Seine burst its banks in Paris start flooding the


26.12.10.Silnye snowfall and rains led to a sharp rise in the water level in the Seine within Paris. December 26 it reached 4.5 meters above normal.

A similar situation in the French capital was in March 2006. Now flooded the lower levels of the embankments of the right and left bank. Laid there in the 1970s, are important ways to automobile traffic in the city, so in some areas already have high congestion.

No entry for river water buses that during the holidays does the company that owns them significant damage. The crews of all cargo ships ordered

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Sea lion on the freeway in California

"We called the drivers and said something like," I swear I'm not drunk, but I just saw a sea lion on the road, "- says Laura Terada, a police officer of Burlingame. — It's good that it did not happen because of a single accident, and could have! " The sea lion appeared on the highway about 7:00 am. When the police and animal protection services arrived at the scene, reported by the drivers, who saw a lion, he was not on the road, and on the side of the road, where climbed on a tree stump and curiously

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Russia has started the production of biofuels for cars

Plant in North Ossetia first in the country to issue biofuels for cars. Bioethanol while popular with the drivers do not use, and costs about as regular gasoline. Factory management complains that local drivers are not too concerned about the environment, and energy products subject to excise duty as vodka.

"This fuel is at a gas station at the entrance to the plant. Unfortunately, industrial area of the city — a place for transport is not brisk. And as for other types of fuel price is about the same, the high demand for ethanol is not present. Indeed, few of

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Europe covered with snow, Australia floods the water

In Poland, the "freezing rain" and prevent drivers and pedestrians, in Germany and Belgium do not stop snowing. Meanwhile, the Australians are trying to resist the tropical cyclone.

Winter tires, brush for windows and antifreeze — a "gentleman's set" winter motorist today is perhaps the most popular Christmas gift in Poland. Application found him at once as the morning after a holiday in the central and northern parts of the country went "freezing rain", is about the same as in Moscow. As a result, a similar pattern in Moscow: travel by car and on foot, not just hard, but sometimes

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Updating the bus fleet in Tyumen

In the spring to assist enterprises were allocated for the repair of industrial buildings, the purchase of additional buses, as well as for the purchase of uniforms for drivers and conductors.

Updated and fleet. In July Tyumen routes will go on 50 new buses. Problems with the staff, who will sit behind the wheel of the purchased transportation was less. In the spring, it was decided to increase the salary. On average it is 30 thousand rubles: the drivers — more than 40,000, with conductors and repairmen — 24 thousand rubles.

The selection of candidates

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New passenger buses for Vladivostok

The morning of Dec. 2 at the central square of Vladivostok held a presentation of 32 new buses.


Buses arrived in Vladivostok on November 30. They all left the assembly line about 3 months ago. The capacity of each — 100. All are equipped with devices for arrival wheelchairs and prams. These buses are equipped with automatic transmissions with a special device, locking the machine speed on the climbs and descents, as well as accumulators of wheels, brake pad wear sensors, brake assist and anti-lock. According to the vice-president of the German manufacturing company MAN Truck

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In southern China freezing rain paralyzed on motorways

In the southern Chinese province of Guizhou freezing rain, which began on the first day of 2011, paralyzed traffic on high-speed roads. It is reported "Interfax" with reference to the local media.

Many kilometers of traffic jams, which are the result of icy roads due to rain and snow in sub-zero temperature of the air in the evening on Sunday, January 2, we can not eliminate.

About 20,000 drivers and passengers coaches on roads and people in bus and held hostage weather.

Local authorities are taking active measures to help the blocked road drivers and passengers, supplying them with food

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The Marines of the Caspian Flotilla take courses in extreme driving Mustangs

In the divisions of the Marine Corps Caspian Flotilla classes began with the drivers and driver for the development of new skills to drive four-wheel drive truck KAMAZ-53501 "Mustang" family admitted to the compound in 2012, and self-propelled guns, "Nona".

Under the guidance of experienced officers and petty officers, seamen drivers during the theoretical lessons learn traffic rules, master the operation features all-wheel drive vehicles and military equipment.

When practical training soldiers will acquire skills in different driving techniques roads and off-road, in all weather conditions, light and dark, as well as a special

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MOR has opened a new training center

Today, the president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin and the chief of the Moscow Railway Vladimir Moldaver took part in the presentation of the Training Center of technical training drivers and assistants locomotive engineers at the Moscow Railway.

In order to improve the system of technical training and the level of technical knowledge locomotive crews to ensure reliable operation of technical equipment, implementation of operational work, improve traffic safety on MOR established technical training center master and his assistant with a new modern approaches to learning.

After seeing the center, Vladimir Yakunin said that the Moscow railway have a

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Lada Largus in the Taxi Russia

April 26 at the site of the monument to the architect Fyodor Kon Smolensk held an event on the commissioning of 20 unusual taxis.


Photo: Xenia Matveeva

Two dozen brand-new Lada Largus be called unique — it is the first in Russia specialized taxi this model. 20 cars pioneers are for the four cities of Smolensk region — the regional center, as well as Safonovo Viaz'ma and Iartsevo. Today, five spacious station wagon had already gone to new places "dislocation".

— The "Taxi Russia" was prepared in two years —

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