USB Hard Drive Hootenanny

Hard drives you can actually smack down


The LaCie Rugged Mini we tested is a 1TB 5,400rpm drive that features a classic brushed-aluminum housing with USB 3.0 and LED activity indicators. The bright, removable rubber case makes this hard drive resistant to drops from four feet, which matches the Transcend StoreJet’s durability. Its two-year war­ranty is the shortest of the three drives in our roundup, though.

LaCie’s bundled software is bare- bones, and offers a power-saving utility and Genie Timeline backup software. Genie Timeline provides a simple inter­face with the option for a hierarchical

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Upsizing the Mac




The brand new My Book Thunderbolt Duo provides super-fast data transfer rates; and dual Thunderbolt ports to daisy chain multiple high-speed Thunderbolt peripherals without impacting performance. The large 4TB/6TB dual-drive storage system can be configured for RAID 0 or RAID 1.


Powered by a WD Caviar Green drive with up to 3TB in capacities and speedy Fire Wire 800 interface, My Book Studio is the only external hard drive any discerning Mac professional needs. It features a premium aluminum enclosure that doesn’t only look great.

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We’ve shown you how to secure your user account and how to protect yourself from fraudulent website trickery, but you keep files on external drives as well, be it on a Time Machine backup or a thumb drive that you carry around.


Even if you have enabled FileVault on OS X, your Time Machine backups will not be encrypted. For OS X to encrypt your Time Machine backups, you’ll need to opt-in; unless you explicitly tell Time Machine to encrypt your backups, then the files from your Mac will be backed up in a way

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Adding a power switch to an external drive

I bought my 80GB Maxtor Personal Storage 1394 drive with a plan for it to act as an offline file server and backup depository.

To my surprise, there was no power switch on the unit. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that any product that isn’t required to be on all the time should provide some method for the user to turn it or and off. Maxtor’s design decision didn’t make sen se to me, so it was time to take matters into my own hands.

Since I only use the


Off road in a hybrid Rangie

MONDAY A relative’s new car suffered a serious breakdown today. Normally this wouldn’t be a disaster; our region is well served by decent dealers. But it was more difficult this time round because (a) it was the August bank holiday and (b) the Steering Committee and I were due to be away from home for a couple of days.

Quick action was needed. We contacted the AA without much hope, this being their busiest time of the year, but within 90 minutes a nice bloke called Chris arrived, and he decided briskly that our machine should go back to its

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Is the new 911 Turbo too easy to drive?

HOW EASY SHOULD a car be to drive? It sounds a daft question, of course, but when you apply it to supercars and their ilk, it becomes a little more interesting. Such cars have never been faster, more agile or more driveable, across a broader range of circumstances from city street to race track, than they are right now.

But is this how we want it to be? To a large degree, yes.

The simpler these cars are to drive, the more they can be enjoyed and exploited by a wide range of talents. The car makers love it, because

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INSECT your work.

The completed bottom Atari 2600 housing should resemble the one shown here. Now we can move on to the top half of the Atari housing.

1a. Enlarge the case to fit the new power jack. First, the original hole in the back of the case intended for the power jack needs to be enlarged. The new power jack that was soldered on during the control panel preparation is slightly larger than the original Atari one. Simply use a small, flat file to enlarge the square hole in the back of the case (left image) until the new power jack fits

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The regenerative drive elevators: what, how and why

For several hundred years, we are dealing with different types of elevators. First it was the type of mechanical lifts crane and winch drum, which is driven manually, beasts of burden, water wheels or steam. Traveling system ropes allowed to lift even the heaviest loads.

For repeated use, the inventors learned rapidly equilibrated with the load lifting platform or cab stand to reduce the force required to move the payload up and down the shaft. By the end of the XIX century invented many improvements in terms of safety of lifts and the practical use of electric motors. In spite

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Fast track to the future

Anki Drive lets iOS users race with robots in disguise

When Apple makes a keynote presentation, it’s about the company’s own products first and foremost. So when Apple CEO Tim Cook chooses to share his forum with an outside developer, people tend to take notice. That’s what happened several weeks ago at the Worldwide Developers Conference when newcomer Anki was invited to demonstrate Anki Drive, a technologically advanced miniature car-racing game powered by iOS. «They’re using iOS devices and the iOS platform to bring artificial intelligence and robotics into our daily lives,» declared Cook.

Boris Sofman, Anki’s cofounder and CEO,

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Belt Titan

WatchTime gets under the hood of the belt-driven Monaco V4, the first serially produced version of TAG Heuer’s 2004 concept watch.


+ Spectacular appearance

+ Innovative technology

+ Mechanisms are visible from the front.


— Sharp-edged case

— High rate deviation

— Difficult to read time with to-the-second accuracy.

Specs TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4

Manufacturer: TAG Heuer, Rue L-J. Chevrolet 6A, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Reference number: WAW2170.FC6261

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds

Movement: Automatic, 28,800 vph, 48 jewels, Kif shock absorption, Glucydur balance, fine adjustment via index tail and eccentric screw, dimensions = 35 mm x 31.5 mm,

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