Ruschitz Vilnius rearranged skill in Krakow and during a trip to Italy. Talent revealed to him ample opportunities for the upcoming life and creativity. Peter Sergievich chose the best — Vilnius that was then the unofficial capital of Western Belarus.Needless Vilna air made one of his main themes story: "Vseslav Polotsk", "Scorina in Publishing", "Arrest Pavluk Bagrima" … In the 1920-1930-ies Sergievich makes

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Loshitsa defended art and marriage

Shallow Lisa diligently prints on paper lime alley, which likes to play with their parents."I draw trees, grass and road Loshitsa."Freshman 1st of Minsk institutions Ilya joined this impromptu plein air with fear for the fate of the favorite destinations:"I just care about the fate of the park. And when I vyznat reconstruction of these plans, particularly when it became clear to demolish the old buildings and reincarnation Loshitsa in a park like a park glyamurnenki bitter, I it is very did not like. I came here together with other July 21, and then we decided to get together

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In beating Khvedaruk prosecutors sin does not see

As reported BelaPAN Fedoruk sent a statement to the prosecutor about beating Central district of Minsk December 13. He suffered during a clash with police participants of the unauthorized protests in defense of the sovereignty of Belarus, which took place in the evening on December 12 October Square in Minsk. The event was timed to the visit to Minsk Russian President Vladimir Putin. Doctors have recorded at Fedoruk moderate concussion."In the excitation criminal case in fact you have acquired injuries denied, "- said in response. "This is an ordinary evasion. Neither background rejection nor any additional disk imaging in the

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How to entertain a child in the way

Summer — a traditional time for travel. Already purchased tickets, collected the things you look forward, and that very soon blissfully stretched on the top shelf and under the bitter smell of smoke and measuring the wheels will distract from the urgent problems. And, maybe, you will travel in a car or on a plane?

Whatever you choose, of course, you did not forget about the entertainment on the go — captured with a pair of detectives, cards, crossword puzzles. However, there is one small catch — you are traveling with your child. That means we need to

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Artist illustrator Vladimir Bondar

Friday’s post about one of the best professionals in their field — Vladimir Cooper

Hello! I was born and live in Kharkov. Since childhood, engaged in artistic circles and studios. When it’s time (after ninth grade) — entered the Kharkov Art College of secession painter. At that time there were various reforms, so instead of the four years I was five. Added a whole year diploma drawing pictures. After school on the results of the work without exams went to college (now the Academy of Design, art and something else). There was still at six years. And to

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