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Not to be left for nothing, that is, not to buy looks attractive, but unsuitable for use in residential areas or low-quality product, in the selection and subsequent purchase of linoleum and PVC tiles we recommend nevertheless to examine technically complicated, so many uninteresting information.

The basis of a multi-layer, or heterogeneous, linoleum (namely the type designed for use in residential areas) is usually a glass fiber. It has consistently applied a primer first, then the front layer. Last smoothes the surface and prepares it for the application of the pattern that is printed by the engraved cylinder. The larger the circumferential length «press» (from 1 to 1.5 m), the pattern is repeated less often. Also in the arsenal of every manufacturing company has its own special method for achieving more natural figure. Due to the continuous improvement of technology texture linoleum from year to

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Lather letter opener

For Starters, Prepare the Blank

1. Select a 1 1/2Xl 1/2X12 blank. (We tried both walnut and curly maple.) Then, draw diagonal lines at each end to locate the center. On the end of the stock that will be the blade, draw a line through the center point perpendicular to the grain. (For reference, see the Blank Preparation drawing on page 26.) Now, use a bevel gauge to transfer this line to the other end of the blank. (Note: Aligning the offset centers perpendicular to the grain ensures that the face grain will be aligned with the faces of the

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Russian Festival «Kulikovo Field».

Last year marked 625 years since the Battle of Kulikovo. The guards of the Moscow Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich September 8 (21 New Style), 1380 defeated the troops of the Golden Temnik Mamaia, organized a big march on Russia. This major battle was dedicated to the Russian festival of children risunka.19 September, the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the day of the battle, in the International Children’s Art Gallery in Moscow, opened the final exhibition of the festival. The room — more than a hundred of the best drawings. And they came from all over Russia to

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Drawing pen.

Engineering drawing pen is more limited in their capabilities, what is closest to her pencil. Lines and strokes in pencil drawings can be different tonality. In addition, they can apply shading to amend band. The feather figures all the lines and strokes are equally black, no shading can not be done. Correct errors is difficult, sometimes impossible. Thanks to the contrast of black mascara and features of paper feather patterns are particularly clarity and decorative. These qualities are essential for reproduction in printing, reproduction in books and magazines.

What are the possibilities of this rich, at first glance, a mean

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The basis is laminated panels fiberboard high density (HDF). On top of it is covered with a decorative layer of melamine resin impregnated paper with a printed pattern imitating wood, stone, ceramics and so on. D. Next is the protective «overlay» from the microparticles melamine paper with corundum. It provides a good floor moisture and abrasion resistance, and resistance to dirt and aggressive influences (eg, brief contact with a lighted cigarette). On the reverse side of the substrate is bonded prosmolёnnuyu or waxed paper. This layer performs the function of a stabilizer, a compensating voltage in HDF. In addition, it protects the plate from moisture.

Recipe laminated «pie» may include other ingredients, such as sound-proof substrate and so on. D. For sale is a «paperless» laminate. Such a material decorative pattern printed on the basis of HDF (direct compression and DPL flooring HDD — High Definition Design from the company Kronospan). Skillful image protects the invisible dressing of corundum and a layer of polymer varnish.

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Enviable end table.

Design editor Jim Downing has outdone himself this time. His latest mission offering emphasizes the delicate detailing that has made the style so enduringly popular. At the same time, he’s kept you, the reader, in mind by simplifying those tedious mortise-and-tenon joints that nobody’s very fond of. The result: an elegant accessory that only looks like it took a month or two of shop time.

Let’s Start With the Tabletop.

1. From 3/4″-thick stock, rip and crosscut six pieces to 4 1/4″ wide by 24 1/2″ long. (We used red oak. See the Cutting Diagram for our stock layout.) Select

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My friends — colored pencils.

Each artist chooses a material to work with, which gives him a great opportunity to express themselves, their experiences and observations. My formation as an artist took place in the sixties of the last century. The country rose after the destruction of war, to build, acquire new features. Artists traveled a lot, like everything I saw and felt sketch, keep up with the rapid pace of life. Graphics became the most popular form of art, and thus a pencil tool mobile equipment. Figure transformed from a subsidiary, the preliminary stage of the work on the painting in the painting.

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Cow palace.

When Кeith Kellenberger of Elgin, Illinois, built this project for his son, he set his sights on accessibility. Kids can open this barn up and play inside it—the wall folds down, a roof panel lifts off, and the doors swing open. Then, when the cows have been rounded up and the hay’s in the barn, it folds up to provide ample storage for livestock, tractors, and implements.

For Starters, Lay Out and Cut Some Quality Plywood

1. To make the plywood parts, start with a sheet of good 1/2″-thick plywood. (We chose Baltic birch, which comes in 5×5′ sheets. To

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As the heat of sorrow.

Built a children’s choir. All the girls, girls, girls. And on the flanks of them a few boys. Dressed all festive. And they ring the song, second, third. In one of these words: "Beautiful world, and we have to be in it beautiful!" Other children read poems. Dance. So opened Russian exhibition of children’s drawings "Pushkin and Moscow" Republican State Children’s Library in the Kaluga area.

Now in the world of adults, no, no yes and you will hear that de Pushkin obsolete, outdated that it does not meet the intense rhythm of our days, that he … What

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Collectors Cabinet

Let s Start by Cutting Four Plywood Panels

1. From a 48×48″ sheet of 3/4-thick plywood, 1 cut the two side panels (A) to the dimensions listed in the Bill of Materials. (We selected Honduras mahogany.) Lay out the 1/2 and 3/4 dadoes on the front edge of one of the side panels where shown on the Side Panel Front View drawing on page 7.

2.Fit your tablesaw with a 1/2 dado set, and elevate it to 3/4. Next, align the first marked dado with the dado set (l 9/16 from the top end), position your rip fence, and cut

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