How to choose a modern driving school?

The boom in consumer lending, income growth and saturation of the secondary market did so to buy a car today is not difficult. Much more difficult to learn to drive so as not to feel a hindrance on the road, do not guess that means this or that street sign, and not «collect» in the address of strong words. From driving skills depend not only on our money (and the fun is not cheap though), but the life of the driver, passengers, pedestrians and others. «Auto» decided to find out from the experts what aspects of training in driving schools

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Who povinet in nekvalifikavanastsi Belarusian drivers?

Manage GAI European leadership in the motorization of the Belarusian population is not fun. Most of the city streets are not adapted to the times of increased flow, and the quality of driver training is estimated at "two". Unskilful drivers increased by halfFrom 2006, there was a significant increase in new avaryynastsi middle of road users with up to 3 years experience. By the end of last year, the number of traffic accidents with their role has grown almost 47%. In This year trend continues.Traffic police have announced plans recently to strengthen requirements while taking practical exams for driver’s license.

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Schools in Belarus on the brink of bankruptcy

In Minsk, about fifty of driving schools. One of the relevant — "Atlant-M", the Belarusian dealer of German concern "Volkswagen". Then learn from the 3-4-year-old German car, not on the old "Lada". Old "Lada" equated with the new "Volkswagen"The Council of Ministers defined dimensions monotonous fee learning process, regardless of the form of ownership and the criterion of learning. As the Director driving school "Atlant-M" Sergei Shubich, leveling in prices has not led to anything great:"When last year I wrote to the people in 2007, the guard was obliged to call the police patrol to calm mass. Since just begun

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Clonim: conflicts and strikes in driving

A resident Lena Slonim Anikei already third month visits local driving school DOSAAF. States that fees paid 589 thousand rubles. In addition, 100 thousand had spent on gasoline. After all, every cadet training itself should fill the car. "In 1-x, where brute force in groups. We group — 30 people. Two groups of 30 people. If we count: 60 people pay 600 thousand rubles. But instructors low earnings. Only 191 thousand rubles they accrued. "Why, with every month 12 million rubles, driving school has instructors as statedcamping, on a lean diet?

"We have nothing left for your own people!"

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Driving School (Pepper TV) (all series) watch online

Interesting series of open spaces craftsmen ride roads and abide by the rules, but in fact it starts at the driving school. Show Pepper channel will, in principle, as it is to be an instructor in a driving school, when he would have to teach the dummies in the main blondes who at times do not understand the true responsibility of sitting behind a steel stud. The unique situation of life driving school …

Auto and other technology

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Avtoinstruktora how to choose?

There is nothing more dangerous on the road than an inexperienced driver. Have you ever noticed how many drivers experienced a negative attitude to cars with label "Y". And they can be understood as modern driving school let out on the roads of the capital is unprepared road. Nobody said that training in a driving school — it's a waste of time, but still, the facts speak. Graduates of these institutions know perfectly right, but that's in the process of driving lag behind others.

If you wish to learn how to drive a professional and be prepared for any situation

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