Once there was a saw

Back in the late 80s

LAST CENTURY I heard from one of my masterovityh COLLEAGUE ON THE EXISTENCE bandsaws With «Magic» feature, allows you to cut any thickness WOOD. At that time, I already in the ground to learn to work with wood, build a cottage, and begin to look closely to artistic techniques work with this material.

In those days, even the construction timber is practically absent in the sale, and only about wood for artwork and say nothing. In small quantities it can be a «get», t. E. To intercept the «borrowed» from the state. A circle

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Night Siege September 12

Comments Entries nicolaev:"The Conformist";"Milinkevich goofed, so what difference will there thinking 66-year-old Prime maryyanetachny» er?";"Milinkevich makes misinformation. To Putin thought that antirossiytsami not here, come here and they are both here."On forums portal Tut.by discussions are about 2-Belarusian people convicted in Russia for 14 years. Men brought from Belarus to Moscow to order one of the legitimate pharmacies in Belarus product "Tussal." Traders do not know that under Russian law product falls under the term "psychotropic substances." And by European standards and norms Belarusian pills allowed for healing even toddlers. Comments:"And what is all the same for an alliance with

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Belarus — the birthplace of vodka?

Vadim Deruzhinsky book refers to the deceased couple years ago Russian historian William Pahlebkina "History of vodka." Pahlebkin writes that the brand "vodka" is the only Russian. But Deruzhinsky Pahlebkina uses arguments against the theory of confirmation as "Russian roots" in favor "of Belarusian origin" of liquor.J.Kolasa: "I hope you resin was already drunk! .. "By Pahlebkina, modern technological creation vodka comes from the middle of the Slavs vserasprostranennogo 15th century smalakurennya. A little later, by analogy with smalakurennem appeared vinakurenne. According Pahlebkin, smolakurennya centers "should be considered Polotsk Russia, Belarus, Lithuania." The main smolokurov were inhabitants of Smolensk and

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Dozhinki — prazdnichek booze in the construction garbage

The celebration will last a day or two, and so this event was divided into two steps: in the town are now mass celebrations with the sale of alcoholic beverages on the street one day and expect.Alexander LukashenkoIn town guests attended the festival: the main concert venue in the city park almost agricultural workers, who took second and third places in the agricultural competition.

The main concert hall "Dozhinki": let not all

Repair work on the outskirts of not over. Courtyard school № 4 According to estimates of Orsha defenders, Oleg Grablevsky for each of the 124 thousand orshantsev,

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In Belarus, much more expensive vodka

In Russian Belarusians time used 6 liters. alcohol per capita, and at the moment — 11.5 liters per person, subject to the kids. Global Health Organization considers critical to the country’s number 5 l. person. Once again, the government has decided to fight against this evil. Will be revised excise rates for 2009 in the direction of growth. Excise rates and the price of drinks strength to reach over 28 degrees, it is intended to link with wage growth, inflation and increased purchase prices for grain. The Government believes that, if strong drinks are not a cheap, people immediately begin

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Yankee Belarus recognized wine star

Vinateka millionaire businessman, Harry Vaynerchuka namely his famous shot here, TV showslocated in New Jersey, in the same building as his wine shop, just one floor above. This room looks spartan. In accordance with the international Code clan tasters "will determine the quality of the beverage using the organs of sight, scent, taste can be particularly serious in those with no claims to some style rooms."The show starts:Vaynerchuk"Heartfelt greetings to all viewers of my talk show! My name is Harry Wai-Ner-Chuk. And these are my friends"… Members of the cameramen — tasting of mandatory participants. According to Prof. Code, determine

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Alcoholism: disease or lack of discipline?

It so happened thatnarcologists and the population is not quite identical views on alcohol and alcohol dependence. The former believe alcoholism is a progressive disease severe enough to severe complications and high mortality, and second, many of them relatives of alcoholics, according to their attachment to alcohol banal promiscuity.

Most interesting is that both sides are right. And each in his own. Alcoholism is twofold, it has a place as a painful pathological process and, to put it mildly, an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

On the evidence of the painful nature of alcoholism simple enough. Enough to see

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Alcohol: The Story of a

When it appeared alcohol, hard to say. However, it can be assumed that he is not much younger than humanity itself. The Papuans of New Guinea, still not knowing the fire already had their own ways of getting alcohol. Many ancient tribes used it in numerous rituals: with the help of communicating with the gods and the dead. More recently, there was a ceremony of brotherhood. In the cup of wine dripped blood ritual participants and allowed it around. Perhaps it is a tradition here went to collect guests and certainly put on the table a bottle of wine.

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Siege April 20

The forums web site there is a debate over whether in Belarus soon undo many benefits.Odile writes: "My great-grandmother is very ill. She almost can not walk herself, she was very sore feet. When she tried to go to the Health … she uttered, in clear text — you’re already old and all the same going to die. And here I sit with her, and she knows me crying … That during the war in their village were occupying forces. And their house is located a few Germans. And among them was a German doctor. And when kids fallen ill,

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In Krambambulya — second gold medal

Reporter: "The exhibition lively atmosphere. Sounds medieval music. I approach the billboard, which shows the company’s products" belp. "Lady: "I’m glad for you, for your quality. Success for you. Collective in his personal life. Very badabout. "For workers’ belp "fit and congratulate. Next talk with company co-founder Dmitry Dayneko for a drink "Krambambulya" that won a gold medal the second year in a row.Dayneko "highest score put degustatarka from Lithuania. Why curious — a drink since the time of the Principality of stateliness. Tasters from Russia is not really like drinking. Oops, that assessment is not accidental scythes. Gene that

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