Tangerine Dream And Brian May

Starmus: Sonic Universe

Первопроходцы синтезаторной музыки и гитарист Queen сходятся на сцене.

На первый взгляд, Tangerine Dream и Брайан Мэй кажутся странными партнерами. Queen всегда воспевали людей, защитников и спасителей вселенной. Tangerine Dream, во всем своем мрачном эмбиентном великолепии, в 70-х изображали космос, как безгитарную, беззвездную черную массу, совершенно безразличную к человечеству. Тем не менее, оказалось, что у Брайана Мэя есть склонность к космологии, в то время как Tangerine Dream давно стали, скорее, коммерческим предложением, нежели вызывающим страх проектом. В итоге они идеально сработались вместе на этом концертном альбоме, записанном в 2011 году на фестивале Starmus в рамках празднования 50-летия

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When you’re into your classics it can be a costly business — even if your chosen machine is a mere Super Dream. CMM meets Nick Jones to find out what is it about this humble Honda that inspires such fierce loyalty.

Perspective is everything in life. Take Nick Jones. He has a passion for the Honda Super Dream that borders on madness and it all stems from seeing one parked up in town as a nipper.

He recalls: “I was only about eight or nine when I saw one for the first time where I was growing up in Reading.

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Primordial Medusa X79

Can this four-way Titan box dethrone Dream Machine?

With dream machine 2013 behind us (Sep­tember 2013), we now move into the phase where vendors line up to try to kick it off the top of the heap.

With the Medusa X79, Primordial cer­tainly tries its damnedest. Some will peep the jet-black Corsair 900D, four-way Titan SLI, and Asus Rampage IV Extreme moth­erboard and think Primordial tried to clone the Dream Machine’s internals.

We can assure you that it’s not true. In fact, we know Medusa X79 was already making the media rounds at the time that Dream Machine was still

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Your dream city

Of course, shopping centers have already become for us than the familiar and commonplace. But one of them, the mall Dream Town. really special. Once you are there, you suddenly realize that he was in a fairy-tale world in which live together peacefully Greek gods and goddesses as if he had just descended from Olympus, the huge dinosaurs and heroes of favorite movies. Interior designers conjured to fame and a huge shopping center space is divided into several inputs atriums in the style of the city and the country. There is also the escalators, elevators and cozy cafes. So, enjoy

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The concept of the white-picket-fenced American Dream has become a myth since the home-foreclosure crisis. Five teams of designers have investigated the crisis and they propose that it has created new opportunities for developing housing. The resulting exhibition presents visions for the future that encourage us to rethink both physical and financial architecture.

Smart Living

NETVIGATOR’s Home Networking Consultancy Service helps a Hong Kong couple build the home of their dreams covers everything from design through to installation.

The service includes consultancy, checking cable and WiFi coverage, drawing up a layout, on-site measurement, recommending equipment , installation and three after-sales


My dream Nuts cover star would be Lucy Pinder!

Hi Danica! What’s new with you?

I’ve been doing so much! You’d have to work hard to keep up with me! But It’s so good to be back in Nuts. I’ve been keeping an eye on it. The covers are always amazingly hot!

Why, thank you very much!

So, Who’s your dream Nuts cover star?

It’d have to be Lucy Pinder.

Or maybe Rhian Sugden. Both always look amazing.

If you could create your own dream Nuts babe using various parts of the body, who would make up the components?

What a question! I quite like the athletic look, so

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Regular review of tapes, worthy and unworthy of our attention, we will begin with a surprise offer from Woody Allen. Eminent master melancholic blaznavannya seems quite lost bad habits joke anywhere and from anything. However, he previously did at times harsh films. But never alenavskiya tape sounded so hopeless as they are now. New movie called tireless Woody "Cassandra’s Dream". In the middle of the action — the two brothers. They are trying to improve their lives because of the murder on the order.New alenavski movie made, as usual, for the funny money. Its main feature — the acting duo

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Poll: what about the dream machine Grodno?

Lady: "I prefer French cars, they are very elegant. I think it might be a" Peugeot "or" Reno "- such a ladies’ version. Perhaps naturally, for our roads, they did not quite fit, but in the town, I think they may be at normal ride, because urban roads we are not so bad. "Lady: "What kind of car I wanted to? "Lada", we have it, it is the most reliable car of all that I know all the western break, and this ride. "Man: "I do not even know, I already have a car, my dreams were realized." Abda-100 "I

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The Trap: What happened to the dream of freedom? (Movie 3)

We will force you to be free / We Will Force You to Be Free. U.S. and UK are the idea of individual freedom in the world, including in Latin America, Yugoslavia, Russia and Iraq. The results again are far from the stated goals. So what happened to our dream of freedom? ..

Philadelphia, where carved palisade … or What happened to the American dream

White paint was peeling and shabby fence, shtaketiny pootlomalis. In someone, probably, the election campaign in the United States still support the American Dream, but for many, in these difficult times, it has already melted away like smoke.

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Rob and Marina, of course, not a bit like slackers. They are young enough to have a good education, both work. They have a beautiful home in the heart of Philadelphia, and two wonderful children who are excellent in school and who have inherited the musical talents of Rob.

Very similar to the real embodiment of the

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